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(Spin-off of the Card mesa, tabla Dating skit por Richard Jeni)

I say when tu meet your other self tu don't want a cena table, what tu want is a card table! A 1p and a 2p meet up at a card table, write all their emotional problems on little cards, and take turns slappin' em on the mesa, tabla and being honest. First time they're scheduled to meet, the first guy's got his card, he goes:

2p: "Hello it's nice to meet you, my name is Oliver, and I'm a baker!"

1p: "Hello, my name is Arthur, and I'm a WiZaRD!"

2p: "Uh, okay then... Well, my turn-"

1p: "I used to lock my brother in the closet when he was three!"

2p: "... My brother came out of the closet when he was four."

Both: *awkward staring*

2p: "Well I can't have an orgasm unless I'm on top."

1p: "I can't have an orgasm unless I'm on cRAck!"

2p: "... Alright, listen now... I have an imaginary friend that's a flying bunny."


2p: "... I'm neurotic, I need to see other people."

1p: "I'm schizophrenic- I aM OtHer pEOpLE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

2p: "Okay...um, I'm just gonna... go now, see tu poppet!"

((Note: ...Don't. Don't even ask. I thought it was funny. ... That is all.))
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I really like this song
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Since I have a book on all independant countries I've managed to make a lista on countries who haven't appeared in offical hetalia media o don't have an canon diseño at all. If I've missed out any countries please mention! Also please tell me if any of the countries mentioned have appeared in offical media o have an offical diseño so I can correct the list.

*Northern Ireland
*Republic of Ireland
*These guys have been mentioned in offical media as being relatives of England, but they don't have offical designs.
Luxemborg (has been mentioned as a relative to The...
continue reading...
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