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it's been ten year's after He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was defeated and Harry's children whom are now students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.Harry's children will have amazing adventures. But will they be Terrifying or Awesome?
what are you in? Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff Or Slytherin?

Wand Type:
Bio Summary:
Anything Extra:
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hace más de un año karolinak1999 said…
big smile
Name: Saorla Rowena Alexandria Nixon
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Birthday: December 21st = shortest day of the year may I point out!
House: Slytherin
Year: 3
Personality: Easy to get along with - most of the time, charismatic, brave, always up for the craic(Irish term) flirtatious loves attention but isn't bitchy - well maybe sometimes, she's kinda weird in ways but some see it as a positive, she puts career before family(a feature that helped her get into Slytherin), she is ambitious and determined has a dirty & evil mind. Very artistic she can feel very depressed inside, but dosen't see a way in which she can help it..She is a strong leader-----------
Wand Type: a chestnut wand, Dragon Heartstring - but she dosen't use it much as she practices magic usually with the use of her hands, eyes even thoughts!
Bio Summary: She was the love child of Antonin Dolohov[death eater] and Philomena Clearwater[a famous former Ravenclaw student] ahh forbidden love. Her mother knew Antonin was kinda evil it kinda turned her on[lol] they loved each other and wanted to marry, but as the war approached she took the side of good and was always a powerful member of the "Order of the Phoenix".
At their peak when they were unseperable they had a son[Saorlas older brother] Eric Phil Antonin[February 4th, 1996] they began a love/hate relationship around two years after his birth, from which they changed their mind a lot, once they plotted to kill each other, the other they made out & had a hot love affair!! Which resulted in Saorlas conception!!! Antonin never found out about Saorla...
2 weeks after her birth, Philomena was killed,by Voldemort himself...as he saw her as a huge threat and knows to be the only one who is powerful enough to kill her.....Antonin could have easily killed her but as I said before he loved her....Philomena dated Tom Riddle while students[he was her first lol]....Antonin never found out of her death....around that time he got really serious about being a death eater and was too busy to go back to her..rumours have it Voldemort promoted him & kept him busy so he wouldnt find out!!!!
After their mothers death...Eric & Saorla were sent to a powerful pure-blooded family of "Nixon" who only had a secret role in the war[were on the good side ofcourse] Their step parents are Charles & Hymona Nixon, they call the mom and dad!! They have two sons one Saorlas age, in the same year called Edward Robert Millicent[May 16th, 1999] and the second, older son Charles "Charlie" Cedric Andrew Jr[August 5th, 1993].
Before being brought into the Nixon's Eric & Saorla didn't really have a last name...when adopted their last names became officially "Nixon"

Saorla is 1/4 Russian, 1/4 Polish, 1/4 British and 1/4 Irish

The family were really worried when Saorla ended up in Slytherin all her brothers were sorted into Ravenclaw, all from the line of "Nixon" and "Clearwater" were well known in Ravenclaw, which could only mean that Antonin's side is a powerful feature in her.......which again worries the family even more!!!!

Appearance: Pale[like her father] with rosy cheeks though, quite long, wavy golden hair. quite slim, piercing green eyes

Anything Extra: Saorla was nervous about being sorted into Slytherin[although that was her secret desire!], She fitted in perfectly although stood out!! she is very popular amongst everyone!!!

Memorable Quotes

"I didn't want to drag memories into the year"
"Her legacy might say Ravenclaw, but her eyes scream Slytherin"
"True blood shines brighter than stars"
"I hold grudges, I don't bury the hatchet...ever!"
"I went to bed...closed my eyes...and fell asleep"

Subjects in 3rd year:

{Core Subjects}
Defence Against the Dark Arts
History of Magic

Study of Ancient Runes
Care of Magical Creatures

{Extra-curricular subjects}
Ghoul Studies
Ancient Studies
Earth Magic
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 [u]Name:[/u] [b]Saorla[/b] Rowena Alexandria [b]Nixon[/b] [u]Gender:[/u] Female [u]Age:[/u] 14 [u]
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Welcome hace más de un año
hace más de un año mimillama123 said…
can i join please?

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yes plz hace más de un año
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
Name: Sora Jones
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Birthday: April 26th
House: Gryffindor
Year: 3
Personality: Smart, Kind,funny, playful
Wand Type: Oak, Phoenix feather and Dragon heartstring a rare wand
Bio Summary: full blood wizard her parents are protective of her and almost refused to send her to Hogworts.
Appearance: jet black hair, ice bue eyes,five foot nine,pale and slim
Anything Extra:nope
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 Name: Sora Jones Gender: Female Age: 14 Birthday: April 26th House: Gryffindor Year: 3 Person
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
Sora looked at her list. it was time to return to Hogwarts her third year She read out loud quietly
"Third year students will require:
The Standard Book of Spells (Grade 3) by Miranda Goshawk
Unfogging the Future by Cassandra Vablatsky (if attending Divination)
Intermediate Transfiguration by Emeric Switch
The Monster Book of Monsters (if attending Care of Magical Creatures)
Numerology and Grammatica (if attending Arithmancy)"
she then crossed off the one's she didn't need
"ok so i need The Monster Book of Monsters
Intermediate Transfiguration by Emeric Switch, and
The Standard Book of Spells (Grade 3) by Miranda Goshawk"
All of a sudden the list was snatched away. "well lookie here a shopping list." Sora looked up and saw the worst person ever, Jaime the bully at her old school before she got her Hogwart's letter.
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
Sora sighs "hello Jaime" Jaime snickered "wha tkind of shopping list is this?" he asked shoveing it into Sora's slightly flat chest. Sora pushed past Jaime makeing him pissed "where are you going girly." he sneered 'he reminds me of someone.' she thought
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hace más de un año Goldenliz said…
Name: Lizyana Golden
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Birthday: 1 January
House: Gryffindor
Year: 3

Incredibly loyal, and an amazing friend. Knows exactly when people are lying, excellent at spotting pretending to be somthing they are not. Dosn't trust easily, isnin't afraid of breaking the rules, isin't afraid of fear (coming from her being a dementor) Is incredibly sarcastic and doubts people, always gets into fights for her friends, dosn't care if people mock her. Nobody wants to get on her bad-side, for it is psycho. Loves flying and freedom, is severly claustrophobic after spending 10 years in a cage.To sum her up in 3 words: Passionate, Mysterious and Powerful.

Wand Type: The Elder Wand.

Bio Summary:
She was the child off two wealthy purebloods, whose families were in a feud over many years they fell in love at 16 and had Lizyana,but they couldn't keep her because they would be disgraced, and her mother died giving birth to her, her father, even though he promised Lizyana's mother that he would look after her, he dumped her in an orphange because she looked exactly like her mother. The two families were the "BloodRose" and the "IceRose"
He left her, but what he did not know that the orphanage as dark and as filthy as it was, was a place where they made dementors, by getting muggle children, showing them hallucinations of people who could save them but reject them, calling them worthless. Their souls were twisted into revenge, and they became dementors, avenging their former selves by sucking other people's happiness.
Lizyana was almost a dementor, she was so twisted she almost changed to be a dementor, but her heart and soul was so good that she became The Expecto Patronum, and although damaged and twisted as she was, she did not seek to remove happiness from the world.
For this time when muggles were kept in Cages, and filthy condition she developed a severe claustrophobia, when she finally escaped she realized that those noises where not just the sound of muggles screaming but the sound of roaring waves, she was underneath azkaban!
She then swum to the coast, breathing in her expectro patronum instead of air, when she finally landed onto the shore she fainted from exhaustion and shock.
A large family of wizards found her; but she did not tell them anything of her past, but they accepted her.
The family consisted of the Singraines. (Crappy name i know) It was large with a Florence (the mother), Robert (The father) and the sons Bruce, Jace, Finn, Jack and Kyle. Bruce was the oldest at 17. Jack and Finn were twins at 15. Kyle the youngest at 14. They accepted her as a member of the family, ad thought her to play quidditch. The enrolled her at hogwarts, little did they know that a new group that practised the Dark Arts, known as The Shadows were wanting to bring back their little dementor.

