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Where do tu think England has his tattoo?

It`s not something canon, it`s only implied from a sentence in his version of Marukaite Chikyuu "My tattoo really hurts, but it's a hot six-string!"

If this is canon o not, where do tu think it is. In the early episodes of hetalia we have seen him undressed frontal and sideways.

I have not seen his backside bare so I believe this tattoo is on his back, all over his back o on his shoulder blade.
 Where do tu think England has his tattoo?
I amor punk England so this picture is awesome
OuranAfterHigh posted hace 9 meses
 Ahai posted hace 9 meses
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pizza985 said:
Actually the autor replied to this pregunta on his blog and dicho it actually is on England's butt (or somewhere REALLY close to it). It showed a naked England (the waiter one where he only had a dark cloth covering his butt) and it was written por the autor that the only hidden place was were the tattoo was located.
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posted hace 9 meses 
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