Ally’s P.O.V

I woke up remembering me being kicked out of my home. The one with the abusive mother . I got freshened up and came out in this out-fit link . I walked downstairs seeing nobody up. It was a week-end and their día off . I got out supplies and made chocolate chipped pancakes. I got finished I made milkshakes. I fixed up the tables. I got finished seeing the lads up. Niall saw the break-fast. He ran towards the mesa, tabla with a big smile on his face. “thank tu ally” they all dicho in unison. “you’re welcome” I dicho sitting down por zayn which I felt más comfortable. I started eating feeling eyes peering through me like Brandon did to me. I looked up seeing Harry staring at me . He saw me and went back to eating with his cheeks red. I shook it off and continued eating. We all talked and laughed. We all got done one por one. I was last I washed my dish. I walked away, I got my bag. And walked out heading for a walk. I was walking when I see Harry catching up to me. I looked at him confused. “lucky guess” he dicho smiling. “may I join” he dicho with a smirk. I smiled and nodded. We went to a few stores. We came back laughing. Seeing the lads in the living room watching T.V . “have a good time” dicho Louis smiling. I smiled and headed to my room. I put the things I bought away. I came back in the living room. Seeing the lads playing video games. They were playing Black Cops 2. I sat down. “hey may I join” I dicho smiling. They handed me a controller. I noticed they were going easy. “come on you’re not afraid loosing to a girl are you” I dicho with a smirk. They smiled and went hard on me. I beat all them they looked at me surprised. “first rule never mess with a girl who is a gamer” I dicho getting up and heading in my room. Seeing them still shocked. I flipped on the T.V. watching my favorito! mostrar Teen lobo the new episode. I was watching it when I heard a knock at my door. I opened it. Their was Harry. He had palomitas de maiz, palomitas de maíz in one hand. “can I watch?” he dicho smiling. “you watch this? ‘ I dicho surprised. “no I just feel like tu are left out” he dicho running in jumping on the bed. I layed down. Explaining everything to him. We watched it ti’ll the end. Until I dozed off hearing Harry’s heart-beat.

Harry’s P.O.V

I was watching the mostrar with Ally. I looked down seeing her asleep. I smiled I pecked her on the cheek and got up and headed in my room. Remembering how fun we had a few hours hace talking and laughing together. Tomorrow was the día I was going to break the pregunta I knew she was the one I was searching for.