Snow-white hair, that somthines looked silver, hair looked like a halo, and reaches lower back, silver or gold depending on the light. Huge blood red eyes.
Small for her age, athletic yet small build. Incredible pale, almost transparent.

Anything Extra:
- Cant do most spells, but is amazing at the powerful spells.
-Her Expecto-Patronum is by far the most powerful.
- Can talk to most animals, since they were in the cages beside her.
-Immune to the 3 unforgivable curses
- Is the star seeker of the Gryffindor team.
- Is the only one who can use "Soul-Magic" It is when you can remove someones soul, switch souls, give them back your soul. Can go into soul/ghost mode, when her soul leaves the body and can possess people. It can aslo heal people without the use of potions, i.e on the brink of death.
-Can influence other's emotions
-Hates potions class
-Found the elder wand when seeking the snitch, it fixed under her touch.
-Is in love with Kyle.
-Sorting hat couldn't decide which class to put her in and told her to listen with her heart.
- Picked the name Golden, because the first thing she saw was Kyles golden eyes
- Goes crazy at a solar eclipse, like full on dementor

is 1/3 Japanese 1/3 Russain and 1/3 British

"The pathaway to the soul is through the heart"
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welcome hace más de un año
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
(are you going to join me with the Rp or am i going to be alone untell Sora gets to hogwarts?)
hace más de un año Goldenliz said…
Lizyana sighed, she hated this, she hated having the Singraines pay for her things for hogwarts, she felt like she was a weight on their shoulders, that she was their pity case, they were the only family she has ever known, well unless you count the muggles across my cage, thats what people who aren't wizards are called.
"Hey Lizzy, get over here"
I smiled, that was Bruce the oldest calling me, he was super over protective of me always being on my side when we played quidditch against the twins Jack and Finn. They all looked the same, gorgeous turqoise eyes from their mother, curly mop of hair from their father and the muscular build from both. Except Kyle, his eyes were golden, and the first thing i saw when I escaped. Hence the surname Golden.
I rushed over and sighed, it was another wand shop.
I couldnt for my life do the simplest spells, and no wand felt right, so I settled for Kyle's old wand, it would have to do till hogwarts. It was my first year there. I would have to go to Dumbledore's and have the sorting hat put on me privatley. I honestly didn't know what class I was going to be put in.
I wasn't a pure-blood so I couldnt be a Slytherin.
I had hardly any knowledge of the world so I couldnt be a Ravenclaw.
I was a liar so I couldn't be a Hufflepuff.
I was a coward so I couldn't be a Gryffindor.
So who was I?
karolinak1999 commented…
wow ♥ hace más de un año
hace más de un año karolinak1999 said…
Another school year awaited Saorla...She was excited for all the adventures to come, but was also saddened as she is one year closer to leaving her teenage years behind and entering the adult world!!.....
.......Unlike everyone else....she didn't need to get her school stuff...as in the midst of summer each year, everything the Nixon students need , is sent over to their mansion....But that didn't stop Saorla from going into town to have the craic with her friends, as well as help them out with their school shopping...but mostly for the craic(lol)...
........Amongst her friends was Katrina Dowden(Slytherin) and Milena Fitzmorris(Hufflepuff)
Saorla and Katrina became close at the end of year 1, they've been unseperable ever since....Katrina took notice of Milena at the beginning of year 2 when they shared a class together...it took a while for Saorla to accept Milena as she never believed she could be friends with a Hufflepuff, before she saw them as plain and lacking in strong character, but she learned a lot of good things about Hufflepuff through Milena and became familiar with other Hufflepuffs such as Teddy Lupin with whom Milena is really close with......
.......In town, Saorla was surrounded by familiar faces, except there was one that stood out, from the corner of her eye she saw a very pale girl that seemed her age. The girl had white hair, creepy red eyes and was quite lost amongst the crowd, she looked like an outcast...Saorla wondered if she'd be going to Hogwarts...but ruled her out as a possible friend....
.....Saorla was always tempted to try out for the Slytherin Quidditch team but thought she'd be no good, instead she took up Winged horse racing in year 1 a lesser known sport but she loved it!!! She knew this was a big year for the races...her goal was to get into the "WHRC" and hopefully win it!!!
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hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
Jaime grabed Sora's arm "wait a sec girly." Sora grew angry and shoved him away. She raced down the street trying to get away when he gave chase.
hace más de un año Goldenliz said…
I felt like an outcast, like an evil weed ruining a rose garden. I needed to stop thinking like that, I wasn't a dementor, I was a wizard, I was a protecter of the wizarding world, I was not worthless.
I knew I was weak though, but not worthless. I was too weak to save my muggle friends, they knew their families and knew that they were abinded while I had the bliss of ignorance. I didn't have time to think about my past, It was time to look into the future.
I knew my goals, I was going to graduate from Hogwarts and become a guard at azkabhan and then I would put an end to the place I spent 10 years in. Memories flashed at me of my first family.
Dylan, Sam, Monique, Zephyr, Angel, Nick.
They would be avenged I vowed.
"Look at her, she's such a freak" I heard this comment and I walked on, even though inside I wanted to squish their pathetic souls. I heard laughter, the girl seemed like the leader with her cali-fornia girl looks, gorgeous sun-kissed skin and beautiful light hair with innocent blue eyes but they were turned into a frown. I rolled my eyes, i know deemed her "Barbie" because she was fake and annoying.
Her eyes immediatley softened when she saw Kyle walk out the shop, but quickly turned to confusion
when Kyle said.
"Oh great wise Lizyana should I endure you with some of the scaps of my feast" This was Kyle talk for do you want some of my food. I shook my head no. Suddenly Kyle was trampled by Barbie. I smelt a smile teasing my lips, Kyle would quite chivalrously and gently push her to her feet and tell her not to invade his personal space and snap his fingers like the diva he his. What he did completley surprised me. He kissed her on the lips while she giggle and placed his hand protectively on her. He then seemed to remember my existence and introduced me to Barbie.
"Lizzy this is Lorraine Andersagh my girlfriend, she's in Hogwarts but she's in Hufflepuff"
I barely heard him speak, I barely heard anyone speak but this was Kyle I owed him my friendliness even though I wanted to suck her soul and put it in a rat. I smiled but I knew it was convincing, i was a natural liar.
"Hi Lorraine im Lizyana Golden" Instead of snorting like I though she would, she smiled her voice like poisoned honey. "Pleasure to meet you, you're the Singraines pity case right? The one they found washed up on the beach" She smiled as if she was curious, I wanted to whack her with a broom.
I turned to Kyle and told him I was going to meet up with Jack and Finn. Once I reached the Silver spoons bar I saw the twins, i went up to their table and did the only thing I could do.
I stared at them.
They stared right back. I looked distressed they probably though I was in shco after seeing Kyle with his girlfriend, but I wasn't.
I needed to focus.
I needed to focus cause I was losing grip on reality.
I could have swore I saw Zephyr in the booth beside us waving at me.
hace más de un año karolinak1999 said…
big smile
Saorla and her friends were having a blast in town!!!!! however, as she was walking she saw another familiar face Sora, Saorla remembered her from school, teachers always used to mix up their names which pissed Saorla off.. Sora was running like crazy, as if she was being chased by a monster suddenly she disappeared in the crowd...
.....The girls met up with Teddy & Edward in a nearby Café, them two were besties Ted & Ed, Teddy & Eddy, the names matched perfectly.....Saorla saw a lot of Teddy over summer as he visited their house often!.....
..Once a specific topic was brought up by Katrina....of my sorta boyfriend.....Trina wanted to know the dets, who could blame her??{Changing views} As I was about to start telling her our love story Edward interrupted "She made out with Gavin last Wednesday beside the lake!" "What!!!" - Shouted Trina with excitement. "The way you say it sounds so dirty!" I grinned Gavin Finneran[Gryffindor] For the past two years all I knew was that he existed, over the summer I really got to know him...if you know what I mean!!! He basically spent the entire summer at his grandparents house, which is right next to "The Nixon mansion"....he's tall blond-ginger hair and most important of all his adorable freckles!!! He is fit, and the role of main chaser, in quidditch is definately his this year!!! I knew I was going to tell Trina & Mills[Milenas nickname] all about our romance, but not now in front of Ed & Ted, that would seriously crack them up!! "So are you two officially going out?" asked Teddy. "No...he was just a summer fling..I couldn't see us two together, like now..he..he's just a memory now" - I'm not sure if I meant those words..then we continued to eat, talk and laugh until sunset..
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hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
Sora was tired running but had to keep going because he was right behind her "why does he have to be in track. "She panted speeding up. She lost him for a moment only to have him appear behind her closer then before. "damit." she yelped he was now two feet away from her and gaining. she was yanked into a ally and a hand covered her mouth as Jaime ran past.
hace más de un año Goldenliz said…
Lizyana's thoughts were getting jumbled up so she sprinted out of the bar leaving a confused Jack and Finn, she needed to clear her head of what she saw and convince herself that she was either going insane or the fact that she saw her first family, the now dementors, and right now Lizyana knew she would rather be insane.
She wanted to get out of this world where she was a stranger, someone looking in to the reality truly never a part of it. There was only one place she knew she belonged in, the sky.
Therre she could feel her hair flapping against her, he eyes were not gaped at but needed to see everything, Lizyana needed to ride the wind.
So she did,
The only thing Lizyana had problems with in the new world was the concept of stealing and possessions. Where she was from you had to guard your prized possessions or someone would steal it, if anyone left something unatteneded you took it, and if they ever wanted to get it back they had to fight for it. Now after, giving all the junior male singraines a couple of bruises and bloody eyes I realized that you had to seek permission tu use other people's belonigngs.
Since I was slightly focused on getting to the skies I took the first broom I saw hopped on to it and took to the skies.
Time didn't exist after that.
It was just me and he sky, the broom had become a current and I was riding it. My hair was flapping furiously against my skin, protesting against the speed we were travelling, it usually just floated but now it was furious, my usually twitchy and impatient hands and feet were now still,completley in control.
I soon saw a clump of green, it was a forest and I decided to go into it, to see if I was as god as I felt.
It was amazing, I dodged every single one and I loved the feeling of the leaves burshing against me. I laughed and then rammed head first into a branch, this made me look up and I realized It was sunset,
The Hogwarts train was going to leave in one hour, I spent five hours flying, its not like anybody would notice my absence but I was determined to get there in time. I had no chance.
I screamed and kicked a tree, it kicked right back, I realised that kicking trees was quite rude so I apologised, the trees rustled its leaves, and get this.
A strong wind, with as much power as a hurricane blew towards London. I smiled and hugged the tree, it rustled its leaves happily. I quickly grabbed the stolen broom and let the wind carry me.
My two thoughts were
"I hugged a tree, I must be crazy"
"I really need to give this broom back to the owner and beg them to not call the ministry"
I had unsettled thoughts about the ministry of magic, they were good and ruled in justice but I suspected that someone powerful knew how dementors were created and weren't afraid to make more.
Being a tiny girl with blood red eyes and snow white hair didn't exactly let me blend into the crowd, another reason why I wanted to get to Hogwarts, I would be a student and would get the benefit of the doubt when I told them I had no memory of the past.
Which obviously I'm lying about.
hace más de un año karolinak1999 said…
((Okay, so we're moving onto Kings Cross now..but first Heart-of-love would you want to conclude your section with that guy who wants to hurt/rape you??))
Goldenliz commented…
Agreed :) hace más de un año
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-_-" ................ hace más de un año
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
Sora was let go and the person who pulled her into the alley vanished as she turned around only seeing spikie golden hair. She looked at her wrist and gasped "oh no i'm going to be late." She quickly ran around the shops and bought her stuff the rushed to her hotel to get her trunk. After putting her stuff in her trunk she raced over to kings cross knowing that she was possible going to get the worst seat's and she loved the best seat's.
hace más de un año Goldenliz said…
(Who's turn is it now?)
hace más de un año karolinak1999 said…
big smile

