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posted by rosehustle1
"I like this view." House dicho as he sat a parte superior, arriba the roof of Ariel's apartment building. She sat down in the chair beside him and handed him a beer.
"Thanks...I use to always hide on the rooftop at the hospital." He said.
She smiled as she drank some of her own beer.
"Your own hidden sanctuary?"
"Sort of, but I was always found."
"It's chilly tonight... maybe we should have stayed for the 11:15 showing." She dicho as she leaned further back into her chair.
"No movie can match this." He dicho as he pointed the the lit up skyscrapers and the full moon above.
She turned to look at him. He had a soft smile playing on his lips. He turned his attention away from the skyline and on to her. He took off his blazer and handed it to her.
"Thanks." She dicho softly.
"Why did tu disappear last night?" She asked him as she handed him a bowl of popcorn. They both had retreated from the roof to her apartment living room.
He propped his foot on parte superior, arriba of a almohada and sighed.
"Wasn't in the mood for rejection."
"You wouldn't have been rejected. I was kind of annoyed por the fact that tu were x-raying me with your stare, but I would have heard tu out."
He nodded in thanks.
"This is the longest 'outing' I've ever had." He dicho as he looked at the clock to find it was 1am.
"It has been kind of endless." She dicho with a smirk. He playfully rolled his eyes.
"Would tu like to have cena at my place tomorrow, o technically tonight?" He asked her.
"Yes. That would be nice."
The two just smiled at one another for a moment.
"Good...I should probably get going."
She walked him to the door. He leaned in to kiss her on the cheek, unsure of how far she'd let him take things. At the last moment she turned her head so that his lips met hers.
"You tricked me." He dicho with a pleased grin on his face. She gently stroked his cheek and then backed away.
"Goodnight, Greg." She dicho with a smile.
"Goodnight, Ariel."
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posted by huddy_aimee
:) this is another chapter which just popped into my head, so beware it may not be that good. Read and Review...your guys reviews are like drugs to me (need I remind you) lol

Cuddy disappeared below to get changed, like House had ordered. Her emotions were fighting with each other, passion over ruling all sense of what is right.
'He kissed me,' she thought, 'Is this his way of telling me he wants something more? I guess I'll find out later.' At that thought she let a little giggle slip out of her mouth.
Back on deck House had organised everything, everything was perfect. He wanted to mostrar his...
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posted by lizzie22xo
The paramedics had come, along with Princeton PD, and the state troopers, which pronounced it was an over dose. Once they had left, paramedics placed his body in a zip-up bag, and carried him onto the stretcher. They wheeled him out of the office, with Cuddy right beside of the him. She was not crying, much to her surprise. It wasn't like she was happy, she was the farthest thing from it. Her fingers met the cold button, pressing harder than she needed to. After several segundos of waiting, the elevator doors opened, she and the paramedics, pushed him inside the empty elevator. As they got in,...
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posted by pollyloveshouse
Babybell strolled down the bright corridor, smelling the fresh green grass. o at least she imagined she could, but it being winter, and indoors, it was highly unlikely she could actually smell the grass. However the thought of it pleased her. Upon thinking this she thought she could hear música playing, but dismissed it as another stretch of her imagination. But when she listened más carefully she realized it had to be real, there were mistakes in it! Why would she imagine that? She honed in on her hearing and traced the música back to the doctor's lounge where she opened the door. She realized...
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posted by lovehousemd_frv
Do tu watch me when i'm going?
Do tu see me when i'm crying?
Do tu want to kiss me?
Do tu fell the same like me?
Like tu are dying slowly.
I watch it @TV.i was thinking that its never will happen to me.
But.....see me now.
I'm crying only foe a men.
Only for stupid,bleeding,crazy...love!
Everytime i'm saying that its the last time.Everytime.
But when i see you,i just forget everything.
And now again tu are with me.
I'm feeling that i forget words
that i'm falling más and más
I stop to tinking...
i not know what to do
i not know what i'm feeling
Is this love?
Or i just fancy you?
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posted by douglas80
Finally! This morning i met Dr. Travis. He´s a small fat man with brown eyes and mustached. We talked a lot. First about Wilson, then about my hallucinations in the end about Cuddy.

He gave me some mystery files. Now the jail felt like i´m in school.
But it´s ok....i like him and the way we built dependence to each other.

After Lunch i was tired. It was the first time since i ´can´t really remember that i felt like this. God thanks for this sleep.

When i woke up this damn stupid nurse came into my room. She brought me a new pill and stared at me till i swallowed it down.

I´m not really sure...
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posted by Chandlerfan
After getting over the initial shock of it, they both realised it was the door. The thuds kept on coming though, and whoever was behind that door must be very impatient. James motioned for Remy to open the door, but she shook her head and stayed put clinging to him. So he slowly approached the door and opened it cautiously. He sighed with relief when he saw it was only House until he realised that he was in Remy’s apartment and House will be able to figure it all out.

‘House, what are tu doing here?’ he asked trying to sound nonchalant

‘Oh spare me the crap!’ and he barged his way...
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