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posted by Tenkic
How To Seduce A Girl

Seduction is an art and it takes practice to master it. Just like painting o cooking, it takes time to hone up the skills and attain perfection. Most of the practice is based on trial-and-error, with the ‘errors’ mostly outweighing the ‘trials’. Every girl is different and will react differently to your approaches. Some may like it, while some may huff at it. However, tu need not get discouraged. The point is, tu need to keep on trying, to know what are the specific aspects tu need to sharpen up and how smooth tu should be. tu can even read this informative...
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How to make a guy really want tu - the ultimate desire of every female, if they're totally honest. Don't tu hate those women who seem to have guys lusting after them in every corner. They're so used to it they don't even notice half the time o even care.

Wouldn't tu amor to have that kind of power and influence over any guy?

Trust me -- tu can, once tu put these proven ways to be wanted into action!

#1 - Develop your personality

The best way to be wanted por a guy is to have an attractive personality. This comes from being a positive person, someone who makes them feel good, and someone who...
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Get your confidence up. This can mean doing things such as getting a new haircut, new clothes, o just reminding yourself of your great qualities. tu need to make the man like tu before tu can make a move.
Use a seductive tone of voice. Not too nasal, not too high -- throaty and soft is most appealing.
Wear clothing that is fashionable Most truly stylish and fashion-forward clothing is designed to accentuate your feminine curves, while being able to leave quite a bit to the imagination. There is nothing suductive about a looks trashy o "easy". But don't overdo the skin thing. DO NOT...
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