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posted by cudambercam13
"House?" Cuddy opened the door to House's office. He was sound asleep at his computer with a música playlist on the screen. At least it wasn't another porno video. Cuddy scrolled down the lista of artists in front of her.
-Alice Cooper
-Bon Jovi
-Duran Duran
-Linkin Park
-Salt and Pepper
-Stroke 9
-The Cure
-The Who
Cuddy found it a little strange that House would listen to Abba, Eminem, Salt and Pepper, o Madonna. Plus, she didn't even know who Stroke 9 was. She was interested in seeing what songs o compositions House himself had made, so she clicked on Me.
Everything was numbered except one song. It was titled "Rachel". Cuddy clicked on it. Why did House have a song named after her daughter? Cuddy pressed the play button. It was a paino solo House had recorded, and it was beautiful. But the música came out extremely loud, waking House up.
Without bothering to open his eyes, he figured Wilson was snooping through his computer while he had the chance.
"Wilson turn it off." Cuddy giggled, startling House awake. "My God Wilson, you've changed." Cuddy ignored his comentario and went straight for the pregunta she wanted to ask. "Is this for Rachel?" House sat silently for a moment. "No, it's for some hooker I called over. She was nice. She threw in a massage with a happy ending." He smiled, but it dissapeared when Cuddy made a perrito, cachorro dog face that would usually be made por Cameron. "Yes."
Cuddy stopped the music. They were silent for a moment. "You know I'm with Lucas now." Cuddy whispered only loud enough for House to hear. He got very angry and started yelling. "Yeah, I know. But I made this before tu were with Lucas. Anytime I try doing something nice to mostrar I've changed, tu say Oh, but I'm with Lucas. I'm sick of hearing that, Cuddy, and tu know it!"
Cuddy didn't expect House to get so upset. So she just continued as if House hadn't interupted her. "I don't think Lucas and I will ever be commited. If I stay with him, tu will keep trying to break us up, and Wilson will keep talking to me about it but if I was with you, no one would try to seperate us."
Cuddy whispered her last few words, and House did understand. "Like I said; Everyone knows this is going somewhere."
posted by huddy_aimee
umm here's part 15...its really quick so i doubt its any good...read, review and rate like always!!

They returned to the yacht and settled in for mantequilla chicken infront of a DVD. Greg got a glass of wine for Lisa and got a glass of scotch for himself before sunggling up on the sofá together.
"You know," Lisa started.
"Hmm," Greg replied.
"I've enjoyed this trip,"
"Me too," he dicho with a smirk stretched across his face.
"What?! tu enjoyed it only for the sex?"
"And tu didn't?"
"No, the sex was good, GREAT even, but I also enjoyed it because we bonded in a way in which we haven't for nearly 20 years...
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posted by huddysmacked
So guys sorry I was in exams (I still am but they’re getting easier) and well today I was absent to school so I thought I would write the siguiente chap. I hope tu like it and leave a review they always make me smile =) Reviews are love! I have to admit this isn’t the best chap but well when the S person is here it’s gonna be más interesting since Cuddy will be jealous…

“Wilson this is the psych. The psych this is Wilson” Wilson stared up and down House as he pointed him with his cane. The Psych stood in the door, lectura the thoughts coming from Wilson and from House. She could see...
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posted by campluv98
This is a poem i wrote with Huddy as the main focous behind it.It's from Cuddy's POV.sorry if its confusing in any way.& on that note pls read and review/comment it.:)critism is welcome just dont be too harsh.i do like this poem:)

Circus Hearts

It’s all just “Show and Tell”.
It’s all just for pretend.
It’s never for real.
I play and replay this origami in my head lying in my bead.
But since I fail the mariposa of black and blue flutters away. As it does, it glances at you.
You’re playing type rope with my heartstrings. Not so secretly I hope tu fall.
You’ll leave the net bent,...
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posted by EverybodyLies
Disclaimer: This will not be an attack on Hilson o Hameron. Though I don't ship them, I do respect those who do, and I won't try to change your opinion. :]

House/Cuddy is a constantly changing, complicated ship. And yet it is one of the simplest ones on the show. They are always either arguing over one thing o another, whether it be a diagnosis o (hehe) cable in Coma Guy's room. Honestly, I've never seen one consoling word between them, except for in Half-Wit:
"House, I'm so sorry."
"Forgot I was dying, huh?"
"I'm here, if tu need me."
"I need...
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posted by Irene3691
siguiente morning she wakes up early, has her ducha, ducha de and breakfast and sends a message to Lucas to go to have cena with him tonight. She waits until House gets to her home. He is there on time and when Cuddy goes out, he gives her the helmet. ‘Hey...’
‘Thanks for coming...’ Says Lisa.
‘It's nothing...’
About twenty minutos later they get to the hospital. ‘Thanks again.’ Says her giving him the helmet. He nods.
‘You want me to take tu later to my home? I mean... so tu can call someone to fix your car...’
‘If it's not too much trouble...’
‘It's okay... come to my office when...
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posted by somuchfordepth

This isn't that interesting really, it just made me smile today.

I'm a fan of 13. más on that later though.

I work in the security industry (malware, viruses, all that jazz).

I bet you're all familiar with spam emails, right?

Now we have this 'saying' in the industry that tu ain't someone just yet until you're used for spam.

