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Rebuttal: Deathlly Hallows -Part 2- It Deserve Every Oscar It Can Win


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k can i just be the first to say, THANK YOU!! but i have to point out a major mistake that will unravel te whole arguement, regarding the fact that the previous arguments is all based on opinions, it can be argued that the opinions were made collectively to get those scores, furthermore you cant actually totally compare film to film when they of different types:) but despite that, the whole point is that HP has stood very well among critics and can you imagine the amount of work put into create HOGWARTS?? the producers didnt even make an actual castle in fact most of their sets are CGI, this brings back the point, as they use mainly computers to input the screen, the actors spend half their time point sticks at green screens. this is not an easy task, i really think the directors, actors, producers, technical crew all deserve recognition on their amazing part. considering the fact also that all there rating has been generally high, and easy stack up to other top film, HP does deserve OSCARS!!
posted hace más de un año.