.............I was all ready to go, myself, Eddie and Teddy spent the night at uncle Billy's apartment thats right in town, beside King's cross where we had to be at, at 10am sharp to not miss the train to Hogwarts!! Eric stayed at another friends house.....
......With my Slyth robe intact, I raced through platform 9 and 3/4 where I met up with Trina & Laiden Meers[Slytherin 3rd], as I was about to walk onto the train I saw the strangest thing...it was that weird girl I saw earlier on in town......It seemed as if she was being followed by a group of people, that I was familiar with[but didn't have an idea from where]......"What?" I whispered to myself......
.....We were seated in a spacious carriage, talking when I saw Scorpius Malfoy[Slytherin, obviously] walk by our door, he suddenly stopped "Hey......". He and two other fellow Slyths Grayson and Tadeous joined us...
........ I knew the six of us would have a great time on our way to Hogwarts!!! We performed tricks, laughed and flirted with each other[me + Scorpius = flirtomania]......Mills passed by our carriage and glanced at us briefly....Mills is one of my besties, but joining us[there was still space, as I said spacious carriage] would be improper a Hufflepuff amongst six dedicated & sharp Slyths for a good few hours!? She would drown in our sorrows!! haha....But was it happening again?! were we being unintentionally splitting up due to our housing...I mean the sorting hat placed us in the houses based on who we are?? and friendships amongst different houses don't last long as we naturally flow apart..
.....a few minutes later I saw Gavin pass our carriage, he didn't see me "I'll be right back" I don't know why I was going up to him, well I wasn't going to take no notice of him like for the past two years!!! Suddenly!! I tripped anf fell into his arms......we looked up at each other and I saw his magical eyes up close once again..."hi" "hey" I straightened myself up..."how are you?" he asked in a caring voice "Fine now...thanks" we stared at each other with wonder for a minute "I was actually going to the toliet" that was the biggest lie I ever told...."Ooh..okay, I'll see you later" As I wand on my way to the toilet[I had to now] Thoughts were going through my head but me and Gavin we both agreed that our relationship ends with summer...I didn't want to drag memories into the year....I didn't want to be serious with anyone...I was 14 and not ready for that...or was I??
....I fixed my hair in the toilet...and was on my way back to my carriage...((anyone want to interract with me here?, but just a small bit))
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hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
((we don't have to take turns just post when you see it.))

