I amor Hetalia. It's one of my biggest fandoms. I amor the characters. I amor the comedy. But sometimes...the fanbase gets on my nerves. So here are a lista of common accusations and assumptions about the hetalia characters.

Belarus is mental/a psycho.
She's not mental, o a psycho. She just loves her brother, and well...she's mostrando that in a way that's different from how most people mostrar affection for those who they love. Seriously, I can't even tell tu how many roleplayers of Belarus that I've seen who just go "MARRIAGEMARRIAGEMARRIAGE" and "Brother let's become one" and make her throw knives all over the place. She's más than that.

Spain is a pedo.
Guys, do tu even know how insulting that is? When you're calling the representative of Spain a pedo, you're basically saying that the entire country of Spain is made up of pedophiles. Sure, Spain likes children. But just because he does doesn't mean tu have to think he's a pedo. There's a huge difference between loving children and being a pedophile.

North Italy's a weak person who will always do whatever other people say.
Yeah. Yep. Uh-huh. Because he's not Italy, tu know, the one who almost won the Euro. Yes, I know that the título of the manga and anime is based off the words "Hetare" (Useless) and "Italia" (Italy). Yes, I know he can be cowardly at times, but Himaruya himself has actually stated that Italy's not entirely weak. There's even been a strip made por Himaruya where Italy gets angry at Turkey for trying to invade him and kicks his ass.

France is a rapist.
Guys, grow up. Like I dicho before in the "Spain is a pedo" part, this is extremely insulting to the country. It's basically like saying everyone in France is a rapist. France himself has actually dicho that amor is something that should not be forced on others, and yet some fans are still accusing France of being a rapist. Also, there's a huge difference between being somewhat perverted and being a rapist. France is the country of love, not the country of rape.

...So, I think I'm done with my rant now...thanks for taking the time to read this. Once again, I love, amor amor Hetalia, but some of the fans can just be a little...ugh. Oh, and if tu took the time to read this, you've just earned a virtual cookie!