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What are your thoughts on the New Halloween?

Nobody has seen it yet. o are tu asking what people think of a new halloween being made?
jlhfan624 posted hace 8 meses
 awsomegtax posted hace 8 meses
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Makeupdiva said:
It's not even out yet. Though I have to say I kind of wish that that John Carpenter decided to ignore all the sequels and just concentrate on in being 40 years after the first one came out. But I also have to say that I am kind of excited. I hope it will be as good as the first one.
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posted hace 7 meses 
Actually it wasn't really JC's idea that the script be that way. He gave input, but did not make that decision. Do tu also mean tu wish they had *not* decided to ignore sequels? Because that's what they're doing.
jlhfan624 posted hace 7 meses
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