heeeeey jen! oh my god boo, happy birthday! hooray for your sweet sixteen! my babe sure is growing up, isn't she?
literally, there are no words for how I feel about you. but that probably isn't true, since I'm escritura an articulo that's gonna be long af, haha. I'm gonna go into our whole backstory, tu know, when I first met tu blah blah blah... but really when I first met tu I thought tu were amazing. for real, how could someone with an eminem icono not be awesome? fangirling over eminem brought us together, and believe me when we found out that we both loved harry potter, I knew we were gonna be great friends. then we started talking about feelings and emotions and i realized that no one ever understood me the way tu did and still do. I could tell tu what I was feeling, I could tell tu anything and I knew you'd understand. I mean, before I knew it, I was telling tu things that I never told any9one before and I knew I could trust tu with them. in my whole life I've never met anyone that truly understood me like tu do. I'm just so lucky that my path crossed yours and tu came into my life. I was so honored when tu talked to me and I always looked adelante, hacia adelante to seeing and answering your wallposts. and when I think about those times it makes me realize how long we've known each other and how we've bonded over the months that we've known each other, and how close we've become and now that you're in my life I swear to god that I'm not letting tu go. tu seriously mean everything to me. there aren't enough artículos int he world to explain it. I mean you're just so smart and lovable and nice and kind and funny and just everything to me. tu are my whole world, jen, and I never want to be without you. tu mean so much to me and in such a short amount of time tu became a part of me. I just amor tu and there are so many things to amor about you. tu really are one of a kind. you're so funny and tu honestly make the funnies comentarios ever. and I adore how happy tu get over bellamy blake and how thins like that make tu so happy.
I think the world of tu jen I really do. tu just mean everything to me and tu never fail to make me smile. tu complete me, I wouldn't be myself anymore if I didn't have you. I hope I never lose you. awe babe, happy birthday! I know this articulo is the shitiest thing ever but I amor tu and that's never gonna change. thanks for existing in my life♥