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fanart starting from Lyrics of song "Bliss" por Vanessa Paradis
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lisa edelstein
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Disclaimer: Well, obviously, I'm not the kind of person that owns real people. I might own fictional characters though, but I don't either. Neither do I own awesome Rolling Stones songs. Anyway, I probably offend someone with this, but it wasn't intended. Honestly. I just can't help myself!

AN: I would suggest listening to the song that inspired all this, Melody, por the Rolling Stones. Just to get in the "mood", tu know...

A little bonding Melody

And there they sat, slowly getting pissed but not even thinking about calling it a night ‘cause it felt soooo good. Finally, for the first since...
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I have no idea how many chapters I am going with this. Just a little fun in light of the reciente pictures and videos that have kept us so entertained this past week. I hope tu all enjoy.

Shooting had just ended for the cast of House in preparation for the People’s Choice Awards that night. Lisa Edelstein was getting her last minuto hair and make up touches done before jumping in the limo and heading to the awards ceremony. Olivia sat siguiente to her getting primped as well.
“So how is your ankle?” Olivia asked.
“Not bad but I have to wear flats. They found some cute ones so I should be ok.”...
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hola everyone! This is my fic for the Huli Holiday competition! It's very long I barely stayed within the word limit! I hope tu like it! My picks were navidad & Adventure. Enjoy!

It all started when Hugh asked his friends to come over for cena at the end of November. He had told them that he had a navidad surprise for them and their families, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands o wives. This navidad gift would be really different from the other gifts he had dado trough the years as it would rather be called an experience… He told them that this surprise would last from...
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hola guys, just back from vacation, and I wanted to post this before I go back to work... it's actually only the first half of what I intended to make a single chapter, but

A) I wanted to post something before I had to go back to Regular Life, and

2) I didn't know if I would make it to the end of this chapter anytime soon, as it is turning into a longer story than I originally thought...

Oh well! Here goes...


    “The man is really and truly losing his mind, isn’t it?” Hugh plopped himself down in front of Liz Friedman, who was going over The Softer Side script and...
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Ok there's no news and I was boring so I looked for some funny videos and I found this. LMAO! this is so funny. The real proof that nobody can kill Huli, I mean the Yeti. XD
the yeti is indestructible
i amor huli
yeti is amor
the yeti is huli
most adorable dance in the beginning.. XD
hugh laurie
The cast, DS and KJ are in a panel and asked questions. This snippet has Hugh talking about Lisa's pole dance.
lisa edelstein
hugh laurie
house md
pole dance
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