Sora dragged herself into a carrage it was kinda small and had another person in it he had ice blue eye's and Spikie golden hair. "hello " i said as i dropped into the seat across from him. "hey." he said back. " I'm Sora Jones year three Gryffindor." she smiled. " Shadow Winter's year three also Gryffindor." he answered staring out the window.
hace más de un año Goldenliz said…
Finally when I came in sight of London I lowered my broom to the ground, and began sprinting so I wouldn't be late for the train. Then I remembered that I really had to return this broom, and hustled over to the place I set off from there waiting was two guys my age and a girl also my age. Three adults were standing close to them probably cause they were too "cool" to stand near their parents. One of the guys turned towards me and scowled as he realised the broom was in my hands. Crap Crap Crap. I walked towards them trying to look as friendly and as non-stealing-I-was-just-borrowing-without-­you­r-p­erm­iss­ion sort of person. I held out the broom in front of me and when I was close enough it was grabbed out my hands, and faced with the question;
"why did you steal my broom?"
"I didn't have a broom and I saw yours.. Im sorry" The boy scowled to himself then smiled at me, and that smile seemed to brighten everything, I wanted to hug him. I was also surprised, if someone stole my broomstick and actually gave it back id probably hit them with the broomstick not forgive them so easily.
He must have read my expression and he laughed
"You did give my broomstick back so you didn't technically steal it, you just borrowed it" He smiled impishly, face full of mischief. I liked this guy, he had the same mindset as me, then he grabbed me by my arm and dragged me to the other two.
"Guys this is.." He turned to me "I didn't ask you your name!"
"Lizyana, Lizyana Golden"
"Pleasure to meet you Lizyana Golden, my name is Albus Severus Potter"
Potter, I knew that name.
Harry Potter! The hero and chosen one who defeated Voldemort.! I gaped at him..
"You're Harry Potter's kid!"
"Wow you must not be around here if it took you that long" Another reminder that I was an outcast, he read me like a book since he noticed this was a sensitive subject so he introduced me to the other two
"This is my big brother James Sirius Potter and my dear baby cousin Rose Weasley"
The girl, Rose apparently heard this before, and said "Albie I am only two days younger then you and you have a mind of a three year old" "Shut up Rose" "Really that's your best comeback?"
They then started bickering happily while I stood awkwardly, James sighed and flicked them.
"Shut it"
They obeyed so he turned to me.
"I thought the Golden's were French?"
I didn't know what to say back and decided to stick to my story as close as possible.
"I don't actually know my surname, Lizyana is the name I chose for myself" I explained. Before they could ask more questions I continued "I don't remember anything except last year, Nobody ever came looking for me, I dont match any "missing person" description"
Their sympathy screamed at me, It was loud and I wanted to silence it, how dare they pity me? I was going to murder them!
Where did that thought come from?
Rose looked concerned, "Where are you living then?"
"With the Singraines"
They seemed to approve of their name especially James. Rose then nodded
"We know them, they're on the gryffindor quidditch team with us"
"Where's your stuff Liz?" I was glad that we got to nickname basis but then remembered my stuff was in a cleaning closet.
"I should go get it, see you guys at Hogwarts"
"Wait a minute, well save you a seat in our cabin!"
I smiled, Ive never felt so wanted.
I ran towards the closet where Kyle was waiting for me with Barbie (I refused to call her Lorraine), he seemd.. concerened?
"Lizyana Golden! Where on earth have you been? I have been looking everywhere for you! Jack and Finn said you ran out the bar, and didn't tell them where you went or anything" By this time his eyes were staring right into mine, those gorgeous golden orbs.
"Sorry mother, I met some people and I explored" He didn't know about my flying, that was private.
He huffed and then wrapped his strong arms around me, in a bear hug. It hurt so much, he just saw me as a sister a best friend while lets say I didn't know how I felt about him.
I had to go take a breath because I swear I have never wanted to wring Barbie's neck as much as I did, how dare she take what was mine, woahhh, where did these thoughts come from? I dismissed them until I saw Angel, Monique and Sam trailing behind me, I kept walking trying to blend in and when I turned back they were gone. I felt sad, as If I missed them which I did, but they were dementors now, ruthless guards of Azkabhan. I stopped realizing I had no idea where I was going and I looked up at the huge clock,
the train was leaving in five minutes.
I ran to the lovebirds and pointed to the clock, Kyle understood immediatley and we ran to platform 93/4 and boarded it. Babie dragged him to a seperate cabin so they coud have some "alone time". When I pulled him and whispered in his ear "Don't knock the poor girl up" he sputtered and turned bright red, he embarrased me I embarrass him. That's how it works, we were at a prank war while I was learning the ways of the wizards. As Barbie and Kyle walked away she glared at me, I glared right back.
For the first time I was glad my eyes could go like blood when I was angry and she turned away.
I turned and saw Albus, Rose and James waving at me, motioning me to come forth. James actually said "Come forth, strange one" Rose punched him lightly for that. We spent most of the train riding talking about Quidditch and they informed me of the teachers and most of the rules, and the ways you could break them without being caught.
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a guy in Gryffindor robes catching a girl with piercing green eyes with Slytherin robes. They talked for a bit, but I couldn't hear it and she seemed confused as she walked to the toilets.
At that point in time, I was sprayed by twenty gallons of water. I looked up and saw a boy that looked exactly like Rose, they must have been brother and sister. The boy looked at me, and was terrified, my hair was drenched looking like spikes of metal ad my eyes were narrowed and deep red, my skin looked inhumanely silver because of the water, he apologized immediatley.
"Im so sorry, I was aiming for my sister but the charm missed and hit you instead." Rose stood up and said "You're lucky Lizyana didn't punch you cause I would have if an annoying little first year covered me in water, Hugo" He seemed really guilty so Rose softened "Just don't do it again, or somthing worse like the time you covered Lily in snakes" He nodded and scampered away, and i told him "Hey im new at Hogwarts too so If I get lost can you show me around?" This seemed to make him happy and he said "Sure" he scampered off and Rose sighed.
"He's going to get in trouble when one of his pranks backfires or goes to extreme"
James shook his head, "No he won't he learned from the best!" Albus joined in "Us"
I then said "If your egos get any bigger your head might explode" That silenced them.
"Im going to dry off in the girls bathroom"
I stood up and walked over there, and I was about to grab the handle when the door opened, to revel the green-eyed girl.
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wow your really into it!! I'm assuming your finished all your homework lol :) hace más de un año
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
Sora saw a sopping wet girl walking to the bathroom "is she ok?" i asked Shadow who shrugged. "I'll be right back. she raced after the girl and saw her reach for the door handle when the door flung open. Saorla was the one who opened the door.
hace más de un año karolinak1999 said…
............I opened the door, to my surprise Sora and the "creepy" girl were standing there, both of them looking a bit paranoid, at that moment I was praying to god that they won't push me back into the toilet and beat me up, I must have been a little paranoid myself to think that!!
............We looked at each other for a second or two, to break the silence I asked "Are you okay Sora?" the question was based on what I saw earlier in town..Sora gave a brief smile..then I looked over to the "creepy" girl, she was wet, I'm guessing she wanted to dry of in the bathroom because one of the Gryffs pulled a prank on her, bet it was a Weasley...uggh hate those filthy blood traitors......I asked the creepy girl "...ehmm..are ..are you okay?" I was looking at her...trying to figure her out...then I got it!!!!!! She had DEMENTOR written all over her face!!! How would I know......My facial expression changed all of the sudden from slightly paranoid to scared out of my mind.It all made sense...the things I saw walking around her earlier on.....I wanted to get out of that corner.....the queue was building up anyway....As I was walking back to my carriage, crazy thoughts were coming to my head: Is this going to be another "Harry Potter situatio?". I bet thats what poor Sora was running from, but she got to her and now controls her...What will this lead to?!...How could they have let her in?!...Then I realised it's her first year here in Hogwarts[she's probably in my year though]...she will for sure be put in Slytherin!!!! I mean she has to...thats the only house she can be in!!!! and that's my house!! and she'll be there!!!! I would love to go back to my carriage and tell everyone of my discovery and then all take care of her.. but then questions would rise up such as "How do you know this?" and I don't want to get into that!!!! This could develop into an "Orphan" scenario[the movie Orphan], I was a good few feet away from the dementor girl - ooh will you look at that a new nickname......I turned around to face her again......I looke her in the eye and all I wanted to do was say "Aveda Kedavra" - would sort all our future problems!!!, but...but "Aveda Kedavra" is an evil spell that only evil people use...how could I even think of using it!!?? I'm not evil!!!!! I'm not evil!! or am I?...
..........All of that got to me....I let out a big scream, and let my emotions out...I guess I looked like a mad person.........I was definately taking a hot bubble bath, in candle light to the sound of soothing Jazz music later on......I realised I over-exadurated...First day back.....I was nervous and the butterflies in my stomach.........I started thinking maybe I went to hard on the dementor girl[in my mind anyway] She's not the only one with a dark past........I desperately needed to talk to my brother Eric, the thing was I didn't have a clue where he was......
.......I realised everyone was staring at me.....what to say? what to do?....."....I just saw a huge spider!!!! It was soooooo big......but now it's gone!'" I wonder if they bought it.....I quickly turned around and FINALLY reached my carriage and was amongst trusted friends!!!
hace más de un año Goldenliz said…
There was another girl behind me, I hadn't noticed, one thing I did notice is our eyes were all different, Slytherin gir's eyes were a piercing green, like they could shatter by themselves, the gryffindor girls eyes with like ice, so harp and it was such a contrast against her black hair. There was an extremely awkward silence and then Slytherin girl asked Gryffindor Girl ""Are you okay Sora?" Gryffindor Girl now deemed Sora gave a brief smile, with perfect teeth. She then turned to me like she was slightly uncomfortable in my prescence, my eyes were after all literally staring into her soul. She then goes "...ehmm..are ..are you okay?" she then stared at my face and I was about to answer her that I was soaking wet and needed to go to the bathroom. Her face changed and so did my thoughts. Instead of replying I left, I left my body for a moment, a mere second but it was more then enough.
Her soul was terrified of me a dementor, my usual thinking would lead me to assure her I was not and to befriend the girl so she would keep her mouth shut.
My instincts did otherwise, I reached inside her soul and saw every little doubt she had and increased it, and as I did so I saw them all; she thought I was the one Sora was running from, and I was know contolling Sora, this also scared me cause I knew deep down I could, she also didn't want this to be another "Harry Potter" fiasco, she was worried of me going into Slytherin house then she wanted to go to her friends and tell them.
I couldn't allow that so I flared each doubt, and broke down her trust in her friends, even though she didn't know this. She didn't want them to know how she knew, she didn't want them to know she was an Orphan which I found particulary intresting, at first glance she seemed like a spoilt brat. She then gave me a new nickname "Dementor Girl" This amused me and frustrated me at the same time.
She then looked at me dead in the eye.
Big mistake.
Dosn't she know that the eyes are the portal inside the soul?
I reached her deepest fear, of being evil and killing another being. All of these emotions got to Slytherin girl and she screamed, shattering my eardrums and everyone else in the queue, if I kept going I would kill her. Part of me wanted to but I settled a calm over her. This allowed her to think rationally and take small pity on me, whoop de doo da, have pity for someone that killed you. She thought about her dark past an mentioned a brother. Grief welled over me, at least she wasn't alone, but surprisingly she had no idea off his location, how odd.
For that moment when I was wrapped in my emotions I left her soul, she then realized she screamed and made an excuse "....I just saw a huge spider!!!! It was soooooo big......but now it's gone!'" I laughed inside, a spider? Really Slytherin Girl? I knew that me and Sora were the only ones that didn't buy it. She hurried off and I got a glimpse of her mind, she felt the need to put the word "trusted" before friends,
like she was trying to convince herself she could trust.
I then turned to Sora and she smiled, and said "I dont think I know you, are you new to Hogwarts?" I nodded, she jutted out her hand and I took it she then introduced herself "My name is Sora, im in third year, in Gryffindor house!", I answered back "Lizyana, third year, don't know what house Im in" She laughed, this girl was so kind, she must be incredibly brave to not be put in Hufflepuff, the house of friendship and honesty. "Nice to Meet you Lizyana, you have an idea what house you'll be in?" I shook my head. "Not a girl of many words are you?" I shook my head, She laughed and said "I'll see you around Hogwarts, just ask me if you need any help alright?" I nodded gratefully and she walked off.
I believe I had just made an ally in this world and maybe an enemy.
I didn't know how to feel about it.
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tu manipulative b***h!!!!!!! lol how dare tu call me an orphan!!!! This reminds me of "Scream 3" where I'm Billy and your stupid Roman that degrades me!!! hace más de un año
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thx hace más de un año
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yeah, sorry hace más de un año
hace más de un año karolinak1999 said…
big smile
((I'll go then))

