hetalia Out of my parte superior, arriba 20 favorito! hetalia character songs, which do tu like the most?

Pick one:
1. Let's Enjoy Today (England)
2. Let's enjoy! Let's get excited! Cheers! (Denmark)
3. Maji Kandou Hong Kong Night (Hong Kong)
4. Bù Zàiyì the Small Stuff (China)
5. Hoi Sam Nice Town (Hong Kong)
6. Nah, It'll Settle Itself Somehow (South Italy/Romano)
7. The Delicious tomate Song (South Italy/Romano)
8. C.B.C. - Cowboyz Boot Camp (America)
9. Why Don't tu Come Over ~Beyond the Northern Lights~ (Iceland)
10. The Story of Snow and Dreams (Russia)
11. Mein Gott (Prussia)
12. In the Bluebell Woods (England)
13. Che Bello ~My House is the Greatest~ (North Italy/Veneziano)
14. Pub and GO! (England)
15. How About Me (Estonia)
16. Absolutely Invicible British Gentleman (England)
17. I'm Your Hero (America)
18. Fall in Love, Mademoiselle (France)
19. Moi Moi Sauna (Finland)
20. Gourmet's corazón Beginner Level (China)
Honorable Mention: Dream Journey (Japan)
Honorable Mention: Let's Look Behind the arco iris (North Italy/Veneziano)
 Ryuuto013 posted hace más de un año
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