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What are the real effects that vicodin has on House? Are these effects only physical o do they go beyond that? Could they have somewhat changed his personality, even just a little bit?

I watched the episode "Need to Know" (the one after House kissed Stacy, when at the end of the episode he ends up driving her away) for the first time like 4 months hace (got hooked with House just this year) and I didn't give this whole House/Stacy situation a lot of thought, it was fun but I wasn't that interested in the ship.

But the plot with Stacy kind of surprised me, because while I was watching the first...
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posted by BeforeItWasCool
For the complete articulo visit: link

Okay, my loyal readers and those newbies to the group, here is the final chapter of my Fan-isode: It’s About Time. I have REALLY enjoyed escritura this and it benefited me probably más than all the readers because it helped to keep my thoughts of House, Cuddy, Wilson and gang alive for the summer. I know we have another 7 weeks so I am considering doing another one, but we’ll see what happens.

Now this being my version of a House episode I’ve done my best to keep this all In-Character and House-like, so much so in fact that I have even ended it with a...
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posted by BeforeItWasCool
Latest chapter in the Fan-isode “It’s About Time.” For the complete story visit link .

Disclaimer: I don’t own House. David apuntalar, costa and zorro, fox do. Dang it.

“It’s About Time”
Chapter Nine

    Cuddy had only talked with Jacob’s dad for a couple of minutos before she was sure that what had happened was all just a big mix-up. In fact, if blame had to be dado it would fall also on Jacob’s mother’s shoulders. The father had expected the mom to pick up Jacob only 30 minutos after he had left Jacob sleeping peacefully in his bed. The next-door neighbor had left earlier...
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posted by BeforeItWasCool
For the complete story visit:

Here is the new chapter of my fan-isode. Yes, I changed the name. Fan-isode flows better, I think. A word on the medical case in this: I’ve done some research on the medical aspects and although they’re fairly accurate don’t expect it to be terribly complicated. If tu want better details on medical stuff tu probably shouldn’t try to find it in fan Fiction. Just saying. I am trying to tie all aspects of this fanisode into one theme, like they do on the show. It’s WAY harder than tu think. Also, this chapter is much longer than my average chapter,...
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posted by DemzRulez
House Season 1 Episode 7: Fidelity

Full Recap

After a morning jog with his friend, a man named Ed returns inicial to find his spouse sick in bed. Elyce has remained there for days. At the hospital, Cameron tells House that the patient has been sleeping 18 hours a day, but the tests don't reveal anything.

House and his team go through the possibilities -- Depression? Parasites? House orders new blood work and another MRI. After más testing, Elyce is told that there is no answer to her neurological problems. She goes into seizures.

House starts to suspect breast cancer. He also inquires about Elyce's...
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He’s inicial alone this evening. Wilson is still working, so it’s basically the usual bachelor plan: Chinese take out, some drinks, TV and Vicodin, followed por laying on his sofa for hours, almost falling asleep, but not really.

He’s in the middle of opening a box of noodles, when a knock interrupts him.

“Someone better be dying!” He screams loudly in the direction of the door. He sighs and limps over to his cane, walking over to it. It’s a big surprise to see Cuddy standing there, looking nervous.
House opens the door suspiciously, “What are tu doing here?” He asks, realizing...
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posted by livethislifeup
House and Cuddy Past.
College Style.
Song fic.

Cuddy slapped her phone shut as she got out of the car with some of her friends. They were all laughing as they made their way into the club.
Pushing through the doors, the darkness had become darker, but with lights swirling around.
They all went their separate ways. Cuddy had plenty of places to go, but her attention was drawn towards the dance floor. Guys glanced her way as she circled the floor.

It's getting late
I'm making my way over to my favorito! place
I gotta get my body moving
Shake the stress...
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**Spoiler Alert***
This is just a general outline of what I believe to be the best episodes of House. Went into a lot of detail with the best ones, not so much with others. * means best episode of that season, and ** means best episode period.

Season 1

“Everybody Lies”
How it all started, this episode gives tu a general idea of what the cast is like, not to mention House’s prickly bedside manner and his reasons for hiring Cameron, Foreman, and Chase.

“The Socratic Method”
One of the most interesting patients that House treats, Lucy Palmero is a supposed scyzophrenic who came to critical...
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A man's left brain and right brain operate independently, which means he lives with two different personalities and has no control over his actions. This makes diagnosing him doubly challenging, as the two sides of his brain struggle for dominance and it becomes increasingly difficult for House and his team to figure out the problem. As a result, the team comes up with some "alternative methods" to get him to cooperate.
In the meantime, Cuddy also must find an unusual approach to convince House to complete his clinic hours.
1.You learn medical words and tu seem smart.
2.You learn from House how to do funny faces.
3.The characters have a really good sense of humour.
4.In the mostrar plays Jennifer Morrison(this is a major reason)
5.In the mostrar plays Hugh Laurie.
6.You fall in amor with Chase.
7.You learn new illneses.
8.You spend your time seeing something good.
9.It's not like Grey's Anatomy.
10.(MOST MAJOR REASON)I would be stupid if after all these tu wouldn't see it so I see it.

These are the reasons I see House M.D. and I think are the most major.
To House M.D. fans,
“If tu want to change your life, do something, don’t believe your rationalizations, lock yourself up, and pretend you’re happy.”

