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Hermione30 posted on May 19, 2010 at 12:55PM
Well.I saw this on Fred and George Weasley spot and i don't know whether its done b4.
Game goes like this.I'll write a sentence beginning with TPBM(The Person Below Me).
For eg: TPBM doen't know that Harry is a Half-blood.
Then the person below says true or false and writes another sentence for TPB, o.k.?

Let's start then

TPBM doen't know that Harry is a Half-blood.
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hace más de un año PumpkinWolf1358 said…
True, I'm also in Slytherin on Pottermore

TPBM never got annoyed at Harry (in the books)
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hace más de un año Mongoose09 said…
False- especially in Order of the Phoenix!

TPBM finds Ron annoying
hace más de un año PumpkinWolf1358 said…
He is rude and stubborn sometimes but I don't find him annoying

TPBM thinks that Malfoy is awful at Quidditch :P
hace más de un año Pinnipedi said…
True. I hate Malfoy.

TPBM's favourite house is Slytherin.
hace más de un año Flickerflame said…

TPBM would prefer being in Ravenclaw to Hufflepuff
hace más de un año Mongoose09 said…

TPBM loves the Cursed Child book