On April 18th 2017, Dwen Gyimah will turn 18 already!, meaning there are only 6 más days to go until his special day!

To celebrate, here are the parte superior, arriba 6 facts about Dwen Gyimah for his fans!

Fact #1- He was born in the año 1999

Fact #2- His height is 6ft'2 according to IMDB

Fact #3- He loves snapchatting a lot on his Snapchat account name: dwen234.

Fact #4- His favorito! colour is red.

Fact #5- He has worked with Gemma Whelan who plays Yara Greyjoy in game of thrones.

Fact #6- He loves artistic projects.

That was parte superior, arriba #6 facts about him, 6 más days to go until his big day!

Written by: Mike Junior
User: (Overdrive)
Time: 7:18pm
Date: 12/04/2017