Amy's Point Of View

At school on tuesday morning, me and Sarah talked and talked about who we were going to invite to the party!
"Deffinatley NOT Rebecca! She'll just ruin it! Becky is so stuck up and self centred!" dicho Sarah as we were waiting outside school.
"Wise words, Sarah!" I replied.
"Have tu seen how she's been flirting with Zayn?!" asked Sarah.
por the way Zayn is a boy in another form in my year. He's quite hot and hangs round with 4 other hot guys, Harry, (SUPER HOT) Liam, (HOT) Louis, (HOT) Niall (HOT). I never talk to them so I say Harry's hot but his personality might change everything!
"OMG! Seriously? Zayn doesn't know how bad she is! He'll probably fall for her though."
"Yeah! I think Zayn fancies her too." dicho Sarah, disgusted.
"Amanda has a thing for him too tu know!"
"They'd suit each other very much!" dicho Sarah.
And at that moment the campana rang and we ll headed in for class.

Miss King did our registration and the campana rang again. We walked off to our first lessson, maths. Mr Jones gave us sheets full of maths questions. He told us what to do and we all got on with it.

When the morning had finsihed, me, Sarah, Kelly and Emily ate our lunch in the cafiteria.
"I'm so excited about your party, Sarah!" exclaimed Emily.
"So am I!! Its gonna be the best EVER!" dicho kelly ever so excited.
"You have got to invite all the boys! Especially the ones in 12G! They are so HOT!" shouted Kelly.
"The only reason tu want the boys to come in 12G is cause Liam's in it!" I said.
I smiled at her as I dicho it cause it was SO obvious!
"That is toally TRUE!" she admitted.
We all laughed at her.
"Amy's coming round mine tonight so we will talk about who to invite." dicho Sarah.
"Can tu talk to us on Skype? Kelly's coming round mine so we will all be able to talk to each other." dicho Emily.
"Yeah! That's a great idea, Emily!" Sarah and I both discided.

Soon after the school día went by, Me and Sarah walked over to her's. When we walked through the door we walked up stairs to decide who to invite to the party!