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samjhart posted on Feb 15, 2009 at 02:47PM
Ok. I did an article on Henry, '10 things you never knew about Henry.'

Due to a lot of intrest *ahem* isabelle *ahem* :) lol I've decided to make it into a forum topic. That way, if anyone has any tid-bits to add, they'll be most welcome to. It doesn't matter how trivial it may seem, if its not here, just go ahead and add it! :) Ok, stuff we already know about Henry:

1. Appeared in a re-make of 'Goodbye Mr Chips'
2. Grew up on an island called Jersey, UK
3. Has done an American accent for a movie
4. 2 greek movies over the summer (aren't we lucky?) Will be in one movie & Sam Worthington
the other. Sam is the same guy who auditioned against Henry for Superman and Bond and was in the final 3 with him. Awkward lol
5. Starred alongside Bill Nighy twice :)
6. LOVES rugby but because of injuries was unable to persue this as a career. Henry in tiny shorts? Bring it on :D
7. Went to a boarding school where he admitted he was pretty shy. Acting in plays there gave him confidence. Aw bless!
8. fave author is Robert Jordan a fantasy author
9. Henry's dream role is to play 'Alexander the Great' - we're sure he'll be fabulous
10. Is not the only boy in the family. Its rumoured that he has four brothers and is second youngest (this fact is the amended version)
11: he loves scrubs (the tv show). apparently he "laughed for a week" after watching an episode.
12: After watching Henry on 'Count of mounte cristo', Meyer knew immediately knew how she was going to write Edward Cullen and who was going to play him!
13: His first movie 'Laguna' in which Henry had a main role (filmed in Europe - Italy etc) was never realesed AT ALL. Not in cinemas or DVDs *boo hiss*
14: He likes the beer 'Guiness'

No.15, *drull roll* - apparently wears a cod-piece for 'the tudors' *gasp* yes ladies u read right
U want more? ok, then,
16: When travelling, Henry is all about comfort, he likes his socks and sweaters. My kind of guy lol :)

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