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“If tu want to change your life, do something, don’t believe your rationalizations, lock yourself up, and pretend you’re happy.”

A very profound statement laced with irony. I had started escritura this articulo as a review on this week’s House episode, “The Itch” but upon escritura it I stumbled upon something I much preferred to write about. Now I realize this whole thought pattern I have here might be me lectura far too much into a TV show, o maybe my very in-depth study of Dubliners (James Joyce) in English class right now, that deals with the theme of paralysis, might be to blame...
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"House M.D.: Informed Consent (#3.3)" (2006)
Dr. Allison Cameron: [surprised] tu have your cane....
Dr. Gregory House: What is it with tu people? I don't use the cane, you're shocked. I use the cane...

Ezra Powell: I don't regret what I did. Informed consent - patient rights - holds back research.
[Cameron, viciously and quickly, slices a piece of skin off Powell's arm. Powell cries out in pain]
Ezra Powell: What the hell are tu doing?
Dr. Allison Cameron: Informed consent is holding back our diagnosis.

Dr. Gregory House: [House sees the Ducklings looking like crap after an all-nighter] What have...
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I was bored earlier and made up this House MD personality quiz...not sure how good it is, but I hope tu enjoy it! (Answer key at bottom)

1. Your favorito! type of patient is...
A: One that I don’t have to break bad news to.
B: One whose case lets me use my skills.
C: I don’t have to deal with patients, thank god.
D: One who won’t ask me too many preguntas about myself.
E: One who’s impressed por me.
F: One with some freakishly rare disease.
G: One that I can use the defibrillators on.
H: One that I can talk to.
I: One who won’t make fun of my height.

2. How many hair care products...
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I wrote this in the vain hope that my friends would want to do another film but to no avail. So I decided to post it on Fanpop. Hope tu guys like it.

Scene 1: [Day 1: Daytime at a rural property. A 4-wheel-drive with lights and siren blaring pulls up. Lindsay boxer, boxeador and Warren Jacobi get out and walk up to the front door. Camera follows L+W to the door. They knock and Alex opens the door]

Lindsay: I’m Inspector Lindsay boxer, boxeador and this is my partner Inspector Warren Jacobi. We’re here to arrest Stevie for the murders of Claire and Tess McCloud.

[Outside the house Stevie is picking up her BMX,...
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