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High School Musical
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Source: disney Channel Original Movies/ Screencaps por Me
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The official trailer to the high school musical 2. 8-17-07
high school musical 2
high school musical
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I'm broken
Do tu hear me
I'm blinded
Cause tu are everything I see
I'm dancing, alone
I'm praying
That your corazón will just turn around

And as I walk up to your door
My eye turns to face the floor
Cause I can't look tu in the eyes and say

When he open his arms
And holds tu close tonight
It just won't feel right
Cause I can amor tu más than this, yeah
When he lays tu down, I might just die inside
It just don't feel right
Cause I can amor tu más than this
Can amor tu más than this

If I'm louder
Would tu see me?
Would tu lay down in my arms and rescue me?
Cause we are, the same
You saved me, but when you...
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with Harry at his bedroom that night...
Harry: (opens his drawer and sees this: link. . Then he smiled)


A few minutos after Via gave him the ragdoll cat...

Via: (approaches him) Hey, Harry.
Harry: Hey. (smiles carrying the cat)
Via: tu like it?
Harry: Very...
Via: So what would tu name her?
Harry: It's a girl?
Via: (smiles)
Harry: Uhuh.. Let's see.. She is beautiful so I'll name her... Olive..
Via: Olive... nice name...
Harry: aceituna, oliva from the name Olivia..
Via: (smiles) I still have a gift. (hands him this: link )
Harry: (gives the cat to Niall) Take care of aceituna, oliva and don't ever put her down. She...
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high school musical
parte superior, arriba 10
high school musical
fan theories
high school musical
parte superior, arriba 10
Via: Hey, where are we going?
Harry: (stops walking and faces her)
Via: Harry.
Harry: We've been together for months... only.
Via; What do tu mean?
Harry: (pulls out a red velvet box from his pocket)
Via: (shocked)
Harry: (opens the box revealing a diamond ring) This is your long time wish ring, right?
Via: oh my god.
Harry: I want to spend my lifetime with you. You're the one. (kneels down) Will tu marry me?
Via: (didn't speak for segundos then a tear streams down her right cheek)
Harry: Is that a no?
Via: Harry I-
Harry: (stood up) i know tu still amor him. (about to leave)
Via: Harry, no. Please.
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The siguiente day, Via went to the boys. The boys were about to leave..
Harry: (getting worried) Have tu seen Via?
El: Her mom didn't allow her to come with us..
Harry: (disappointed and call Via) Answer the phone please..

Via wearing this: link
Via: (answers her phone) Hello, Harry?
Harry: Oh thanks tu answered my call.. I called tu ten times last night and tu didn't answer.
Via: Oh, sorry.
Harry: Where are you?
Via: (chuckles) Turn around.
Harry: (turns around) Wha- (sees her)
Via: (smiling)
Harry: (hugs her tight)
Via: (hugs back)
Zayn: (watching them and gets jealous)
Via: (pulls away) Sorry, I can't come.....
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Back at Via's house.. Liam and Via at the living room... They're watching television..
Liam: (eating chips)
Via: (carrying the cat) tu think Harry would like this cat?
Liam: Of course.
Via: (smiles while stroking the fur) She's so cute...
Welcome to Sugarscape... Well, a few hours hace we spotted Liam Payne of One Direction hanging out with a lovely girl.. The girl is good- looking.(shows the picture of Liam and Via. Via, is carrying the cute cat while Liam is staring at her)
Well, if tu look at this picture.. tu can see...
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A few hours later, she changes her clothes into this: link

She went to the música room and plays the piano: link.

while playing the piano, she remembers Zayn and their times together.
-their first kiss at the beach
-the infinity ring

When she finishes, a tear streams down her face she looks at her phone... 6 missed calls from Zayn...

Via: (wipes her tears) mover on, Via. mover on.
???: hey.
Via: (turns around) Liam? What brought tu here?
Liam: I just want to tell tu that one direction is going on tour. tu want to come?
Via: I just have to ask my mom first.. (smiles)
Liam: Okay.
Via: (smiles)
Liam: Hey,...
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