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i dont know about tu guys, but to me it seems like someone leaves every season.

season 1: Vogler
season2: Stacey
season 3: Tritter
season 4: Amber

well, it seems to me that this season, the target may be....


well, its the only logical choice. no one elsse came this season. i mean, rachel is just plain amazing, but i think she may leave ='[

the reason she may leave, i dont know, but this was the only thinking i did all day, and im kinda proud of myself....

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Cam/13 femslash. por Babydykecate. Song - I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with tu (by The Black Kids), sung por Kate Nash.
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dr remy hadley
olivia wilde
allison cameron
Hugh talks about Lisa and her pole dancing.
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robert sean leonard
omar epps
lisa edelstein
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English means not first language, so please, don't eat me.

So, as tu all know, season 5 was seriously different from the other seasons. tu can amor it o hate it, say, that characters only went deeper, not changed, say, that TV mostrar can't stand in one place for ever. But tu can't deny that it wasn't the same.
I watched it again - passed few first episodes and started from Lucky 13, because I just felt like this, and I think I found the moment when everything went wrong. What was really weird for me, because all season five I was sure that things were getting better.
So, yeah, well, they wasn't....
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Yesterday when i study for my geographic and when i think that i can't be más depressed and unhappy i see that someone send me a massage.was joppa (MISAforever).from her i understand that JMo will living the show.Than i die.i not care for CameronJMo a lot but Chameron.Maybe hamerons hurt 2 and cameron lovers.i know.everyone(or some people) is shocked and want to kill everyone.You maybe know how hurt me.Today @ my school i think only for Chameron.Because they are my 1st fav tv mostrar couple and they is everything for me.When Chase proposed to cameron i all día write something in my notebooks.now...
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The anterior episode House and Cuddy kissed. They are now purposefully avoiding each other unbeknownst to Wilson; who was trying to figure out what has happened.

Wilson walks into House’s office—with a plan to get some information out of him before he talks to Cuddy.

Wilson: Hey.

House: Hey.

Wilson: Have tu seen Cuddy at all this past week?

House: Err. Sure.

Wilson: She was a wreck last week—and now all of a sudden she is, fine.

House: Life altering decisions can do that to some people.

Wilson: Also. tu two have been avoiding each other like the plague.

(Wilson sat down opposite...
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 How can't tu amor them?
How can't you love them?
There are spoilers from season 5 so if tu don't want know anything about it,

But if tu want to,let's start!

Ok,here I am again...
Wow, today I'm really active in this spot!!
Anyway,I'm not here to talk about what I do in this spot,but I'm here to talk about this "Not-Happend-Yet-Huddy-Kiss".

I'm sure some of tu will be annoyed about all these Huddy talks,but that's what fans do so again, here I am.

Let's start to say that now we all know that it will happen in the 6th episode of season 5.Some of tu are thinking:
"WOW,so soon?"
And so that's what I think:
I think...
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i don't know if this has been publicado before... but anyway it's the same old promo but with a new background música and a tiny little new bit at the end..
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‘Morning...’ Says House the siguiente day.
‘Hi… how are you?’
‘Fine... and you? tu fell más peaceful this morning?’
‘Ha-ha... yes, thank you.’
‘Good...’ He chuckles and they sit up.
‘Are tu hungry? We have some cake left...’ Lisa says.
‘Will the cake change your mood?’
‘It will change my hunger.’

They go to the cocina in silence and have breakfast. His leg is starting to hurt and House rubs his thigh with his hand but he doesn't say anything. Cuddy notices it and asks worried. ‘Are tu okay?’
‘Yeah... fine...’ House respuestas smiling at her. MEEEEEC!!! Lie
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House was in his inner office. All blinds were shut, and the door to the outer office was locked. He didn’t want to be bothered. He was looking at the white board, in which were written symptoms that didn’t make any sense. That case was being really difficult and stressful. And for the worst, He and Cuddy had broken up from a relationship of 8 o 9 months, he didn’t know this things, but he new that it was long enough for him to fall in love, and now… all had been parted. Had been parted in the worst and painful, and cruel way… Betrayal. That was all the gossips were about in the...
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