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 Trio Photoshoot in Empire Magazine
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This harry potter foto contains retrato, tiro en la cabeza, primer, headshot, primer plano, en la cabeza, and closeup.


Chapter 3:Meeting a Celebrity

"So, if we're going to Diagon Alley, why are we still here?" I dicho as...
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posted by Mia_Lewis17
"No!", screamed a woman standing in front of a cuna begging a man in black not to kill her daughter. "Please, don't, don't kill her kill me instead!", she said. "Haha", laughed the man with a tone of sarcasm in his laugh. "D'you think I'll spare her? after i kill tu I'll be the most powerful wizard in the world! Now stand aside and help me do it, after all it'll be the last thing you'll ever do"

"I will never stand aside! Till MY LAST BREATH!", screamed the woman. Her electirc almendra shaped eyes glared as she spoke. Glared with sincerity and love.

"what a Valiente MUDBLOOD do we have here?", he...
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posted by victorodonnell
The World is flat!
    Well, I know tu pregunta my sanity, now. Obviously, the world is round and that’s a proven fact, from the moment Galileo stepped out of his ship. And now, there’s a pregunta again. Is the World really round? I hate that word, really. The word which gives rise to a lot of preguntas and seeks for explanations.
    ‘Imagination is más important than knowledge,’ dicho a wise man once. And, it’s true. Well, tu need not be aware of the complications of four-dimensional el espacio fabric to accept this theory. What all tu need to...
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posted by twilightlover73
Chapter 2:
The Goblet

The siguiente thing I know is I am at the Hogwarts hospital, Cedric, Hermione, Ron and even Harry looking at me. Cedric was holding my hand, he was the only person except me that knew the reason this happened; and thank goodness he was able to control it.

After I got out, I entered the big room, and the “welcome” ceremony was about to start. This año was a special año as I could see. Lots of other schools came to Hogwarts for some reason. I hugged and greeted every single person I knew from our school, and sat at my usual table, on the Gryffindor house’s table. Except...
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posted by simpleplan
Once upone a time a monky stold Harry's Lucky Charms. Harry was mad he wanted to eat it becuse of it was the best wizarding comida of all time but the monkey wanted to flush it down the potty. Harry chast the monkey all around the world and they can to potty city. The monkey throw the Lucky Charms it almost when in the potty intell Dobby saved it. Harry Potter and Dobby jump around becuse they got he lucky Charms but then Snape when over and kicked Harry and Dobby stold the Lucky Carms then ran to NeverLand.

The End XD
posted by twilightlover73
All right, so me and my friend Uniquezandy were role-playing (if tu don't know what it means it is playing online as if you’re in a movie. tu make up your character and combine it to any movie o event tu like and just play along with your friend and on the way a story comes up to you) so we were role-playing and this idea came to her at first and I added some details in the role-play and then later, in the last parts I thought up my own story while escritura it. It turned out to be very interesting to play and write. And also very suspenseful. We made up some new amazing characters...
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posted by lilcherrywine
Dear friends,
This is my first attempt at escritura a creative article. I've attempted the facebook page of HP, and hope tu like it. Sorry for the lame humor, it's my very first time. Thanks for reading, and please drop in your comments, because I need your opinion. Thanks again.

HP’S fb page


Went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Lives in London.
Knows English, Parseltongue
From Godric’s Hollow
Born on July 31, 1880

Cho Chang: Harry, I had a trip with dad and mom to Forks last week and I spotted Cedric there. Yes, Harry, I saw him. I don’t know what’s happening, I mean,...
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posted by Kiana-M-McMahon
I sat at the Gryffindor mesa, tabla waiting for the sorting to end. I had already been sorted.
"Weasley, Ronald!"
The annoying, red headed boy I had met on the Hogwarts Express walked towards the hat. Professor McGaonagall put the hat on his head.
I groaned as he came to registrarse us Gryffindors. One of the last was the famous Harry Potter. I had met him on the Hogwarts Express as well and he was quite nice and attractive.
"Potter, Harry!"
Harry walked up and the hat considered putting him in Slytherin. I crossed my fingers he would be in Gryffindor. I heard the sorting hat say something about...
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please leave comentarios so i no if this story sucks o not and please read it even if its not the whole story.

Chapter 1: The unexpected

Have tu ever had one of those dreams, were tu try and run fast but tu just keep getting slower, well that's the dream I was having. This is the most strangest dream I have ever had. I was being chased por two wannabe snobs from school, Rachel was the leader from between them, who was tall with black hair tied up in to a curly mini style afro like a thick puff ball at the back of her head. she also had long, sleek legs built for running. Along side her was her...
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Harry: (Voiced from across the compartment) " 'Oh Harry I amor you," squealed Hermione as she took a step closer to...' What's the matter Ron? Allergic to the cat?"
Ron: "No, allergic to this rubbish! Where did tu find this?"
Harry: "On the internet, it's amazing all the stuff tu can find there!"
Hermione: "Sounds like something straight out of Witch Weekly! I hope your mum doesn't get a hold of this Ron, I wouldn't want her to think again that Harry and I were together, it was enough trouble clearing it up last time."
Ron: "Yeah, I can't believe she made me kiss tu in front of everyone to prove...
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posted by simpleplan
Knock knock?

