hetalia 1 Sentence Roleplay Game!

Cerudays posted on Jul 26, 2012 at 07:36AM
This is both simple and fun!
Someone will give you a Hetalia character name (Let's use Italy as an example.) And you have to post once sentence in character! (And you cannot quote the anime directly... be creative!) Make sure to leave a note for what character will be used next.

For an example...
Italy: "I'm taking a break from making pasta to eating pasta instead!~"
Next character: Japan.
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hace más de un año Animelover1220 said…
Konichiwa. I am Japan. Germany, itary and I formed a union. We are the axis powers.

Prussia >:D
hace más de un año Animelover1220 said…
Oh whoops that wasn't one sentence XD sorry

Still Prussia :3
hace más de un año izfan9500 said…
"Kesesese! It's impossible to deny my awesomeness!"

Next character: Romano.
hace más de un año Animelover1220 said…
Hey you stupid potato eater, I have a deadly weapon... Mustache!!!

XD next is... Finland!
Aph-Finland commented…
Awwi wanted to do Finland but MintyBunny did ):O sorry hace más de un año
Aph-Finland commented…
BUT STILL NOT FAIR!! if i was here i should of did Finland but i was so late just what the heck :( hace más de un año
hace más de un año mintybunny123 said…
Umm... lets not fight guys,(nervous laugh)
Next up.... russia
hace más de un año TropicalSesel said…
Russia: Let them fight, it's more funner to watch. ^L^

Next is... China
hace más de un año Aph-Finland said…
China: PANDA ARU!!

next one: SEALAND