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First of all I have to admit that I initially liked the twilight. The first movie I mean, it was pretty entertaining. Then I saw new moon and eclipse, hated both these films. The character I started to like initially were spoiled in thFor example ever since Edward’s suicide attempt in new moon and Jacob’s begging for Bella’s love, I despised both those characters.
Okay here is the deal.
Breaking was a hope that there will be some improvement in the saga, especially in terms of direction and acting. My friends told me that the movie breaking dawn was great and that they felt like crying...
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posted by mbalzar
 The Chamber of Scerets
The Chamber of Scerets
Chamber of Memories
October 31, 1992
    Minerva McGonagall sat gazing out of her bedroom window into the rain swept grounds of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It was nearly midnight, but Minerva was unable to sleep; the event of the evening were still playing in her head. "The Chamber Of Secrets has been opened; enemies of the heir, beware". The image of the ominous message on the muro seemed to be etched on the insides of her eyelids. She shivered at the thought of the chamber being opened again. Memories began to resurface, memories that she had long tried...
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