The rest of the train ride was quite peaceful.....the first thing I noticed when I walked back to my carriage was Scorpius looking worried he asked me “Are you okay?”, Everything was fine, ....the second thing I noticed was Grayson and Tadeous gone, and Edward joining us “Where......” Laiden didn't let me finish “Their gone to play a trick on the Weasley's and their friends!”...we continued on talking about.....but I couldn't hide the concerned look on my face...not from Scorpius anyway.....later on Grayson and Tadeous came back, they were laughing..”Man than was genius” sighed Grayson “Seriously...pranks are a first year thing!” I told them “Actually, more like a Weasley thing” Trina corrected me “Well you see..that young one....whats his name?” Tadeous began to explain..”Dosen't matter he ...he....sprayed that new girl...white hair..red eyes with water.” Grayson continued “Yeah....that creepy girl we saw her in town earlier on...whats her name?” Trina looked at me as if she expected me to know the answer “I don't know!” I gave her the evil eye....”Right, so we thought that was the LAMEST prank ever!” Grayson went on, then Tadeous interrupted “So we decided to teach them something better haha” “Might be lame...but it's classic!!!” - Laiden. “No...their right it's...pathetic” Scorpius commented, I was beginning to worry we would have a lengthy debate on pranks here, Slyths are solid debaters when it comes to the championships..half of Hogwart's team is always made up of Slyths, a few Ravenclaws, occasionally a Hufflepuff and NO Gryffindors – it just wasn't their thing...That got me thinking this year I'm eligible for our “Hogwarts debating team”..couldn't wait for it!!..Neither could Scorpius he was into it too!!!. “So...how did it go?” Eddie entered the conversation...Tadeous grinned “Let's just say the queue to the toilet won't be getting any smaller!!!!” ((I don't have an exact idea of the prank...but it was a good prank!! accept it!!!))....When that section was closed we continued on talking....

Usually straight after Hogwarts was reached....All students would go to the Great Hall, be welcomed by a beautiful feast, our Headmaster would say a couple of warm words and the most exciting part!!! new students would be placed in their Houses! I remember when it was my turn to be sorted like it was yesterday!..I remember a powerful voice calling out my full name “Saorla Rowena Alexandria Nixon” long ago it was just the first and last name...but time flies, minds change and life goes on Even my name suggested Ravenclaw....but the eyes...my eyes....I don't know where the green came from!! No one in my family ever had green eyes....would it stay a mystery forever?........I could feel the hat trying to figure me out.....reading me like a book, page by page...only with the fast forward button on....Edward was already sorted sitting there at the Ravenclaw table, with my brother Eric, then a third year by his side, both looking anxious....I glanced at them and thought to myself: I don't want to be in Ravenclaw...clearly the hat cought on....I will forever hold a grudge against that house....why?.......During the war[Deathly Hollows]...My[biological]father, was killed[So I think, thats the last time anyone ever heard of him] by the current head of Ravenclaw: Flitwick....I know I shouldn't be angry at that but anyone who kills or hurts any of my blood relatives whether they be good, evil or translucent “cough cough” Where the hell is Eric? I want to decapitate!! I can't believe it!!!Flitwick!? That little midget!!! Kinda embarassing........he defeated him but not before he killed Lupin – that really pains me...I love Teddy[in a friend kind of way] I never want him to find out.......I remember the hat making up its decision and shouting “Slytherin!!!”...You know the way after a students house is chosen and then everyone claps...everyone did for met too, everyone except from Eddie and Eric, and Charlie he was in year six at the time...and really half of Ravenclaw..they were expecting to get me!!!....Back to my earlier point I went way off track....the Great Hall was being renovated during summer and they needed another day to wrap everything up as a result the newbies would have to stay grey for one more day. The sortings would take place the next morning, during breakfast...

