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smileyAqua posted on Aug 29, 2012 at 06:27AM
I haven't seen this on any clubs, but I thought It'd be fun to do. SO bazically a person asks the next user what they'd do in a Hetalia situation, and once the next person answers, they ask a question themselves.
Here's an Example of what you do.

Person one: What would you do If France approached you with a rape face?

Person two: I'd scream and run away.
(then they'd ask their own question)


What would you do if You woke up and Roman Empire was sitting on your bed, staring at you?

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hace más de un año mintybunny123 said…
(( This looks fun)) I'd probly scream then kick,punch,or hit him before i ran to call the police.
What would you do if Russia came and asked you to be come one with him?
Aph-Finland commented…
Why would u puñetazo, ponche a kid o.o thats just wrong hace más de un año
hace más de un año smileyAqua said…
Simply say no and throw a Belarus at his face.

What would you do If Prussia challenged you to an awesome contest?
hace más de un año yoki96 said…
Cheer him on, 'cause there ain't nobody who is as awesome as him, right?

OK, what would you do if Japan made you cosplay as a maid (but with a twist -- > link)?
hace más de un año sunshizell said…
I would kill Japan then bring him back and make him eat England's scones.

What if France replace all your clothes with sexy underwear/bras AND short skirts/dresses all black (my fave color)
hace más de un año Cheesiecorn said…
I'd keep the clothes I like (black is also my favorite colour), sell the clothes that I dislike on ebay and shop for new clothes with Poland

What would you do if you'd wake up next to a drunk England while you're wearing a way too sexy outfit
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hace más de un año codyfan77 said…
SQUEEL!!! This is the type of thing I WANT! I'd take advantage of it.... I'm nasty... >:D
What would you do if Italy got angry and challenged France to a cooking competition?
hace más de un año RoseWolfLala said…
I would be supporting Italy all the way since I love Italian food <3 We'll show France who should REALLY be in the gourmet club!

Your in a creepy forest and you see a shadowy figure in the distance. You throw a bucket at the figure causing it to fall over. But when you take a closer look, you realise that you just made Russia black out! What do you do?
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hace más de un año xXxAngelessxXx said…
big smile
Freak out and go fetch some water to pour on him to wake him up.

What would you do if you were starnded on an island?
hace más de un año Tinekraut said…
haha, I wouldn't want to wake him up. I don't want anyone to see me in an embarrassing getup.

What'll I do if I get stranded with Iggy? --- Enjoy the adversity. XD

What would you do if you unexpectedly catch Prussia in your room (well, needless to say that really is unexpected)... sneakily cleaning (suppose your room is messy)? (damn, derpy question.)
hace más de un año xXxAngelessxXx said…
Probably something like: -squeal- Uwanh! Adorable!!!! -glomp Prussiacchi-

What would you do if you were starving, and just as your fod arrived, Ita-chan comes and starts eating from your plate? :3
hace más de un año Cheshire_Pasta said…
Well, I suppose we could just share~ -smiles- I'd let him know that it was mine but, if he wants to share we can~

What would you do if you had to spend an entire evening with Germany~?
hace más de un año Aph-Finland said…
O , O i would tell the person i dont like Germany much... but if its Italy telling me this i would probably deal with it. won't wanna make him cry.

what will u do if u saw the nordics open ur door, its raining, and Denmark is holding a huge umbrella?