high school musical What do tu think should be on High School Musical 3?

Steffanellopi posted on Aug 24, 2007 at 03:32AM
I think that Chad and Taylor need to get a little closer as well as Sharpay and Zeke. I want to see all of the cast at prom and I want to see everyone else get closer with each other.

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hace más de un año KIC22 said…
I think that gabriala and troy should spend more time together. If you agree post it.
hace más de un año jessy-lu said…
I think that in High School Musical 3 Gabrielle and Sharpay should become good friends, Chad and Taylor should go out and Ryan should be friends with Troy and Chad and the Wild Cats.
The storyline should be about a new group of people at their school, who are the exact opposite of them, lol