Who's there?

You Know.


That's right!Avada Kedavra

How many Animagi does it take to light up a wand?
-Two dozen, because only one of them is actually registered.

Hermione went to Madam Pomfrey with uncontrollable hiccups to see if she could do something to stop them. Madam Pomfrey examined her all over and then pronounced gravely, 'I got news for you, Miss Granger. You''re pregnant.' At that news Hermione fainted on the spot, and when she finally came round a few minutos later she asked 'Oh, dear - am i really pregnant?' - 'Of course not!' she dicho 'But it has cured your...
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posted by Morsmodre_13
If Hp were to have a soundtrack with "real" song's what song's do tu think would fit each film?

- paramore : We Are Broken. link (guy voice version)
Goes together with the escalating war happening in OOTP

-Death Cab : I Will Follow tu Into The Dark
I picture Harry in DH surrounded por his parents, Sirius, and Lupin to this song.

-Across the Universe/The Beatles
Battle of Hogwarts!

-Across the Universe/The Beatles
I was thinking this before Harry sees Princes Tale!
Look at how popular Harry Potter used to be millions of fans all over. How many of tu are on the pivoting point from switching like everyone else? Look at all the libros now that have such great adventures like Percy Jackson, o 39, maybe Twilight. Its starting to bring Harry Potter down. Sure were getting a few más fans because of the movies. Now we only have about 75,000 fans all over America. Its really time to say Harry Potter is better in every way. Can tu put a jinx on a werewolf in Twilight? Yeah didn't think so.

Now cine tu get the Sorcerers apprentice, Percy Jackson, twilight....
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posted by sapherequeen
Hi everyone,
I'm not really a Harry Potter fan, but tu see, a couple months hace I came across a website called "Always Astrology". It provides a descripción of the twelve zodiac signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces), Moon signs, and the planetary placements (I mean like Mercury signs, Venus signs). It also provided a free birth chart calculator. So after doing mine, I've pretty much been obsessed and had done charts for everyone I know, and every character that had a traceable birthday. And I had just done Harry's.

So in case...
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He’s back.

And Naperville was there to welcome him.

More than a thousand fans of the world’s favorito! wizard gathered at Naperville’s AMC Showplace Theatre for the midnight premiere of “link” It is the first installment of a two-part film, based on the final book in the J.K. Rowling series.

Many in attendance had pre-purchased their tickets weeks hace and started arriving at the south Naperville cinema as early as 6 p.m. Thursday. An hora before the scheduled release, fans were seated in eight of the 16 theaters, and additional showings were scheduled for 3:15 a.m. Friday.

While striped...
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posted by ginnyweasleyfan
Harry potter in a shopping centre nursery.
The Dursleys parked their car in the shopping centre and walked in, both discussing what to do with their nephew Harry Potter who was only four years old.
"We could put him in that nursery they've got in here" suggested Aunt petunia. Their four año old son Dudley was screaming.
"I WANT AN ICECREAM WAAAHHHH". Aunt petunia knelt down to Dudley's level and put her hands on his shoulders.
"Don't worry sweetums, Mummsey will get tu an icecream". Dudley wiped his snotty nose all over Uncle Vernon's trousers.
"Little tike" he chuckled lifting up Dudley onto...
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Me, Myself, and I

By Rita Skeeter

Exclusive interview with notorious Death Eater Bellatrix Lestrange

Here I am, sitting in the private dungeon of the notorious Bellatrix Lestrange, most feared follower of the Dark Lord, and having a completely normal interview. Read on to see if there’s más to Bellatrix than just madness and a nasty reputation!

RS: Hello!

BL: *growls*

RS: Do tu mind if I use a quick-quotes quill?

BL: What’s that?

*fingers wand handle threateningly*

RS: Oh, nothing, erm, moving on…Can I call tu Bella?

BL: No.

RS: How would tu describe your relationship with the man known as...
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posted by BellaLovett
Daniel Radcliffe was recently interviewed, regarding his and Helena's upcoming film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. During the interview, he was asked about working with Helena, and her portrayal of Emma Watson's character, Hermione. Read the interview below!

It's been revealed that the running time for siguiente month's Harry Potter film is 147 minutes, making it the third longest Potter film to date. Meanwhile, Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) answered some preguntas from fans about the film. Here's a transcript:

Question: What was it like playing the other characters for the Seven Potters...
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posted by mommaof2boys
 Boggart Snape
Boggart Snape
"So the boggart sitting in the darkness within has not yet assumed a form. He does not yet know what will frighten the person on the other side of the door. Nobody knows what a boggart looks like when he is alone, but when I let him out, he will immediately become whatever each of us most fears."
—Professor Lupin to his Third año class in 1993[src]

Boggarts are particularly fond of inhabiting certain places that are dark, such as in wardrobes, the gap beneath beds, and the cupboards under sinks and desks. On at least one occasion, a boggart was found hiding in a grandfather clock.
A boggart...
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