It was still daytime....School wouldn't start until tomorrow.....The newbies would spent the night in a common room, all of them together as they didn't have a house yet.....It was a chance for them to intermingle...explore Hogwarts...have fun – thats what everyone[most students] did.....but I had my hands full...
It was beginning to get dark...Someone knocked on my bedroom door[not only my bedroom shared it with other girls obviously, but they weren't there now] it was Scorpius.......he came in and looked at me “Hey....I didn't see you all day...After you got out of the train, you vanished.....and I really needed to speak to you in four eyes” “Well were here now...” I knew exactly where this was going.... “On the train, I felt something weird, I didn't know what it was...but in a way I did......who is she....who is that girl red eyes, white hair.....” In Slytherin house I'm closest with Trina and Scorpius, However, Scorpius and I, whether we like it or not, have some death eater blood.......We are the only two alongside Eric[Where the hell is he!] who have that in common........Death Eaters and Dementors have links somehow...they're both dark and powerful....and I myself have a lot of knowledge left over from my mother.....to know of Dementor orphanages.....When I realised Dementor girl was a dementor I panicked, I got into Paranoia, thought it was normal a while later I got myself thinking and realised she attacked me.......I felt her dementor kiss and her getting into my soul...she could have killed me....but I see she has two sides fighting against one another......If she wanted to kill me she missed her chance, as now that I'm fully aware of the entire situation she no longer can have any power over me....I'll be prepared and make sure to block her out when she tries to enter again ((Got that Goldenliz?))....having such powerful dark roots will help me do that..I know how dementors/part dementors work, I didn't want Scorpius to find out the way I did....so I told him “This stays between you and me.......no one else can know, we'd be putting them at risk....” Suddenly my focus left[that's what he does to me...<3], I thought to myself this is such a romantic situation......perfect moment for a kiss...too bad I was in nooo mood for romance!! Hope that didn't disappoint him...I snapped out of it....”My plan to get her of our chests is almost complete”......We talked some more....I love our deep coversations, then Jane Sawyer and Laiden walked into the room, they got a shock, but all they saw was me and Scorpius deep into a conversation, as we weren't finished talking we went out for a walk in the gardens it wasn't past our curfew just yet :).......Later, like I planned I had a bubble bath, and aromatherapy.....
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hace más de un año Goldenliz said…
I felt horrible as I dried myself off, I actually messed with someones soul, the soul the most powerful thing in the world, the source of magic, somthing nagged at me but I just couldn't figure it out I was too busy being suffocated by the guilt., I looked up and my reflection startled me.
I expected to see a mess, a girl with conflicted eyes and drenched hair instead of the water matting my hair it seemed to make it glow, like the stars at night. My eyes were clear and bright, going into a strong rose red, yet they looked poisoneous.
Poisoneous was one way to describe me.
For the first time ever I wanted to go back to my cage, because at least I knew where it was, I knew I coudn't escape.
Now that I have escaped I don't know what to do or where to go. I wondered If I would be different if I grew up in a close knit family with friends I could count on and trust. I dried myself off and walked back to my carriage, nodded to Rose, Albus and James, and slumped down, then I literally slipped off my chair.
They laughed, and even though I knew it was in good humour I felt trapped. I had to get out, I had to break the windows and escape from these strangers laughing at my demise, I needed to escape, I needed to feel the cool breeze, the warmth of sunshine, the freshness of the earth and cool water.
Breathe in Lizyana,
Breathe out Lizyana
I was quite close to have a panic attack, and if Kyle wasn't with me to calm me Id definetley become hysterical. Thats right! I needed to see Kyle, even though Barbie was there, I looked at my new friends and told them "I'm going to go to Kyle's cabin". James just raised his eyebrows curiously while Albus wiggled them at me suggestively and smiled "You and Kyle, alooonnneee" Rose whacked him "Shut it Potter, Kyle has a girlfriend who happens to be my friend"
Well darn I guess Rose is going to be on team Lorraine.
Oh well.
I smiled at them, well tried to anyways and walked trying to find Kyle's cabin, I had to look into all of them and everyone stared back at me, some pointed and whispered. I wanted to tell them where to shove it, but I really didn't need enemies, actually I needed to blend in as much as humanely possible. Well dementor-humanely anyways. Finally I reached their cabin, I wa greeted with Barbie all over him, they were snogging and enjoying themselves, I got an image of me tearing her away and breaking every bone in her pretty little body, but I settled to annoy Kyle and Barbie, cause Kyle was my best friend, that's what we do.
"Hey Kyle, I told you not to knock her up, I'm too busy too be an auntie I yelled then smiled innocently at both of them, Barbie pretended to be flustered and giddy, like she was slightly embarressed. I saw in her eyes she wanted to murder me. Good luck with that Barbie, you'll kill me right after you play dress-up.
Kyle on the other hand looked amazing, his shirt was torn open revealing his incredibly toned torso.
He looked at me and scowled "Who said you're going to be the auntie?" He stood up while buttoning his shirt, and his eyes asked me if I was alright and I drifted my eyes that I needed to talk with him. When we were alone in a spare cabin he spread his arms out and I didn't hesitate to fall into them. He stroked me in a brotherly fashion and said "What's wrong Yana?" Yana was the name he gave me when we were feeling emotional, Lizzy when he wanted somthing or just wanted to annoy me and Liz in general consversation and L when we were on the quidditch field. I answered "I feel like a complete outcast, it's just everyone knows everyone and everyone's too creeped out by my eyes, like I'm going to start breathing fire" "You would make an epic dragon Yana, ignore them, they just talk about everyone else because their lives are too boring" I laughed and asked him how he met Lorraine.
"The Singraines and the Andersagh's are family friends, one of us always ends up married, we just have so much in common with them, especially our love of hardcore quidditch" I choked, I had to remind myself to breathe "Do you think you'll get married with her?" He considered and then nodded slightly "I just know her all my life, we end up goofing off, it's hard to picture life without her"
He might as well have stabbed me in the chest,
"That's great Kyle, but I better be best woman at the wedding"
"Isin't it supposed to be best man?"
"Yes, problem?"
"None at all"
We laughed, His laugh was full of heart and was infectious, mine light and airy like it could disapeared in one second, and it did.
The door was flung open revealing Barbie, her face set to scream at us for kissing but turned to shcok when she realized we were just laughing. "It's time to go Kyle" She smiled at him completley ignoring my prescence. That was fine with me.
I walked back to my cabin, and there was James, waiting for me, he answered my unspoken question "Albus and Rose have gone to help Lily and Hugo"
"You're too cool to be seen with your siblings?"
"Yes, they run circles around me"
"So you want to stick around with me?"
He nodded without hesitation, "Hogwarts needs to know that you're part of this family and anyone with a problem with that will have to deal with us"
I had friends? that were standing up for me?
I was so ashamed to be their friend, I wasn't worthy of being their friend.
They were completley loyal to one another, never leaving each other side,
I was probably the one testing their bonds,
trying to see how easily friendships fall apart.
Okay these thoughts are starting to get to me, because when they came so did a whole lot of passion, I felt a nudge and saw James satring at me.
"You spaced out there Liz"
He offered me his arm and I gladly accepted it, we walked together.
To Hogwarts,
my new home
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
Sora had shaken Shadow awake and they both raced for Hogwarts after a few moments of running Sora saw the children of Harry Potter and Lizyana." Potter." She called out happily {trunks have been taken to Hogwarts before them.}
hace más de un año karolinak1999 said…
big smile
As a result of an eventful day & evening Saorla slept like a baby......
hace más de un año Goldenliz said…
As we were walking I head "Lizyana!" I turned my head an my eyes met of the headmistress of Hogwarts, Mrs. McGonagall, she looked at me rihgt into my eyes, her posture radiating confidence, she nodded to James and indicating for me to follow her, James squeezed my arm for good luck and I walked behind the headmistress wondering what house the sorting hat would put me into?
As we were walking away I head someone shout "Potter" but I kept a steady pace so I didn't fall back,then the doubts started flooding in like a tsunami.
Would people like me? Would people steal my things? Would everyone instantly shy away from me? Thoughts were rampaging through my head and I realized that the headmistress was talking;
"Lizyana are you listening?"
My first day and I was already in trouble for not paying attention.
" Sorry headmistress my mind was wandering"
"You claim to have no memory of the past is that correct?"
I shook my head, she considered "It is quite odd, nobody has been looking for a girl with your unique eyes and pale appearance, it makes me wonder of your identity, how do you know your name is Lizyana?"
Good question.
I didn't know where Lizyana came from or when it became my name but it felt right, it was the only name that fitted me,it as the only name that felt right.
I think it began because of the words we used to be called in the orphanage;
we were called
so all the names others called me seemed pathetic, but we mocked the guards, living in every tiny victory we could possibly get, though we would get punished later. We used accents and our names evolved into what they are now. I responded as truthfully as possible, I was a quite truthful liar.
"Lizyana is the only one that felt right, I can't imagine being called somthing else,"
"I would like to help you on your quest to find your indentity Lizyana, please do not be ashamed to ask for assistance" How did she know? What else did she now?
What if she knew I wasn't exactly human?
Instead of asking her to help me, telling her everything, trusting her with every detail of my life and telling her my hopes and fears, instead of crying my eyes and release the emotions I kept safetly under lock and key. I settled with
"Thanks for the offer headmistress"
She reached her office and we walked in, it was amazing, I've seen pictures of Dumb'edore's office and this one was the same yet so different at the same time, with a flick of her wand a chair appeared in the centre of the room, I cautiously walked up to it and sat twidling my thumbs, waiting for the sorting hat to choose my new family. When I felt the material on top of my head, pushing down my hair I heard a soft
"Hmmmmmm" The hat was pondering my fate and then starting to speak it's thoughts
"Lizyana Golden, that's the name you claim to yet not your true name, that name will reveal in time, the name is pure-blooded and powerful, and belongs in Slytherin"
"You show determination and leadership skills yet there are other things that are just as strong"
"Your heart is loyal and honest and a great friend, yearning for compaionship, traits belonging in Hufflepuff"
"Your mind is sharp and your thoughts are rational, like a Ravenclaw, yet they can be clouded"
"Your emotions are strong, the are brave and loyal and your soul lies with.....
I smiled just spread claiming my face with a twinge of disbelief, I wasn't brave nor strong yet I was a Gryffindor? Though the joys of being in the same house with my friends, Kyle, Jack, Finn, Bruce, James, Albus and Rose!
The Headmistress flicked her wand again and the gryffindor colours went onto my cloaks and on my time, the lion's symbol on my chest, I thanked the Headmistress and she laughed, sensing my excitement,
I was usually calm but this made me behave like a five year old on christmas morning.
"Be off Lizyana and meet your house, the word to the common room is "Fresh towels"
As I ran out out I waved at the headmistress and sprinted to the moving stairs, with all the paintings, everyone stared at me and my smile dissolved. The paintings looked at me, and whispered to each other as I managed to get to the entrance of the Gryffindor common room. The fat lady was the painting
I told her the password "Fresh towels" and she reluctantly let me in but then cheered and told me to have a great time, as I walked into the common room there was Gryffindor's everywhere, the music was blasting and every second to sixth year was chatting excitedly.
I looked around and saw Kyle talking to another guy, I didn't care who he was as I tackled Kyle into a hug.
He was shocked and didn't know it was me and remained rigid but when his golden orbs met my eyes he smiled and looked at my jumper and cheered "LIZ" he then picked me up and spun around, we then lost our balance and I landed on top of him, he stood up and gently took my hand and helped me to my feet, to kill the awkwardness he let go and I fell to the ground and laughed, I grabbed his arm and pulled him down to join me on the floor, we laughed, we then looked up at the guy Kyle was talking to as he curiously raised his eyebrow, this set us off once again.
Once we calmed down he introduced us, "Lizyana this is my friend Gavin Finneran, Gavin this is my new twin sister Lizyana Golden" He took one look at us and realized we weren't twins, we didn't look anything alike, I nodded in agreement with Kyle "Oh yes we're identical twins" He shook his head and laughed, completley unfazed by my red eyes, he was one of the first. I spent the night listening to my friends and watching them embarres themselves dancing, I didn't dance,I hated dancing. Twirling with Kyle was another story, cause it was Kyle, we finally decided to sleep so we could get good seats to look at the first year sorting.
I climbed to the girl's dorm and saw that all the beds were all occupied except the one beside Rose, she smiled at me and we fell asleep, completley tired of our day.
In the middle of the night I heard a mumble from Rose
"Hey Lizyana....."
"Im glad we're friends" and she dozed off releasing a monstrous snore, I had a friend?
I fell asleep with a smile aware that soon Ill be silently screaming, tossing and turning, I knew
That I could never dream.

hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
Sora giggled as Rose let off a monstrous snore. " silly girl." Sora turned to Lizyana and smiled a soft smile seeing the sleeping girl.
hace más de un año Goldenliz said…
I saw flashes of cages, blood, torture, pain, too much pain, it wasn't fair, why did this happen to me?
Pain became everything,
I was back at the Orphanage.
I looked around and saw Dylan, he was curled up against me, he was only four years old. The other's were in surrounding cages.
We were starving and thirsty and we knew
we were dying.
How I got here I do not know,
The guards walked up to us and kicked our cages calling us freaks and laughing at us, they played games with us, games we didn't enjoy, like putting food in front of us but lacing it with poison that made us even hungrier.
All in these tiny cages, then I froze as I heard familiar voices.
"Hey Kyle let's mess with the creepy one, show her who's boss around ere"
"yeah! last time she kicked me"
It couldn't be Kyle, could it?
The Kyle laughed.
It was the same laugh.
He walked over.
It was the same footsteps I heard.
He leaned down and looked into my eyes.
They were the golden eyes I was desperatley falling in love with.
They did not care about me, they didn't soften, they didn't care, they were perfectly happy letting me die.
Thats what scared me the most.
Kyle wasn't going to save me.
Nobody was.
So I screamed.
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
Sora jumped at the scream and ran over "hey wake up...Wake Up!" Sora shook Lizyana gently "wake up you have to wake up." she said
hace más de un año Goldenliz said…
I opened my eyes and sat up, and looked at Sora, why was she shaking me violently? I looked up at her, who seemed worried and said what the most interlligent thing my brain could come up with "Wha..? Wha's going on?"
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
Sora says quietly "you were screaming...is everything ok?"
hace más de un año Goldenliz said…
I did what I do best, I lied "It was just a bad dream, I forget what happened in it to be honest" Which i wasn't being, I then surprised myself by saying "Thanks Sora, for waking me up, it was quite..unpleasant" I daid as I felt my eyes darken dangerously
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
Sora hugged Lizyana "if you have anything you need come to me ok."
Lizyana's eye's didn't bother Sora.
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hace más de un año karolinak1999 said…
((wow, wow wow!! I missed out on a lot here!!!))
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
(lol it's alright)
hace más de un año Goldenliz said…
I hugged right back, it felt nice and then I slept, awaiting nightmares of curse, but this time I could take them down.
hace más de un año Goldenliz said…
((((((( so is morning coming now? with the first years going to their houses?)))
heart-of_love commented…
idk it maybe my Rp but it seems i'm not saying what's going to happen hace más de un año
Goldenliz commented…
so what do tu want to happen? :) hace más de un año
karolinak1999 commented…
okay wait I'll go now! kk? hace más de un año
hace más de un año karolinak1999 said…
big smile
((I dare you to read it all!))

