"Am I Catholic o Protestant...? God, I don't know..."
-Britain (after having a little too much to drink), Hetalia: Axis Powers

"You don't know me! I'm the United bloody Kingdom and I can held my locker better then tu any day!" (Britain)
"Dude, calm down!" (America)
"Shut up! I felt bad about how old frog-face was treating tu so I saved your ass. I thought maybe we could be friends and bond over our mutual hatred for France. But uh-uh. tu didn't want to be friends with me! tu just wanted to tell me what to tell tu what to do, and tu didn't know what to do anyway! I think that's total bollocks!" (Britain)
-America and Britain (who's drunk and ranting), Hetalia: Axis Powers

"Why won't the light just shut up...? I swear I'll never drink again... someone please kill me..."
-Britain (he was hung-over), Hetalia: Axis Powers

England: *to China about America* He's 90 percent soda and 10 percent water.

As long as I'm with tu I get fed and nobody picks on me! I like being here~"
-Italy, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"You're the most pathetic excuse for a country I've ever seen...! Are tu sleeping at me right now?!"
-Germany, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"I say we hit Italy first because they can't drive and are usually drunk!"
-America, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"Let's hit him violently and get what we can out of him."
-Britain, Hetalia: axis Powers

"Germany, Germany! I'm in North Africa right now and I can't tie my shoe laces!"
-Italy, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"My only friend growing up was a yak."
-Russia, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"Seriously, you're all nutburgers! What am I to do with you?"
-Britain, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"Ahahaha! Listen to me and my awesome hero voice, guys! China! I choose you!"
-America, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"Oh, boy... it's hug time." (Italy)
"Would tu stop it with your hug-therapy already?!" (Romano)
"I'll never understand Catholics..." (Germany)
Germany, Italy, and Romano; Hetalia: Axis Powers

"Hello to you! I am the box of tomatoes fairy! I come in peace! Let us be friends and play with each other!" (Italy)
"I think someone's inside here." (Germany)
"You're wrong~! There's no one inside. Do not open the box!" (Italy)
-Italy and Germany's first meeting, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"Ahhh-ahh! I'm so sorry! tu were right! I am not the box of tomatoes hadas at all! It was all lies, lies, LIES! Please don't shoot me! I'm too young to die, and what if I don't die and but am just mortally wounded and forced to lie there in misery in a pool of my own blood?! Please, I'll do anything--well, I mean within reason-- I don't want to diiiiiiie!"
-Italy's "I don't want to die" rant part one, Hetalia: Axis Powers

(Smacking Italy) tortazo tortazo SMACK!!!- France Hetalia: Axis Powers

Germany-*puts down phone* Help, ow ow, get it out, its stuck, ow ow?!?!?!? *runs to Italy*
Germany-*sees Italy and Romano in bed* IT WAS JUST HAIR?!?!?!?!? *hair was stuck together* ITALY!!!!!!!!!!!!