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posted by gwendiamond
 Ben Krasner
Ben Krasner
Hello! This is my new role play demigod.

Name: Benjamin Krasner

Age: 12

Godly Parent: Poseidon, God of Sea

Earthly Parent: Mari-Anne Krasner

Gender: Male

Eyes: Dark Blue

Hair: Jett Black

Height: 1.95m

Qualities: Smart, Kind, Respectful, Generous, Gentlemanly, Athletic, Nature-Lover.

Biography: A kind, respectful boy, Ben grew up with a tough life. His mother was always there for him but not even his mother could prevent the monsters and horrific things Ben had experienced. Unlike Sally, Mari didn't know that Poseidon was a god. Ben had suspicions ever since he saw monsters and horrible things a few summers...
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posted by Blaze_of_Ares
For all the RP makers there, be sure tu get the cabins right! here:

Cabins : Known campers in Cabin
1st: Zeus : Jason Grace / thalia Grace (Temporarily)
2nd: Hera : None: "Hera doesn't run around having affairs with mortals. That is her husband's job."
3rd: Poseidon : Percy Jackson / Tyson
4th: Demeter : Katie Gardner / Miranda Gardiner
5th: Ares : Clarisse La Rue / Sherman / Mark
6th: Athena : Annabeth Chase / Malcolm
7th: Apollo : Lee Fletcher / Michael tejo / Will Solace / Kayla / Austin
8th: Artemis : The Hunters of Artemis
9th: Hephaestus : Charles Beckendorf / Jake Mason / Leo Valdez / Nyssa /...
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Just let me know what tu think, guess which forum.
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posted by IstJae513
 amor her.
love her.
Hello, my peepes if I have any at all. This is one of those "Get To Know" thingys. Well here we go I guess. (Im doing this on a Tablet so be prepared for anything being gramaticly incorrect. Bring it on ya Grammer Nazis!XD

Lets see… Hi my real name is Jaeda. Im in some Rps in this club. I live here in the beautiful USA. I have a mother and a step dad. Two twin older sisters, they are currently in college. I live in Arizona, nothing but sand and dust. It gets to you.
In my school Im known as the slightly off rocker chick. My fave band of all time is Paramore. Im all about strong female rockers,...
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Week One. My First Client

The título is just as It seems, I had received my first Patient to visit. For a Son of Apollo who's Emphasis is in medical this was astounding news. Fresh out of the Camp de Sang-Mêlé, and I had received from my dad some amazing gifts. The first was My Doctorate in Medicine, and healing arts, The siguiente was a Medical bag which would always have the basic supplies on hand. I headed to London, My inicial away from home, I rented a flat, and for days have been pushing my services as a visiter médecin. I finally have a patient with some lung diseases that I can personally...
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posted by JasmineValdez
Pick a number: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Hair Color: Blonde, Brown, Black, Hot Pink, Neon Green

Eyes: Blue, Brown, Green, Red, Blind

I.P: Zeus, Ares, Gaea, Athena, No I.P

How did tu come to camp?: Saytr, Parachute, Jet-Ski, walked, never went to camp

Fatal Flaw: Insanity, Loyalty, Hubris, chocolate Obsession, Fear of Chocolate

Weapon of choice: Sword, loaf of bread, dagger, light saber, medusa's head
Alright, I kinda changed the rules entirely of M.A.S.H, but whatever. If tu don't know how to play, tu pick a number, then go to the choices and count until tu reach that number. cruzar, cruz that option out and keep going until there's only one choice in each category. That's your final answer. Name your new character and enjoy! If tu need me to post an example, I will.
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Ares cabina Theme Song. It fits while for all demigods. I guess this could be a Roman Theme too...
theme songs
ares cabina
camp half-blood
cabina 5
general sherman
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