okay I think we should give Harry a break. He goes through so much especially with all the girl fans creeping on him and screaming in his face when they see him. I amor him as much as tu all do so don't think I don't support him, but I would get tired of it if all that stuff happened to me, and I bet tu all would too. So if tu see him just say hello, get a picture and autograph and go on. I know tu are all like "but I have so much to tell him" and that's ok tu can tell him what tu need to say. But say it calmly without freaking out. I get that tu all think hes "perfect" but hes not perfect, hes just like any other 20 año old, the only difference is, is that he is living his dream. So please don't hate on me im just saying what we need to do. Im sure he would appreciate that a lot!