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 'House MD' Cast Season 6 Promotional Photoshoot fondo de pantalla
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*Authors Note* I really hope that no one has written an articulo like this before so if so...I apologize ahead of time. :/
The first ever episodes of House i ever saw were "Under My Skin" and "Both Sides Now." They remain my favorito! episodes and I've seen them más times than any other episode (I often lump them into 1 episode in my mind because I always watch them together).

When I first watched "Both Sides Now" the título seemed obviously manifested in the idea of the patient. The guy's brain hemispheres are fighting so both sides....get it? Haha ha. It was obvious.

But what the title...
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House Season 1 Episode 18: bebés and Bathwater

Full Recap

A couple are driving through the streets and the pregnant wife is driving her drunk husband. The woman temporarily blacks out and they barely manage to avoid a car wreck. The police mostrar up and think she's drunk as she begins to act woozy. Then collapses.

Foreman is checking up on the couple and her brain tests prove negative but her kidney and liver look odd – she's only 28 weeks pregnant. House is indulging in a dream about Vogler when Foreman brings him the news. House in turn gives them the news that Cameron has quit. When Chase...
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