hi jen! i just wanted to write this for tu and it might be really long, just warning you.
you're my everything. my heart, my soul, my reason for existing. nothing could ever tear us apart, ever. i would never let that happen. you're my whole world, my twinie, and i hope tu know that. i would die for you, i'd do anything for you.
no matter what tu say, i think you're one of the most beautiful people in the universe, inside and out. i'm gonna start rambling, haha, but there's a million things to say about you. you're nice, kind, caring, always here to listen, beautiful, and tu never fail to make me happy even in my darkest times. i never would have guessed that the día tu came into my life would be the día that my whole world changed, but it did. we became so close and really connected. there's no one out there that understands me better than tu do. i could tell tu anything in the world and you'd understand and have compassion.
i swear to god, if i ever do anything to hurt tu i deserve to die. and if i ever lose you, i'll be losing a huge piece of me. i hope tu stay in my life forever because even thinking of losing tu makes me feel devastated. you're my world.
thank you, for everything. for being here for me, for loving me, for caring. there's no one out there like you. i can't thank tu enough for everything. i know now that no matter what happens, i'll always have tu to help me feel better and fix things and i never want that to change. i can't lose tu babe, i just can't.
you're probably getting sick of me saying this over and over again, but i amor you. i amor tu más than anything. you've become everything to me and i promise i will never let anything bad happen to you. i amor tu más than life, and i need tu más than oxygen. i need tu más than anything. words can't even explain it. it brings tears to my eyes how amazing tu are. i must have done something really amazing in my life for god to bless me with someone like you. you're an angel.
you're my twin for so many reasons. we have tons in common, such as crazy eminem and harry potter obsessions, and we also can connect on such an emotional level. no one can replace you, no one can be my twin except you.
i hope tu know how i feel about you. i really want tu to understand how important tu are to me and how much i amor and care about you. i amor tu so much that it hurts and i'd take a bullet for you. i hope tu understand. i promise that i would never do anything to hurt you. tu mean too much to me for me to do that.
thank tu being in my life and making my life so much better. i could never repay tu for everything you've done. i can't wait to make tons of new memories with tu and honestly be friends with tu until i die, because i'd never get tired of you. i hope i never lose tu because i need tu and i'd be complete shit if i didn't have you. i amor you.

the lana to my marina★
the meatballs to my spaghetti☆
the harry to my ginny❤
the fred to my george♡
the eminem to my diet coke♥
the stiles to my derek❦
the slim to my shady
🎶 (idk haha)

i amor tu my twin