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#11. Ravenclaw's have the color blue, which is totally awesome.
#12.Ravenclaws are Valiente like Gryffindors and Cunning like Slytherin, but we are secure enough not to mostrar it off.
#13.Ravenclaws have TWO sets of house colors: one for the libros and one for the movie.
#14.We are the secret rulers of the world.
#15.Why do tu think pocket dictionaries were invented? For Ravenclaws pockets, that's right.
#16.Rowena Ravenclaw is a hotty.
#17. Ravenclaw values intelligence, creativity, wit, and wisdom and if tu don't have that tu can just copy your homework from the kids that do.
#18. Our symbol is a bad culo eagle (most likely a raven) that could tear a snake to shreads, peck a lion to death, and easily dado a fricting tejón a run for its money.
#19. We got Cho Chang, come on, there is just no counter arguement to that.
#20. Our colores are awesome. Enough said.
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