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140421 JYJ 김재중 KIM JAEJOONG 트라이앵글 티저 triángulo, triángulo de teaser

JJ [Elle Movie] "The Perfect día of a Killer"

Kim Jaejoong (김재중) - 화장 (Makeover) [WWW Removing Makeup Repackage

[NYLON TV KOREA] 김재중 Kim Jae Joong

161230 재중(jaejoong) - 전역 축하해^_^

161230 Welcome back! JaeJoong!

20150721 엄마 군대가다 김재중 JAEJOONG 편집본

Crying" (FanMV) JaeJoongxSeulGi

DBSK [동방신기] always keep the faith

김재중 (Kim Jaejoong) - 싫어도 (But I) MV

김재중 (Kim Jaejoong) Just Another Girl M/V

김재중(Kim JaeJoong) – 그거 알아? (You Know What?) [ Kor/Rom/繁中Chi/Eng Lyrics ]


jae joong clumsy his self

Jaejoong Making Magazine ANAN (*¬*)

Jaejoong sing man theme for 'Triangle'

Kim Jaejoong (김재중) - Heaven (Feat. Gummy 거미) [WWW Removing Makeup Repackage]

Kim Jaejoong - A Sunny día Feat. Lee Sang Gon of Noel (Full Audio)

WARNING!! So Sexy JaeJoong [+ YunJae]

[ENG SUB] 161230 Kim Jaejoong's discharge #liveen (3 of 4)

[ENG SUB] 161230 Kim Jaejoong's discharge #liveen (4 of 4)

[ENG SUB] 161230 Kim Jaejoong's discharge #starnews (1 of 4)

[ENG SUB] 161230 Kim Jaejoong's discharge #vnews (2 of 4)

[김재중] 잠시 이별 전 인터뷰

[Full] 160411 Jaejoong at ROK Army Logistics Command Event Running In The Sky

[HOT] 트라이앵글 1회 - '같이 샤워할까?' 김재중, 팬티 바람으로 질주! 20140505

[KS 1차전] JYJ 김재중 애국가 제창 (10.26)

[M/V] 김재중(KIM JAE JOONG) - amor tu más

[MV] 김재중(KIM JAE JOONG) _ amor tu más

[Photo M] Kim Jae-joong - Coincidence, 김재중 - 우연, triángulo, triángulo de OST

[Pre-listening] 김재중(KIM JAE JOONG) - 2nd Album 녹스(NO.X) 미리듣기

[Teaser] 김재중(KIM JAE JOONG) - amor tu más

[Teaser] KIM JAE JOONG(김재중) _ amor tu más

[Xman cut] Jaejoong & Changmin

~ Blossom ~ Ayumi Hamasaki (Ft. Jaejoong *u*)

Gimme More!! [JaeJoong ver.]

윤재 YJ - JaeChun making Yunho jealous

윤재 YJ - Spoon Game

윤재 YJ - XMan Monkey Bars Cut

JEJUNG [Intermodulation] Making Flim

JJ!! Making "The Beginning" [Photoshoot]


KBS 수목드라마 맨홀(MAN-HOLE) 1차 티저(Teaser1)

KBS 수목드라마 맨홀(MAN-HOLE) 2차 티저(Teaser2)

Showbiz Korea _ KIM Jae-joong(김재중)'s SNS estrella Shot

[ENG SUB] Having Jaejoong's picture on your phone as a man respuestas for your character?

[ENG SUB] Is Jaejoong flattering o teasing NAVER?

[ENG SUB] Jaejoong gushes over how much he's been loved por fellow soldiers

[ENG SUB] Jaejoong has been "away" and doesn't understand the trend of idols wearing flor crowns

[ENG SUB] Jaejoong's confession about the cooking he publicado to Instagram

[ENG SUB] Oppa doesn't want to look like a soldier on stage (161231 Jaejoong Fansign)