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1. The opening theme for hetalia is the theme from ‘2001 A el espacio Odyssey’.

2. Old Man Fritz was actually a King of Prussia. His rea name was Fredrick ll. He was known as ‘Fredrick the Great’ and named ‘Der Alte Fritz’ which translates to ‘The Old Fritz’. He was the ruler at the time of the Silesian War. He was best known for being an Amazing Military Leader.

3. Sweden is homosexual but only towards Finland.

4. France is bisexual.

5. Arthur Kirkland, also known as Britain, Iggy and England, is in fact the country of England. He is known as Britain because he is the representative of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

6. China is in fact a guy.

7. The ex-nation Prussia is nothing like the character Prussia.

8. Although France is portrayed with a Rose a lot of the time it is not his national flower. The national flor of France is the Iris White the Rose is originally the National emblem of England, first used following the War of the Roses, where the Tudor Rose, which is a combination of the white rose of the house of York, and the Red Rose of house of Lancaster, because the heraldic emblem of England. The Rose was later adopted por the Americans as the National flor as well. (Thanks to black_amaranth this fact was corrected) .

9. Although Russia is portrayed holding Sunflowers a lot of the time it is not his national flower. The national flor of Russia is Camomile (a margarita like flower) while the Sunflower is the National flor of Ukraine and the US state flor of Kansas.

10. All the countries have seen England’s ‘magical friends’ except for America.

11. The actual country of Italy isn’t as weak as the character. France is actually the country known for always surrendering.

12. Austria was the first to use the term ‘Vital Regions’ not Prussia.

13. The country names ‘Italy Veneziano’ (North Italy) and ‘Italy Romano’ (South Italy) comes from the cities Venice And Rome. Veneziano means ‘of Venice’ while Romano means ‘relating to Rome’. Venice is on the Northern side of Italy and Rome is on the Southern side of Italy. Although Rome might seem to be in the Center of Italy, and really if tu cut the country in half it would be on the Northern Italy is a smaller portion than Southern Italy so Rome in to the South.

14. (I’m not Sure if this fact is true o not, but I researched and I found this fact in many hetalia fan sites and even in one of them it mentioned that they have this fact from one of Himaruya’s Interviews ? well we will get the truth in near future.) Australia and New Zealand are both England’s younger brothers.

15. France’s human name, Francis, means ‘Frenchman’ so it fits perfectly.

16. In the First hetalia ending song, Marukaite Chikyuu, in Italy Veneziano’s version (the main version) they say ‘Toast with a big boot’. This is because the country Italy is known for being shaped like a big boot.

17. German’s character song ‘I am German-Made’ is also known as ‘Germany’s Anthem’. This is because they use the German pharse ‘Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit’ in the song mtiple times. The saying is also used is the National Anthem of Germany, Deutschlandlied (Song of Germany). It means ‘Unity and Justice and Freedom’. It is also the Lema of Germany.

18. In England’s character song ‘Absolutely Invincible British Gentlemen’ he says ‘from the cuna to the grave’ which is a saying. He uses it in the song to say he was a Gentleman when he was born and he will stay a Gentleman until he dies. (A popular quote using the phrase is ‘Seek knowledge from the cuna to the grave’ dicho por Muhammad)

19. Britain (Since it was all of Britain at the time, not just England) was a ‘Privateer’ not a ‘Pirate’. A privateer is a private person o ship that is legalized por the government to attack foreign ships during warfare. They are similar to pirates, just legal. BUT in fanfictions that take place nowadays where Pirate England is used he would ba a pirate, not a privateer. This is because it is no longer legal for him to do so.

20. U-Boats are German military submarines, mainly used in both World Wars. (It is brought up in an episode when Germany asked japón to make U-Boats. The submarines were too big to make in Japans inicial so instead he made them into toys and sold them. He then showed Germany ‘U-Boat’s final form which was a robot with a big ‘U’ in the center of its chest.)

21. France has at least 36 birds which are all named Pierre. They are used to send letters and massages to the countries.

22. Germany has three perros names Blackie, Berlitz, and Aster. Blackie seems to be a short-haired German Shepherd , Berlitz is a Doberman, and aster appears to be a Golden Retriever. He has a fourth dog that has cachorritos (shown in trading cards) and they seem to be Dalmatians.

23. Finland and Sweden have a dog named Hanatamago who wishes she had a normal name like ‘Charlotte’ o ‘Marianne’ and she doesn’t like the things that Finland feeds her. Her name means ‘Flower Egg’.

24. japón has a dog named Pochi.

25. japón has a cat named Tama who is his Nekotalia cat.

26. Cameroon has a pet lion named Kokolo.

27. Canada has a pet oso, oso de named Kumajirou. Although he is believed to be a polar oso, oso de it has never been dicho for sure.

28. Poland’s ponies are Masaya Onosaka in the Japanese and John Michael Tatum in the English version. Both of them are also the voices for France.

