at your house

Denmark: *opens door* HELLO!!!

you: umm... hi Nordics... what r u guys doing here?

Denmark: our house is being destroyed because Norge was doing magic and it set on fire.

you: o-ok... tu guys can come in

Denmark: WAHOOOO!!!!! do u have anything for us to drink?

you: i have milk, coke, juices and...

Denmark: NO NO NO NO!!! i don't like those things!!!

you: well what do u like? Hot Chocolate? Water?

Denmark: beer

you: oh yeah DUH i forgot!!! *walks in the kitchen*

Norway: heno, hay when your over there can i have some water?

you: *faces Norway* why? i thought u did not like water?

Norway: I'm making a potion.

you: oh ok. hold on I'm getting the beer. *gets the cerveza out the fridge and gives it to Denny* here u go!

Denmark: THANK YOU!!!! *drinks it and gets crazier* >////< Ka HA HA!! Ka HA!!!

you: oh dear...

Finland: tu can say that again... oh dear...

Denmark: *pokes Norway* IM POKING THE oso, oso de ^///////^

Norway: stop it T , T

Denmark: sorry I CANT SPEAK oso, oso de ^///////^


Denmark: i knew i was ^///w///^ *pets Norway* thanks for being there for me. Ka Ha Ha Ha!!!

you: *giggles*

Denmark: O////w/////O ha ha she's laughing at us

Norway: no she's laughing at u only person nobody likes!!! T , T

Iceland: Norway, i think he needs to lay down he's drunk O,O

Norway: don't say "Norway" ):o

Iceland: but Nor...

Norway: remember u need to say "Big Brother"

Iceland: NOT AGAIN > o <

Norway: yes again. say it, i won't stop until u say it.

you: say it <3 it will be cute!!!

Iceland: IT WONT BE CUTE!!!

you: yes it will

Iceland: NO IT WONT OMG!!!

you: ok ^w^

Finland: HELLO!!

Denmark: WHERE WERE YOU, tu TOOK FOREVERRRRR!!!!! ^/////O//////^

Finland: wh-what happened 2 your face friend?


Finland: oh, he's Drunk? HO HO, i never knew that

you: u never knew that? but mr. Finland your santa and u need too, your not dumb!!

Finland: i know I'm not dumb i just did not know

you: *runs out* IM DONE!!! BYE!!!

all the nordics: BUT WE NEED U TO STAY!!!

the end