Recently, people have been debating on whether o not hetalia is offensive and racist. This argument is rumored to have started when word of South Korea not being in the anime started popping up all over the Internet. People started asking why our favorito! Korean pervert wasn't going to be shown in the anime, and it was revealed that the South Korean government actually complained that the representation of a South Korean stereotype was racially offensive. Eventually, fans of Im Yong Soo began complaining over the Internet on how it was childish and stupid of the government to complain about a character in an anime. An argument started up, South Koreans against hetalia fans. The argument grew and grew, the argument on whether o not South Korea was offensive added other countries into the mix. For example, in the midst of an argument on a foros between a hetalia lover from America and a South Korean, the South Korean might add a clever statement, such as:
"You say South Korea isn't an offensive stereotype, but what about America? Don't you find it offensive that the stereotype for your country is a burger-loving, borderline-obese moron?"
Lately, the argument has been spreading all over the Internet. Thank goodness it hasn't reached fanpop yet. Now, let's look at it from the perspective of someone from South Korea.
The relationship between South Korea and japón has been shaky and tense for a long time now, and neither is exactly friendly with the other. When the hetalia anime was being released, and South Korea saw their country as an immature, Japan-hating pervert who enjoys groping the Japanese, along with the tense air between the two nations that stems from WWII, tu should be able to see why the government and citizens of South Korea would consider this offensive and rude.
And then there are the other countries. tu might also consider the South Korean government's actions immature because of the reaction from other countries. Is France's government complaining because hetalia stereotypes the French as psychotic perverts? Is Canada complaining because their character is always mistaken for America and is always invisible? Is Italy complaining because their character has an unhealthy obsession with pastas, pasta and is a coward who always surrenders? Is England complaining because their character is a horrible cook who hates America? tu see my point.
hetalia can be quite offensive, I'll admit. When I saw America, I was shocked and angry. But as I continued watching, I found it humorous at how he acts and the ridiculous comparisons to him and Americans in real life.
So, tell me: What do tu think about hetalia and the racism involved? Humorous, rude, o just plain offensive?