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spesh1010 posted on Jan 04, 2015 at 12:19AM
Make as many OC's as you would like! I came up with a few, if i have a country OC you thought of then that's ok you can still put your idea down! here are my OC'S (brace yourself for alot of OC's!)

Country: Jersey

Human Name: Isabella Andrews

Gender: Female

Appearance: Long messy black hair, green eyes, Navy blue uniform, long brown boots and slightly pale skin

Height: 5'3

Personality: She is often childish and hyper and easily annoys people without knowing it, she is fearless and is very hard to scare, which makes her a difficult target for pranks (Trust me the countries have tried) she is also known as the prank master, it is very hard to make her angry, but if you did manage to get her mad she would show off a very bad temper.

Interests/hobbies: She loves video games and pranking people she enjoys going to the beach too, she loves animals and has a pet iguana called freddy, she loves comic books and prefers action and comedy type movies, she enjoys eating at a subway.

Dislikes: She isn't a big fan of horror movies because the she thinks they aren't
scary, she doesn't like vegetables (unless in a sandwich or burger) and finds cliffhangers annoying (who doesn't?)

Countries she dislikes: She doesn't dislike any of them

Countries she likes: She likes everyone (ok she finds Russia alittle creepy)

Country Crush: America AKA Alfred F Jones

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Country: Luxembourg

Human Name: Bridget Meyers

Gender: Female

Appearance: above shoulder length brown hair, a long fringe that would cover her right eye tucked behind her ear, brown eyes, a brown hat tilted to the right, a white shirt, black tie, brown blazer, almost thigh high brown skirt, above knee white socks, black flats with straps and slightly pale skin.

Height: 5'4

Personality: She is very stubborn and abit stuck up, she argues with a few countries for being "rude", she is easy to tease and make mad, but despite all that she is actually a caring and good friend, she appears slightly headstrong and very sarcastic but is actually a big softy, especially towards children.

Interests/hobbies: She is a very good cook after learning from her brother France (who she now often argues with) when she was younger and many enjoy her delicious meals, like England, Norway, Romania and Aland Islands (My OC i'll tell you later) she is a magic user and can see mythical creatures, she is good friends with fairies despite their troublesome tricks.

Dislikes: She hates being pestered by Jersey and France, she hates it when people make fun of her for "talking to mid-air" when she is actually talking to fairies or Canada and she hates being interrupted or insulted.

Countries she dislikes: France, Jersey, America, Russia, Romano, Denmark and Prussia

Countries she likes: England, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, China, Japan, France (he is her brother), Italy and Spain

Country Crush: England AKA Arthur Kirkland

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Country: Portugal

Human Name: Carmela Cardozo

Gender: Female

Appearance: Long curly brown hair with a small curl on the right, Long white dress with short puffy sleeves and a red corset, light brown sandals and tan skin.

Height: 5'3

Personality: She is very bright and cheerful, she is always looking on the brightside of life, nobody has ever seen her get mad before and she easily forgives people, she's friendly towards everyone making her very lovable towards all countries and she is always willing to help out.

Interests/hobbies: She enjoys walking through forests or by rivers on bright sunny mornings and also loves babysitting for other countries who have little brothers or sisters, she enjoys helping others and cooking her national dishes, she also loves to dance.

Dislikes: She doesn't like seeing people unhappy or violence.

Countries she dislikes: She could never dislike anyone.

Countries she likes: She enjoys the company of all countries.

Country Crush: Spain AKA Antonio Fernandez Carriedo

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Country: Åland Islands

Human Name: Linea Bergstrom

Gender: Female

Appearance: Short shoulder length hair with messy bangs it's a very light brown that it may almost appear blonde, violet eyes, a short black trench coat that only goes down to her hips, black gloves, dark red scarf, under knee high black boots, black leggings, black belt that goes around the waist and pale skin.

Height: 5'3

Personality: She's a kuudere (a kuudere is someone who is emotionless, blunt, cynical, cold and appears not to care but inside they are very caring) and she isn't very sociable and doesn't say much unless she is spoken too, even then she only comes up with a short reply, even though she appears to show no interest in any situation she is actually caring and will occasionally show it when needed, she is also very smart.

Interests/hobbies: She loves reading mythology, she's almost caught reading all
the time, she's also abit OCD when it comes to cleaning, she is often cleaning up after the nordics (who she lives with along with her OC sisters) and washing the dishes and sometimes when Finland isn't able to do it for some reason she will make them breakfeast and as mentioned in the Luxembourg OC, she is a magic user and has a dragon friend that only other magic users can see.

Dislikes: She hates being bothered when reading, she hates when things are out of place, she hates being pranked by Denmark and her sister Greenland (my other OC and no she's not Denmark's sibling!) and she hates it when people don't leave her alone.

Countries she dislikes: Unknown

Countries she likes: Unknown

Country Crush: Norway AKA Lukas Bondevik

Ok guys i am going to add more of my OC's but it is one in the morning so i am going to sleep.

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