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This might seem really odd, but I never got the whole October, October thing.... Can anybody help me with an descriptive explanation?

 QuoQuoluvsHuddy posted hace más de un año
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DoctorIsIn said:
It has to do with age/commonality i believe.

May-December isn't a good match for example, bc it means one person is much younger than the other.

October/October is in reference to "Huddy" because they are right/perfect for each other...

meh, hopefully someone else can answer it better lol.
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posted hace más de un año 
Fabouluz said:
Watch 'Act your age' Season 3. It explains it all.

May/December is an older man going out with a much younger woman (like the POTW's dad, who was secretly dating their playgroup teacher.)

Cuddy made a comentario to House on the balcony--
CUDDY: I don't get the whole May - December thing.

HOUSE: Give me a break, it's May - October at worst.

CUDDY: Well why can't it be October - October?

HOUSE: May is when things start to get hot.

CUDDY: [Laughs.] If that guy wasn't trying so hard to keep up with a women half his age he wouldn't have almost killed both his kids.

HOUSE: Guy gets a little something-something, couple of kids have to die, circulo, círculo of life.

CUDDY: So many people, so much energy and drama just trying to find someone who's almost never the right person anyway. It just... shouldn't be so hard.

HOUSE: I got tickets to a play...

I hope it helps tu understand.

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posted hace más de un año 
melanieacbaer said:
It refers to the character's ages. May - December being Cameron (late 20s early 30s) and House (40s), and therefore House and Cuddy are similar ages October-October (40s)
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posted hace más de un año 
bellelena said:
A May-December relationship is one where one of the individuals is significantly older than his o her partner. October-October comes from a discussion between House and Cuddy. A man had basically poisoned his two children because he was trying to live up to his younger girlfriend's "expectations." When Cuddy questioned the whole May-December romance, House told her that for that couple it was más like "May-October," implying that the man was middle-aged instead of being much older than his twenty-something girlfriend. Cuddy's response of "Why can't it be October-October?" refers to two middle-aged individuals starting a relationship (aka House and Cuddy). This scene takes place in the season 3 episode "Act Your Age"
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posted hace más de un año 
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