A very profound statement laced with irony. I had started escritura this articulo as a review on this week’s House episode, “The Itch” but upon escritura it I stumbled upon something I much preferred to write about. Now I realize this whole thought pattern I have here might be me lectura far too much into a TV show, o maybe my very in-depth study of Dubliners (James Joyce) in English class right now, that deals with the theme of paralysis, might be to blame...
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Welcome back to another exciting instalment of Practice, Practice, Malpractice. I thought about a condition that is más prevalent in younger children and came upon Kawasaki Disease. Now onto the information.

Kawasaki’s Disease
Kawasaki’s is a rare condition in kids that involves the inflammation of the blood vessels. As tu can tell por the name it occurs most frequently in Japan. It affects más than 4000 kids each year. más patients are younger than 5. Little is actually known about Kawasaki’s and the cause has yet to be indentified. It is thought to be an autoimmune disorder (where...
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I thought it was time someone wrote a cross-over of House Md and Grey's Anatomy.My knowledge of GA is rudimentary,so shoot me if tu don't like the storyline*ducks to avoid the bullets*.There is not even one sane scene in this fanfic.Hope tu like it :)


Christmas Eve at PPTH.House and his team,old and new,are congregated in Cuddy's office.

C:I know it's navidad Eve,but this is good publicity for the hospital,so whether tu like it o not,you're going to do this!

T:My wife is going to kill me if I don't mostrar up tonight!

C:Do I seem to care,Dr Taub?Now,I know we're...
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posted by Irene3691
Cuddy wakes up after a making-children-night. House is still asleep and Lisa smiles looking at him and thinking how cute and nice he looks when he’s sleeping. Finally House sighs and opens his eyes slowly. ‘Morning...’
‘Hey...’ Whispers Cuddy. ‘Did tu sleep well? Happy New Year, and I warn you, I will say it during the whole day.’
He chuckles. ‘I slept very well and... if you're gonna say it the whole day, I'll ignore tu the whole day...’
‘Okay, I will say it just a few más times, I don’t feel like tu ignoring me the whole day.’
‘Good... nice choice...’ They smile....
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posted by HousesCane
House and Cuddy are sitting in a room with a person interviewing them about their lives in the hospital.

Interviewer: What is your job here?

Cuddy: I'm the dean of medicine.

House: I'm the head of the diagnostic department.

Interviewer: And what do tu do in that position?

Cuddy: I run the hospital and keep House from getting into trouble.

House: I save lives.

Interviewer: How hard is your job on a scale from 1-10?

Cuddy: A 10.

House: With o without Vicodin?

Interviewer: Dr. House, please answer the question.

House: Answer mine first.

Interviewer: Do tu usually take Vicodin?

House: Yes.

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Wow, I’m pretty much just dead, utterly utterly dead. I’ve always thought House MD was my inspiration to want to go into film and this episode just made me más certain of that. I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about this episode and what it revealed, but for those of tu that feel cheated, this episode reveals so much más about whom House is and the story he created about himself that he wished was reality. I’m sorry in advance for anyone who is not Huddy, but seeing as this episode pretty much revolved around their story I’m going to be mainly discussing them in this article....
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posted by laughingGrl
Katie Jacobs "has revealed that a character leaves o dies por season's end." Plus the following:
"House and Cuddy will hook up, but it will be complicated."
"Cameron and Chase will get más airtime."
"Foreman and Thirteen will continue to get jiggy with each other through the end of the season."
"the end of this season will find a big shake-up at the hospital. 'Something changes and it causes all of our characters to re-examine where they are. Everyone will take stock of where they are,' she says. 'The fall-out from that affects the beginning of siguiente season, which will be a bit different before...
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posted by livethislifeup
December 31st - A uniting that could only evolve into a separation

"I can't do this anymore." Lucas started out softly. He walked out and into the living room with an unfamiliar book in his hand. He grasped it tightly as he walked in.
"This being," Cuddy asked as she set Rachel on the sofá and off her lap.
"Us," he started, and he suddenly tossed the book onto the table. Cuddy jerked in surprise as she gawked at him.
"Are--are tu saying we--where the hell did tu get this?"
"I was searching around for old pictures of you. Was going to make an album--you know, get tu one gift from me for the...
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I know we've had some shipping wars going on, but since it's Christmas, I'd decided to take this time to put shipping wars aside and lista my favorito! scenes of each ship and mostrar tu guys why I think your ship is awesome, o to maybe remind tu of why your ship is awesome in case tu lost faith along the way. I tried to get as many ships in as possible, but there haven't been scenes between each member of every ship. The ships will be listed in alphabetical order.


Chase: Hi.
Cameron: Its Tuesday.
Chase: Uhh... no, it’s Monday.
Cameron: I know, it's just... I didn't feel like waiting....
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House walked into the hospital. He noticed Cuddy in her office doing some work, as always. he looked at her for a couple of segundos while waiting for the elevator. The elevator doors opened and House limped in. He took the ride up to the 2nd floor and walked to his office. He sat down at his escritorio and started rumaging through all his droors. The picture wasnt in his office. He started to panic but then told himself to retrace his steps. The last time he was at the hospital he was in Cuddy's office. No biggie its just..CUDDY!! Then he really panicked. He grabbed his cane and limped so fast that...
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