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Not one of my best but I was bored. :)
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posted by Hughlaurie4ever
What if Cuddy was with House in Last resort? And they were in a relationship and Cuddy was pregnant?


House and Cuddy- Has been together for about 2 years. They were together talking when the man barges in with a gun.

As House sits behinds Cuddy's escritorio taking out the screws that held her drawer, a man barges in.

House looks up and sees a man probably in his 40's who looks nervous and sick.

" Is Dr. Cuddy here?"

" She's in the drawer , I'm trying to save her." House replied sarcastically.

As Jason left he saw a woman in a lowcut parte superior, arriba with...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
Sorry for the long chap! Hope you'll still like it! Thanks for reading!

House had been seated for almost an hora in a place he least expected himself to be, a park. He must be the saddest form that was there that afternoon since every corner was filled with happy people playing, fishing, running and talking. Some were por two's while others come in a bunch, yup, a family. The view is something he wasn't sure he wanted to see so he then stood from the bench where he was seated as the thought of Stacy breaking what they've agreed upon was running in his head. He had walked a few steps when his...
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posted by huddy_aimee
A/n sorry for the delay...i haven't had the time to i hope tu enjoy this fets better as the story goes on...i've written part 8 xD and review.

House got off the elevator at the 4th floor and made his way to his office, sat down and opened Wilson's lunch as he pulled a fork from the inside of his coat. He smiled greedily.
He took a mouthful of the pastas, pasta but as soon as he did that he was interrupted por none other than Dr. Foreman.
"We've got a case," he dicho lazily.
"Can't," dicho House with his mouth full of food. Foreman glares at him whilst thrusting the dark blue...
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posted by huddyforever
Ok, so from here on out it might be a little OOC...just warning.Lol!

“Stop.” She said. “Could it be because we went to med school with eachother?” He asked. “Seriously. Don’t go there.” She warned. “Or could it be because I rocked your world on the parte superior, arriba of your escritorio in med school?” He went there. Defeated, Cuddy decided to take a new approach. “I rocked your world.” She said. “No, no, no. I was ontop so that means I rocked your world.” He pointed out. “Guys! Guys! Guys! Can tu please stop! I don’t really care who was ontop o who rocked who.” Wilson dicho as he...
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posted by Hughlaurie4ever
House and Cuddy in highschool. ROADTRIP!! misceláneo fanfic

High School years

" Come on dude!" House's friend, Hugh, calls from outside House's room.

They were getting ready to go to California por themselves over summer break. They lived in Michigan so it was a few día road trip just to get there.

" Alright, Alright man! Calm down! What got your panties in a bunch?" House dicho as he stepped out of his room.

Hugh just rolled his eyes and turned around starting for the door.

Hugh and Greg have known each other since they were born so they are pretty alike....
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posted by huddy_aimee
A/N sorry i havent written in a while, ive been really busy with school and social any who this is part two...(you might have to re read part 1 because its been so long XD)

"Taub, Thirteen, I want tu to go to the girls' house and inspect the place for the usual, Foreman, i want tu to talk with the girl's family." House dicho and again the team got up whilst House stood infront of his white board thinking about possible diagnosies.
Cuddy had remained in House's office, whilst he had detailed the team with their specific tasks, but now emerged once she was sure that they were alone....
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posted by huddy4everfan
…House looked at her and smiled realizing what he had just said. ‘I amor you, Lisa Cuddy, I amor you...’ he repeated a few times loving the feeling of saying it. Cuddy was looking at him and she started giggling loving the feeling of just listening to him. His confessions were interrupted when she pressed her lips against his.

The siguiente morning House wake up from the sun shining through the window of his bedroom. He opened his eyes and a big smile occurred on his face. He saw Cuddy siguiente to him. She was lying on his hand and the other one was around her waist. Their fingers were locked together....
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posted by Fabouluz
Wilson: Hey, I brought tu coffee.

(House looked curiously at Wilson, as he sat down opposite him. The team where finishing up with the POTW leaving House time to reflect in his dimly lit office.)

House: tu seem, happier.

Wilson: Yeah well, I’m a happy person.

(House drank some of his coffee, when Chase walked in with Thirteen following him.)

House: What are tu doing up here?

(Chase seemed hesitant to reveal the reason, when Thirteen entered behind him with a file in her hand.)

Wilson: Has something happened?

Chase: You’ve got another case.

(Thirteen handed House the file she was carrying; and...
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House returned to his dorm to get ready for his fecha tonight with Rachel, she was coming over to his dorm tonight. Tom came into House's and his dorm.
Tom-"I heard Rachel Namey was coming over tonight? Is that true?"
Tom-"You know Rachel, blonde hair, pretty, hangs out with Lisa Cuddy."
House-"Oh her, yep, she's coming over for the threesome, your in it."
*Tom gave House an annoyed look*
Tom-"Why did tu invite her over? Do tu even know her?"
House-"Shes pretty, who cares."
House-"You think there is another reason?"
Tom-"You want to make Lisa Cuddy jealous."
House-"I dont...
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No one yet had really noticed her, but that all changed quite quickly when a little música started playing and Cuddy pulled herself up onto the poker table. Mic in hand and background música playing Cuddy began to sing, as she walked along the mesa, tabla skewing the chips and cards, to House.

“If tu change your mind, I'm the first in line. Honey I'm still free, take a chance on me.
If tu need me, let me know, gonna be around. If you've got no place to go, if you're feeling down.” as she stood with her shins about three feet away from House’s face.

As Wilson came running, slightly stumbling,...
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Cuddy’s eyes got wide as she swallowed and coughed a bit. It had been a long time since she had just done a shot. In fact, the last time she remembered doing one was in college…with House. She didn’t know what the hell it was about him that made her do and say some of the things she did sometimes.

“What was that?” asked Cuddy in a slightly airy tone, her throat still burning a bit.

“It’s called Damned If tu Do. Seventy five percent whiskey, twenty five percent Hot Damn. One hundred percent one hundred proof!” dicho the girl, looking pleased.

“What are tu drinking Wilson?”...
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posted by livi_wells
Now I've gotten in too deep...And for every piece of me that wants you, another piece backs away...But tu give me something, that makes me scared, alright...This could be nothing, but I'm willing to give it a try...Please give me something, 'cause someday I might know my heart...

House was at the whiteboard. His case was solved and the entire team had gone home, only the night nurses and the janitor roamed the corridors of Princeton Plainsborough. He swiped it and the symptoms disappeared one por one. Fainting, gone. Headaches, gone. Loss of vision, gone. Seizures, gone. One por one they went...
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