What's funny is that OW made her spam debut earlier this year: link

see Figure 2. LOL.

I've been thinking of sharing this to her through Twitter, but since she's not following me *sob* i can't send it as a direct message. I can't just address it to her cause then all my other followers (officemates mostly) will know that I am happy about spam, which is not so good in my line for work. :p

So there. I hope I didn't bore anyone with this. I know most of tu are younger than me and not really interested with work stuff, but it was just too fun to not share, at least for me. :)
Here's the last part to the mini series... :) ENJOY!!!

I returned to work after a week of inicial recovery, as did House. BUt his week off was spent at my house looking after me. I didn't want to use my office, for fear of the memories that would bubble up, so I asked Wilson if I could use his, he dicho no because he had mountains of work, I asked House, who, unlike Wilson, had dicho yes!
Over 4 weeks House and my relationship escalated. He had offered to take me out as soon as my casts had come of.
'SHIT! THAT'S TONIGHT!' I thought to myself.
I was extatic, but, I needed a dress and I looked a...
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So here is Chapter 4 I know its short I’m sorry I just really couldn’t get in the groove and honestly I really don’t like it.. I actually rewrote it 5 different times and it still hasn’t come out the way I really wanted it to, so I’m sorry if it sucks and thanks for reading! =) O and I’ve grown to amor 5x24 because we saw the feeling House has for Cuddy =) and that made me happy! Moving on here is chapter 4


As House walked down the hall he continued to hear the whimpers and laughter...
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This is a short chapter, working on chapter three.

Cameron had dismissed the nurse after she had finished suturing all of Ace’s wounds. She felt like she should be the one to finish cleaning Emrys off. Even though the young woman hadn’t been working at the hospital long, Cameron had formed a kind of bond with her. She almost felt like a big sister figure to Ace, at least she had. Cameron felt like not only had the hospital just lost a great doctor, but that a lot of the staff here had just lost a great person and friend.

As Cameron took one of Emrys’ arms to wipe it down, Emrys’ chest...
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posted by CRAz
hola I'm CraZ, I just became a member, although my friend made me this account without my knowledge. :)
Anywho, I've been experimenting, adding videos and pictures, talking in the forums. I really enjoy being on this website and it's addictive.xD

I'M so happy that the House MD spot fans are so dedicated, I amor House.
I Just wanted to say how nice everyone is and how friendly I've been treated. I feel very welcomed and I just hope tu all know that someone appreciates it. :P happy holidays!
Before long Cuddy had fallen asleep on the couch, with House holding her. House smirked and thought, how cliché? But he didn’t mind it. He wanted to be the one holding her anyway. He loved her after all. He moved slowly off the couch, trying not to wake her, so she could sleep properly and put a blanket over her. He just stood there for a while admiring his sleeping beauty, before going into his room.

The siguiente morning, Cuddy awoke at the smell of coffee, and saw House bringing a cup of coffee to her a few segundos later.

‘You. Made coffee?’ she dicho clearly shocked.

‘Don’t act so surprised!...
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posted by housecuddy4ever
So...here's Chapter 12 of my fanfic.
This chapter is mainly about Wilson
If tu don't like the characters I'm escritura about.....the chapter won't be as good as the others.
***Note:I might shove another ship into this fanfic.****
So..I guess enjoy.

Wilson was working late night.He couldn't get her out of his head.The way her lips felt on his.The feel of her soft skin.Everything about her.He remembered the look she gave him after the kiss.He loved her,He didn't get why she didn't amor him.He couldn't have her.He was engaged to Cameron.He guessed he loved Cameron."Do I amor Cameron?Or do I amor Cuddy?"he...
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posted by housecuddy4ever
This is the last chapter I have in stock.
I might post another chapter tomorrow
I don't have time tonight.
**might not be as good as the others,this one I had to end abruptly because of writers block.***

It started to rain hard when the P.I. came to Princeton Plainsboro.It rained even harder when Cuddy and Wilson kissed.House was coming over to Wilson's side of the balcony.House stopped when he saw Wilson and Cuddy kissing.Cuddy stopped and looked out the door.She saw House's face.She saw the sorrow in it.House turned around and walked back to his office.Cuddy could not believe what she...
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posted by caitlin-jayne
House and Cuddy. Cuddy and House. We’ve seen them fight, quarrel, laugh, arguing. We’ve seen the tension, we could feel it. We saw the sparks, we saw the desire. We almost saw it all. Almost.

It’s been four years now. Four years of torture, of waiting, of foreplay, if tu wanna say so. And now we’re ready for some action.
I mean, seriously. Lisa Edelstein is ready to go for it. So is Hugh Laurie. So what are tu waiting for House-Creators??? Do it! Go down that road!
Thousands of fans, oh what the hell, millions of fans are waiting for Huddy to happen. Week after week we’re sitting in...
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So, lets say that we're all actors for a second. I know I am, which is what propelled this thought forward. All I can think sometimes is how cool it would be to audition for the roll of a patient on the show, just for one episode. Heck, I live twenty minutos from the studio - how cool would it be if that really happened?
It would be awesome.
So, if tu had all the connections and ability and everything tu needed to get on board, who would tu want to be, I'm interested.

Here's a little template to fill out if tu want, just for my amusement and yours. tu don't have to answer all of the questions...
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