chapter one: "hlep!" jiji freezes up and snarled,"what the heck are tu and why are tu crying!?" "m-my name i-is teto and I'm a zorro, fox squirril and I'm crying because I'm lost!!" teto whimpered. "well I can help tu inicial all I need is some postions" dicho jiji. "come on lets go!" shouted jiji as he led them to get some postions. chapter two: "BOOM!" jiji snuck teto in the house [or the basement he and kiki lived in]. "alright lets get thoughs bottles up there before kiki comes inicial from a freinds house!" quiet as a ratón teto and jiji jumped onto the cama then leaped onto the parte superior, arriba shelf and knocked the bottles on to the bed. "ok know lets start pouring some on you." "WHAT!!" don't worry the affects are not long though long enough for tu to go home!" "OK I'f tu say so!" with that jiji opened one and poured............ "POOF!" chapter three:"fare well!" When Teto opened her eye's she had two furry little wings!! "what the heck why do I have wings?" "oh thats a spell I put on tu so tu can fly home!" "well thank you!" dicho teto, "shh!!! no time just hurry and go home!!!" squecked jiji as he hoped to the window opened it big and wide."flip,flap flip,flap!" went teto's wings as she flew out the window waving good bye to her new found friend."bye maybe well meet again some time!" sighed teto as she flew out of sight."good bye dear friend!' whispered jiji as teto dispered."jiji I'm inicial how was your day!!"yelled kiki. "sweet corazón sit down this is going to take a while!!!!"