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This Huddy fondo de pantalla contains retrato, tiro en la cabeza, primer, headshot, primer plano, en la cabeza, and closeup. There might also be concierto, signo, cartel, texto, pizarra, and letrero.

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posted by tammyr50
When House came in the team had two cases that they were lectura over. House was preoccupied with Thirteen struggling to stay awake. As House decided on their siguiente case he noticed that Thirteen was yawning.
“Did tu have a late night with the monster trucks o with Wilson o maybe even both?”

“I haven’t had my coffee yet House.” There is no mystery.
“Is Wilson tired too?” and tu drink decaf.

“I don’t know.” You’ll have to ask Wilson.

“You had a fecha with Wilson”, Chase asked?

“It wasn’t a date.” It was monster trucks and not that it is any of your business. House...
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OMG! Its taken me three & a half years to get a medal at all, but my first is the Huddy Spot. :D I'm extremely excited about my newly founded medal. I actually have to admit that I was surprised when I logged onto the site & saw this(:

It's a reward that I've long awaited for. (: & I'll definitely keep up now that I've got the chance to have a reward.

I've never really been that dedicated to fanpop itself - o anything related upon it, but I've always been faithful at coming back to review fanfiction, check pictures, watch videos, & look at the new promo pictures. Never had...
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Heyaaaaaa! How's everything peeps? I'm doing great and tu know why? Cuz House and Cuddy are gonna do the nasty a lot this season starting from this Monday. Wow, we're finally here. In less than two days the premiere will broadcast and I'm gonna watch it live. tu would say that this is insane cuz it'll be 2am in Italy, but hey, IT IS worth it! Anyway, thanks to link we have a chat for monday link

Sissi loves ya all! *-*

Sissi's conversation with Cleverbot - Round #3

Sissi: How's my sweet cleverbot doing?
Cleverbot: tu are cleverbot. Not me.
Sissi: Really?
Cleverbot: Yeah, I'm pretty sure tu are!...
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posted by SissiSunshiner
I Sette Vizi Capitali

Hiya peeps. I'm back with another fic of mine. "I sette vizi capitali" which in English means "The Seven Deadly sins". I decided to put an italian título cuz I'm a little patriotic right now, dunno why, but I am. LOL. Anyway... this is the first of seven Huddy One-Shots.

Thanks to SammiMD for editing this fic. wuw ya!

Let me know what tu guys think. xxx


Disclaimers: apuntalar, costa is the mastermind here. I'm just kidnapping his characters for a while.


#1 Pride.

House snuck a peek into the Dean's office. He opened the door slowly, and slipped inside without making a sound. Cuddy...
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posted by Huddy26
It was a moonless night and around 12 at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. House lies in his chair in the corner of his office, light running through the open blinds half concealing his face. Thoughts of the case ran across his mind and the filled white board that stood before him. His lackeys had been in the lab for hours running test after test looking for some explanation. Down the hall the elevator door opens and the sound of high heels ripple down the hallway. She walks do the door and looks inside. She slowly opens the door and walks past House and takes a asiento at his desk. After...
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posted by SissiSunshiner
Hi! Here we are with the "first date" of House and Cuddy. They're not alone, Rachel is with them.
Enjoy and lemme know what tu think about it:)

Chapter 4

The sound of a hand knocking on the wooden door made him realize that someone was standing outside his door. He glanced at the clook: 8.05. House walked in the living room and opened the door slowly.

Cuddy stood there smiling shyly, holding Rachel’s hands. Cuddy was even más beautiful. She was wearing a red V-cut parte superior, arriba and on her hips there was a black satin belt. Her jeans seemed to hug her legs perfectly while her black stilettos were at her...
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posted by BeforeItWasCool
For the first four chapters buscar Huddy FanPop artículos for "It's About Time" o visit

Okay, as a warning this chapter is a bit heavy with heartfelt talks and thinking. Normally, we would see all these emotions, explanations, etc in the awesome facial expressions of our wonderful cast, but in escritura I have to put it all in words. I also was watching past seasons and have seen how well the writers built up their relationship to the final moment of season six. I hope to explain some of these observations in the conversations in this chapter. I promise to return to fun and más humor in...
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posted by migle
House woke up first, he opened his eyes and saw her laying siguiente to him, so calm , so beautiful. Her face was in front of his, very close, he felt her breath, heard her corazón beating and couldn’t stop smiling o himself, he felt so happy finally having her. He softly caressed her face and she woke up. “-Mmm..” she murmed feeling his touch, “- Good morning sunshine..”, he whispered and she finally opened her yes. She saw most beautiful view, him, his face, his adorable smile. “-Morning..”, she smiled back and he gave her soft kiss.
They laid there few minutos just looking and smiling...
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posted by BeforeItWasCool
Okay, all. Here’s the requested continuation of “It’s About Time…” I’ll do my best to add regular chapters. Thanks for all the great reviews. And of course the disclaimer: I don’t own anything House except the desire to be a fly on the muro in HouseLand.

It’s About Time…
Chapter Two

    “So is this a good thing?”
    “Yeah. I really think it is.”
    Wilson walked through the front doors of the hospital. It was late morning, but nobody would comentario on his arrival time. He had been in the emergency room until past...
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posted by Irene3691
Before going back to the hotel, they pick up some take away food. When they get to the bedroom, House looks for a pill in his jeans’ pocket and lies on the bed. ‘It hurts. I’m gonna have a bath.’ He goes to the bathroom and fills the bathtub whereas Cuddy talks to Wilson on the phone. Some time goes por and before going out of the bathroom he takes another pill. After that, they have their dinner. ‘I amor Italian food.’
‘And Italians amor you.’
‘Are tu going to remind me this for ever?’
‘Of course! tu doubted it?’
House looks at her angrily ‘I really really hate you,...
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