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posted by huddyislove
hola guys... So, thanks for your lovely reviews... I am glad that tu liked the teaser :DDDD
Anyway, I am going away, again XD, on Friday, so I'll post one chapter everyday until then, and I'll continue when I get back (4 days later ;D)
I hope tu won't lose interest...

As tu know...
The first chapter is ALWAYS shorter XD
But that's just the way I roll XDDD
Hope tu enjoy it!

He was woken up por a sound of running shower. One eye still screwed shut, he looked around. Where was he?
Not his sheets,
Not his bed,
Not his room
And obviously, not his house either.

The sound faded away. Whoever it was taking...
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posted by huddyforever
Ok, so this one is really boring and it is not the best one (in my opinion) but I hope tu enjoy it anyways:)

“It seems that your baby is two.” The Dr. informed them. “What do tu mean two?” Hugh asked. “I mean, tu are having twins. Congradulations.” The Dr. turned the screen towards them so they could see. Tears of joy filled Lisa’s eyes as she looked at her babies. In black and white two little figures moved. They both had two arms, two legs, and a head for each. “Holy shit!” Hugh dicho as he looked at his bebés in shock.

“Here is a tissue to wipe your tummy off and I...
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posted by huddyislove
hola there!! I am so gonna spoil you!
Oh, wait, I already did that! :DDDDDDD
I'm presenting tu with my 10th chapter! This one is a lot longer, I believe the longest one of all, and I'm really drawn to it! I hope you'll like it too... well some part (:C

Just when Jenny and George where about to start investigating they realized the ones they needed to investigate were nowhere to be found.
George, being the rational one and certainly the one who wanted to prove his theory more, suggested taking advantage of Hugh and Lisa being MIA to intrude their dressing rooms.
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posted by huddyislove
Definitely about to spoil tu xDDDDD
Oh, I've been too good to tu these days, haven't I?
Oh, what the heck. You're my fellow sinners :DDDDD

She rolled on her side and there he was. Sleeping calmly with a big smile on his face.
She knew him so well, he must have been dreaming something great. Someone great. Perhaps her. Perhaps not.
She knew him so well, so why did that smile on his face bother her that much. Did it hide something she didn’t want to see?
Did it say something she didn’t want to hear?
Perhaps, perhaps not.
He was so peaceful, he wasn’t moving, almost like he wasn’t breathing...
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posted by huddysmacked
A/N: So ok I felt like continuing and don’t leave tu hanging so here it is.

How can tu ask that? I’m crying, don’t tu see it? tu must be blind por all the amor tu have for Jo. Oh stop crying Lisa for God’s sake! He doesn’t feel the same clearly and wait, he’s caressing your cheek.

Another tear falls down and arrives in your thumb. This feels so good. Focus Lisa tu were to respond.

“No, I’m not ok. tu should leave.” I beg that tu won’t obey me and tu don’t. Suddenly your hand slips from my cheek and runs through my hair. This is getting dangerous.

And I can notice...
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posted by huddysmacked
What did I do? I ask myself as I get of my bike.
Stupid me why didn’t I stay inicial with Jo? God, this is bad.
What was I thinking? In her smile
Shut yourself up. Oh God this is wrong, this is damn wrong.
Why didn't I meet her back when I cheated? No.
Oh God I'm mad, I scold myself.
I shouldn’t have left, no, I shouldn't have gone in the first place. It was all under control, I ruined it. Besides she's in amor with another man. How stupid I am.
I wonder if she dicho the truth, not that I care. I mean I shouldn't I'm married. I have kids, a family. That eases my mind I'm not unfaithful.
This is a...
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I just found out that the video had Huli scenes, so I uploaded it. I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST JO :) Uploaded por emma1850huddyfan on youtube
lisa edelstein
hugh laurie
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posted by huddyforever
Sorry for the slight delay. I'm just having a bit of trouble laying the whole thing out in my head. But I think I got it now and things should run pretty smoothly so I hope tu enjoy(:

Chapter 3

Lisa quickly put the reminiscent clothes on and gave herself a quick look over in the mirror. Her hair was damp and her clothes were haunting but she just shrugged and left the bathroom. Her head was still killing her and the pills were downstairs so that’s where she headed.

She eperlano something heavenly and knew Hugh had ordered in. When she walked into the cocina there was 2 plates of comida at the...
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posted by maverickangel35
 "I'm sorry, I messed that up..."
"I'm sorry, I messed that up..."
Oh my! Oh me!
My spell check must hate me!
(And why? You'll see!)

Tee hee.

    “Busy busy busy busy busy—”
    “Hey Lisa, what—”
    “Busy busy busy—”
    “Slow down there, lady,” Hugh said, appearing in front of her and putting his hand over the script page she was examining. “You’re going to walk into a wall.”
     “This is going to be an intense day, isn’t it,” she asked, giving him a wry smile and walking with him over to Cuddy’s office set. “Did tu see...
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posted by maverickangel35
Dear Houselover8195: Thank tu for ever so kindly telling me to get off my butt and write something...

Thus beginneth the dreaded Author's Notes--I am so sorry this took so long, but I had no earthly idea how I was going to do this chapter. Nothing sounded right. Finally I just decided to push through, and hope it would get better siguiente time... also there are no pictures with this particular episode that I could think of anything to do with, so I just used the best one I could find from Joy To The World and called it quits. :)

PS: Any X-Files fans out there... spot the shout-out!

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posted by douglas80
There he was. Sitting and waiting in this luxury big black limousine. A small bag siguiente to him.
“Wow. He looks so handsome.”, she thought.
“Hey you.”
“Hey you.”
“Here we go. On David´s little adventure trip.”, he joked.
Lisa smiled and sat down in front of him, as the chauffeur drove off to the Airport.
“Did tu talk to David?”
“No. Kathy told me, you?”
“No. Kathy told me, too.”
“Two days in Michigan. Only for photos?”
Lisa was a little shocked por his words, but didn´t mostrar him. She only shruged her shoulders.
“Come on Lisa, be professional.”, runs it through her mind....
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I know this one is shorter but I just like it so much!!! You'll see why (:C and no... I don't know how many chapters más will I write, but it's gonna be 20+ I'm sure. I already have the 19th chapter :DDDDDDDD, hope tu like it!
And thanks once again for feeding me, I was so hungry yesterday xDDDD (:C

Lisa was awaken por a door bell. She didn’t know if it was morning o was it still night cause it seemed like she’d closed her eyes just a minuto before.
She quickly got out of the bed, got to the door, dressing herself in the process.
She opened the door and she realized it was morning and...
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