29. In the Japanese version of hetalia both South Italy and North Italy are voiced por Daisuke Namikawa.

30. Iceland has a pet frailecillo, puffin named creatively Mr. Puffin. He speaks in an Italian Mobster accent and also acts like one. He also sings in Iceland’s character song ‘With amor from Iceland’.

31. The ballena that America befriended in japón is now living in his backyard swimming pool. It has a fondness for Lithuania.

32. America’s ahoge (the cowlick part of his hair) represents Nantucket Island.

33. America’s glasses represent Texas.

34. Switzerland has three goats name Eiger, Jungfrau, and Monch. The names are all Swiss mountains.

35. hetalia día is on 24th October which was decided because it is also United Nations Day.

36. hetalia is a word which combines the Japanese words ‘hetare’ meaning useless in a cute sort of way and ‘Italia’ which is the Japanese word for Italy. So hetalia means ‘useless Italy’.

37. In Hetalia: Paint It White the Axis and Allies came together to discuss what they were going to do about the invasion (Not the conference scene. The one where they’re in their snazzy jump suit outfits in the hut) Germany tells everyone to raise their hands if they want to work together. France is the only one who did not raise his hand.

38. There is a micronation called the Empire of Prussia o simply Prussia. It was founded on April 14, 2011 which was the día after the collapse of Socalist Republic of Mundai. Their enemies are KKK and the Prussian Blue (a band which is Racist). Their capital is New Berlin, since creativity is so New, and the official languages are English (US) and German since English (US) and English (UK) are so different.

39. We all amor our neutral men and we all know how scary Switzerland is. But did tu know that Sweden has been neutral longer than Switzerland por a year? Austria, Finland, Japan, Liechtenstein and Ukraine are all also neutral. So much for Switzy being a one of a kind.

40. Lithuania is actually más humorless than Germany is.

41. I do believe this is proof that Prussia is alive. frases from the third volume of Hetalia. “Nowadays, Prussia hangs out at Germany’s house when he isn’t be swallowed up por Russia.”

42. France believes that tu cannot force amor on someone. So much for all those fanfics where he treis to rape someone.

43. “Russia is not Evil… just naturally Scary.” - Third Volume of Hetalia.

44. China does Tai Chi every morning.

45. Poland and Hungary are friends.

46. Romano is a bigger cry baby than his Brother Italy Veneziano.

47. Latvia is a heavy drinker.

48. Greece was originally going to have glasses and short hair but Himaruya changed that when he meet a few Greeks.

49. The Prince of Wy painted a picture of Wy with what looks to be Sealand in the background. Yes, we are talking about hetalia characters. He even publicado it on his blog.

50. Apparently, in a rejected diseño of China, he was wearing glasses (Take a segundo to imagine that). In another one he had glasses and short hair. China was supposed to look like this, appear older, and be más cold and calculating.

51. Notice how chibi America carries around a Rabbit sometimes and is followed por one? Well think of it this was. United States of America  U.S.A-->Usa-->Usagi-->Bunny. Little funny, possibly just coincidence. (‘Usagi’ is a Japanese for bunny and ‘Usa’ is a shortened term for ‘Usagi’). chibi America and Honey Sempai from Ouran High School Host Club have the same voice actor and both have bunnies. Honey Sempai even calls his bunny Usa-Chan.

52. America’s Personality is based off of Himaruya’s teacher while his appearance is based off a Canadian he met.

53. America was originally going to be smarter and cockier than he already is. Imagine a cockier America… Just imagine it.

54. tu know America’s jacket? The number 50 on it? Well if tu haven’t already notice it represents the 50 states of America. But Hawaii and Alaska became states after World War ll, so his chaqueta at the time should have dicho ‘48’ on the back. Inaccurate chaqueta is inaccurate.

55. Italy and Romano are not confirmed twins. Neither are America and Canada.

56. Austria actually doesn’t have bad eye sight, he just thinks he’d look plain without them :-P

57. At one point Austria spent time in a wheelchair.

58. Belarus was originally supposed to be shy and más reserved.

59. Almost female countries have hair accessories. Belarus, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Monaco and Seychelles all have ribbons. Hungary, Taiwan, Vietnam and Wy all have flores and Ukraine has a head band and clips. I’m not sure about the African countries besides Seychelles though… I know Zimbabwe doesn’t have a hair accessory and Kenya’s hair is tied back por something.

60. Netherland is Belgium’s older brother while Luxembourg is her younger brother.

61. Yes, Canada was part of Allies.

62. Cuba was originally going to have a más youthful, “cuter” appearance. He didn’t have dreadlocks and had short hair. He was suppose be más strong willed yet kinder.

63. England’s nickname ‘Iggy’ came from chibi America not being able to pronounce his name ‘Igirisu’.

64. England was originally suppose to be a middle-aged man who dressed younger with thinner eyebrows. But Himaruya though it would be fun to have a character with eyebrows like a shiba Inu. (They’re a Japanese breed of dog. Poor things have a bad past…)

65. England might possibly have a tattoo of an Electric Guitar. In his Marukaite Chikyuu he says “My tattoo really hurts, but it’s a hot six-string”.

