Skylar’s P.O.V

Huff.. Huff. “don’t look back don’t look back” the thoughts kept repeating in my head. I was running in the woods alone and starving. Their was más of us but they either got shot por the government o just eaten alive. I hid behind some rocks and bushes and rested their. I checked to see if the zombies were gone. Luckily they were. I walked out still panting. I walked some más when I get grabbed. I screamed I looked up seeing a zombie. I pushed it to the ground. I grabbed out my blades. It came closer I got my blade ready. I threw it killing it and the three zombies behind it. I started on the run again. This time seeing a fast river. I looked behind me seeing más and más coming my direction. I leaped on one rock and made it across. I kept running when i found a abandoned shack. I walked in my blades ready. I looked around seeing no one in the shack. I dropped my bag on the ground and sat on the dirty dusty ground. And araña webs everywhere. I headed back to the river with a bottle and filled it up with water. I drank it all and then filled It up for later. I headed further in the forest seeing if their was any food. I heard rustling and the breaking of twigs. I climbed up a árbol and waited I looked around and jumped down. I walked a little bit farther. I saw foot-prints that were new. I followed them. But the trail stopped. I looked around curiously. I turned back and started walking. When I see zombies coming out from behind some trees I tried to find a way to escape. I was trapped their was no way I could get out. I grabbed out my gun remembering out of ammo. I grabbed out some blades I threw them killing some of them but más kept on coming. one yanked on my camisa, camiseta I screamed and yanked it off I started pushing some away. When I heard a gunshot and some starting to fall down. I looked and saw it was Harry.