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Just a drabble for the ship mes fanfiction contest!

He jokes. She laughs.

He rants. She argues.

He denies it.

She denies it.

Wilson would tell tu they’re still little kids, fighting just to see who would win.

Cameron would tell tu they’re in love, and fighting’s just his way of mostrando it.

He would tell tu amor doesn’t exist, just the need for another.

But isn’t that the definition of love? The need for another?

She would tell tu she may have had feelings for him once, but she’s not sure they exist anymore.

But is amor something that ever leaves?

She would tell tu she’s tired of his games, pulling on her heartstrings like a harp, o maybe just his old guitar.

He would tell tu he’s tired of her sending him mixed signals, but then again, she could say the same.

She would tell tu she’s done wasting her life waiting for him.

He would tu he’s trying.

She would tell tu not hard enough.

But will he ever be trying hard enough?

Foreman would tell tu he should give up on trying to win her back.

Chase would tell tu he wants nothing to do with the two.

He would tell tu he went away for her.

She would tell tu he would have gone without her, but she’s not sure.

He would tell tu that coming inicial to find her with someone else hurt.

She would tell tu that she feels guilty for abandoning him.

He would tell tu not guilty enough.

But will she ever feel guilty enough?

Lucas would tell tu he should stop trying to break them up, he makes her happy, más than he ever did.

Rachel would giggle, she prefers Lucas.

He would tell tu he’s getting close to winning her over.

She would laugh, but not deny it.

She would tu he’s changed, though she wouldn’t say if it was for the better.

He would tell tu people don’t change.

She doesn’t believe that, and deep inside, he doesn’t either.

She would tell tu she wants nothing más than to be with him. Nothing más than to put what’s happened behind them. Sometimes though, when there’s nothing but fighting, she wishes he had never come into her life.

He would tell tu the same, except he never wishes she hadn’t come into his life.

Cuddy would tell tu she loves him.

House would tell tu he loves her.

They will both tell tu that life goes on, neither will change.

But they’ve already changed, haven’t they?
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