66. Estonia resembles Himaruya. Himaruya even jokingly dicho Estonia is the “coolest creation in the series”.

67. tu know the Mochi Countries? Well they all belong to Estonia.

68. Estonia is the only country who has ever interacted with the Nyotalia characters. He meets Female America, England, Japan, North Italy, Russia and China in order. (I have the manga but I can’t read it since it’s in Japanese... But what I think happens is that he’s dreaming and then awakes to find Russia… hugging him… Oh. Also ‘God’ appears in his dream. tu know, the one who told Hungary to hit France with her skillet. I’m not sure but it seems like the Nyotalia countries are gonna rape o kill him at the end, LOL. I don’t know…)

69. Like England, France was originally supposed to be middle-aged. He was also supposed to have shorter hair and have a más suave personality. (Suave meaning sophisticated. It’s actually a French word.) If tu look in the original web comics tu can see how he looks older. But that style goes away with time.

70. In the Japanese version of hetalia both America and Canada are voiced por Katsuyuki Konishi.

71. Germany was originally supposed to be a más moodier and intimidating character with a larger nose and rougher features. I think we all need to take a second, take as step into Italy’s shoes, and imagine a scarier Germany with a Russian nose… Can I please un see that?

72. Greece’s eyes are green. But not just any Green, aceituna, oliva Green. Greece in known for their olives, there are so many olives in Athens, it’s crazy. It all relates back to Greek Mythology tale but we’re not going to get into that right now.

73. “Country from where the sun rises, Zapangu” is the name of one of Japanese character songs. But do tu know what “Zapangu” means? Well, this kinda involves a little friend that everyone knows so let’s see if tu notice him. So, the early Mandarin Chinese o Wu Chinese (They’re not sure which) word for japón was “Cipan”. Then , an Italian named Marco Polo explored Asia and wrote a book about it. In the book he recorded the Chinese word for japón “Cipangu”. So that was used on maps and stuff in Europe. Nowadays which can translate into English as Zipangu, Jipangu and others. But those aren’t important right now. Calling japón “Jipangu” has kind of come into style in Japanese films, anime, video games, etc. (Also, pretty much all of Japans names mean something like “Rising Sun”.)

74. The scene in hetalia where Germany and England play football (soccer) actually happened in real life. Well, not the actual hetalia countries. In World War l in the battle field Flanders on 1914 German and British troops, along with the French troops, made a truce on navidad to stop fighting for the holiday. They even played football together. See, the Germans built themselves trenches to hide out in, so did the British and French. But then suddenly the Germans started putting small navidad trees decorated with candles in front of their trenches. Then they started singing. In return the opposing side also started singing. And through this they proposed a “Christmas” truce. (A few of the Germans could speak a bit of English.) After they both sorted everything out like, NO SHOOTING, they met in the “No mans land” between the trenches, which stretched for miles, and shook hands. Then they buried the dead who they couldn’t get to due to the fighting. Then they exchanged gifts, and some even traded riffles for footballs and started playing football! :D So, really instead of Britain coming over to Germany and then Germany actuación a bit hostile before understanding it was the other way around. (Because some of the British and French soldiers started shooting at the Germans at first. Obviously no one died got shot.)

75. Monaco has a topo on her chest.

76. Parallel Spain fell in amor with Belgium.

77. England and America both have Twitter accounts.

78. England was the first person to follow America on Twitter.

79. Germany is really good at track and field.

80. Ladonia plays pokémon and his favorito! pokémon is Stunfisk.

81. Seychelles and Hong Kong both prank call England. England even goes along with the prank calls because he knows it’s them.

82. England hates firecrackers.

83. Hong Kong says “like” más than Poland does.

84. Sweden lives in a furniture store. (*cough* Probably IKEA)

85. Russia almost kissed Germany as a greeting but Germany stopped him. So instead Russia blew him a kiss.

86. Whenever Germany gets a cold Austria gets a high fever and collapses.

87. Prussia asked Italy on a fecha once but Italy was distracted por Gilbird to pay attention.

88. Germany went on a fecha with Italy gave him red rosas for Valentine’s día which are a amor confession in Germany. Germany even “proposed” to Italy which he didn’t realize was a proposal. He (Germany) just read a French relationship book. I consejos against it. (The ring which Germany proposed to Italy was tomate shaped :D).

89. Italy and Poland are actually good friends.

90. Japan, after being hugged and kissed por Italy as a greeting, demanded that he take responsibility for his actions por marrying him.

91. In the web comic, instead of Italy giving Holy Roman Empire his escoba ha gives him his underwear.

92. Italy’s right nipple represents Corsica while his right pectoral area represents Savoy and Nice. (His right man boob. Except he’s not fat… but tu get what I’m talking about.)

93. Italy has Germanic blood in him while his brother, Romano, has Arabic blood.

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