The morning light awoke me, I never go by an alarm clock, it was that way all summer whenever the sun rose so did I, as a result I would tend to wake a few hours earlier than everyone else....this night I had the weirdest dream....I was in a room, me, Gavin and Scorpius were standing there. Suddenly I started kissing Gavin while Scorpius watched not showing any emotion.....Was that dream supposed to reflect what I feel?.....I didn't have time to think deep into it...So I took out my “dream journal”, and like always I wrote up my dream...and some notes on it...I started the journal when I was in 4th class, of home schooling – my parents refused to send any of us to muggle school...They were afraid we were going to make connections....get attached...and then possibly one day...go back get married to them and worse of all have half-blood children!!.....The Nixon's were tought by professors, quite intensively...that's why coming in to Hogwarts we were seen as very intelligent, and knowledgable of of all aspects of magic, with one or two tricks up our sleeves......The “Nixons” and “Clearwaters”[as some people labelled me] were very powerful names respected by everyone in the magic world...and well “Dolohov” everyone kept quiet about that....but ones that knew...were threatened by it!! One or two professors recognize it well....remembere it, and I saw flashbacks come to their eyes of Antonin Dolohov, Riddle and Malfoy students at Hogwarts.....they were their peers at that time and remembered them well.......
I was curious had my plan worked, then I thought to myself...How could it have not? I knew exactly what I was doing!!!!!!
............Some time later, still an hour left until breafast & sortings, most of the Slyths were up and ready, chatting in the common room, hangovers from last night, I was there too, talking to Emily and Jane....when Bane Bloodstaff articulated “Did you hear? That girl.....you know...red eyes...really white....she got sorted into Gryffindor”. Word gets around fast...I grinned..”Really, She looks dead on Slytherin to me!” Cameron stated. “Ooh thank God! We dont have that freak in our house!! The state of her.....absolute creep!!” That was Emily Dieden there was only one frase to describe her reincarnation of Satan, she's an evil pure blood, but her ruthless opinions amuse me, thats why I liked hanging out with her...She has black, straight hair that's quite long[not longer than mine haha], and blue eyes.....she is one of the prettiest girls in our year...her delicate features would make anyone believe she's innocent.....
..........It was time to make our way to the Great Hall for the morning feast and the sortings, as it was all ready, and renovated beautifully....I was on my way to the Hall, alongside Trins, Laiden and everyone else as, I was about to walk in through the door I briefly saw Dementor girl walk past me he noticed me....and indeed I saw her red and gold colours tied around her neck.....My plan had worked......before taking our seats, I talked with Teddy and Mils and we already made plans for lunch....We were seated.....as names were being called...we started talking amongst ourselves...sitting on my left was Laiden, on the right Trina. Across of me was Scorpius, with Grayson and Tadeous on his sides. “I don't get it, why did that creepy girl get sorted before everyone else?!” Laiden wondered “If I was in third year – which I am. a newbie, getting sorted amongst all the little first years I'd be embarassed, wouldn't you?” Tadeous answered her question “yeah” Trina replied, with laughter.. “I still don't get it, how..could she be in Gryffindor......I...I'm relieved she's not in Slytherin....but......I mean....her hair, her eyes, her everything...she looks as if she was locked up in a cage for half of her life!! She is a bit groomed now..... you know what...she...wouldn't fit in any of the houses here none of them, she dosen't belong here!” Laiden continued “What happened to not judginfg the book by it's cover!?” Grayson commented in a genuine fashion on Laidens statements.... “Would you all like to know a secret?!” I was in Slytherin....we tend to be cocky and we like to brag....they all nodded....Scorpius already knew but he played along “Yesterday, after we got to Hogwarts...I...bewitched the sorting hat..”...I was going to explain further on but was interrupted “What!!” - Grayson was shocked, so was everyone really[except fro Scorpius <3] “ooh my God!!!, how?? did you use a spell or potion?” Trina asked, they all seemed to be excited about this! “Both in a way”, “But isn't the hat like really powerful?!” Laiden asked “It's very old...with age comes wisdom.....powerful?!...yeah”..Scorpius interrupted “Please, Saorla has the powerful blood of Clearwaters and the artful blood of Dolohov flowing through her veins, with a great influence of the strong and respected Nixons, the hat had no chance with her!” I blushed....”The spell wasn't that complicated it was a crossover...”I continued to explain myself “ooh yeah?! Teach it to me then!” Grayson asked in a cheeky manner “well, what will you give me in return?!” I replied flirtatiously...we laughed..I didn't really have to explain how the spell worked, their clever kids who cought on very well! But the way it worked was, it confused the hat....made the hat place students in the house that matches them the least, if not even choosing the house at random!!.. “But was her true place really amongst us...I mean..Harry Potter had Voldemort in him and he got sorted into Gryffindor!” - Tadeous “Shsshh!!” Laiden & Trina shushed him as he who must not be named – must not be named!!! Slyths are the only people who say his name with confidence...we are the evil class haah “Yeah, but Harry Potter was good, he did,'t hurt or try to hurt anyone, his mother's love rooted in him, even at first sight I heard he looked like a nice, innocent boy” I continued “she dosen't look it” Trina supported me “She might have some Gryffindor features...but they are most definately overshadowed by her...[I didn't want to give anything away..] appearance, something else” Not after what she did on the train anyway, the hat would dig it up, if it wasn't bewitched and send her towards me!!....meanwhile, It was this Dartholomew Marson's turn to be sorted he was a Slyherin I saw it in his eyes, the eyes give a lot away[in my case too!] i was surprised when the hat screamed “Hufflepuff!!”, and then I realised the past three kids were sorted into inappropriate houses too!!! It came to me!!! I cursed to myself in whispers and in my thoughts!! When I bewitched the hat!!! I forgot to set it straight again!!!!! I blame it all on Scorpius, gavin and every other cute boy that distracts me boys, that was my weak poin I guess.....I had to think of something before it was way too late!!!! the four kids after a while they'd realise the house was wrong and possibly change but when those numbers were in hundreds!!!!!! ooh God!! they might think the hat is screwed and tear it bits or they'd find someone who did it and expell the[I'd feel soo guilty] or worse of all they's find that I did it!!!! I had to think fat!!!!! Then I decided to try something I never tried before, I raised my right hand towards the sorting hat[the hat was on another students head, in the process of thinking] and with my fingers tightened....I started to draw what looked like a gas from the hat[it was only visible to a sharp eyed person] It took a lot of concentration....but I did it the gas fell to the floor as liquid and as it did the hat screamed “Ravenclaw!!” and to my relief that was the correct housr for that particulat adolescent girl!! the liquid fell under an unlucky boy's seat Hugo Weasley who was sitting near him shouted “Ooh look, Ryan O'Brien took a piss” everyone at that Gryffindor table laughed, first years, so immature. Ryan was confused and denied it...but really it was ment to be a joke anyway.....Laiden, Grayson, Scorpius, Tadeous and Trina stared at me with disbelief...I realise, I just showed some skill of magic there...She shoots and she scores – I thought to myself!
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
After the sorting the headmistress of Hogwarts, Professor McGonagall announced " The following students will enter the Hogwart's games. Saorla Nixon from Slytherin , Sora Jones from Gryffindor,Milena Fitzmorris from Hufflepuff and Shade Jones from Ravenclaw." Sora looked up as her name and her brothers was called out. Sora walked up to Professor McGonagall Shade right behind her.
hace más de un año karolinak1999 said…
I had no idea about this, but I went along with McMonagall......
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hace más de un año Goldenliz said…
I was in the dining hall as the sorting hat gave strange classes to all the first years, I was perplexed but decided to not pay attention to, she then called four names from each house, my name wasn't listed but my mind was in a fog, my dream was just so strange. Why was I back at the orphanage, back in the cage? I remembered being so hungry and thirsty and felt so weak.
I looked at the feast before me. How was I starving?
I tried to eat my full plate, and put it in my mouth but it tasted like poison, and made me even more hungry. I sat up in shock.
It was the same poison that was used by the guards. I tried every little thing hoping in would it make me feel less empty, then I realised
there was no poison, my body refused food a long time ago.
How on earth was I still standing?
I looked at my chalice filled with clear water and took a cautious sip.
It felt like fire entered me and starting burning everything.
I put it down hastily.
To say I felt horrible was an under statement.
I stood up hastily and exited the dining hall aware of the eyes on me but I didn't care, when I was out I broke into a sprint. The hallways were all abonded and I ran and ran, not caring about anything, trying to run away from this emptiness out of nowhere came the end, and unable to stop in time, I crashed head first into the wall.
I expected darkness, I expected to feel nothing except the emtiness, instead I stood up and felt my body was injured.
My knees were completley cracked,my face was grazed but on the centre if my forehead was a hole, like it was cracked in. The pain and the emptiness was both physcial and mental, and spiritual I decided to get rid of it from my soul since it was the only thing I could help, as I washed it over with happiness and confidence, I took a glance at my knees, instead of being caked my blood, a light blue energy just healed it, I took my hand to my head and sure enough a warm blue glow replaced the burning pain, my forehead felt smooth. I felt amazing.
The hunger and the thirst was gone, I felt so fulfilled.
I felt lighter then air as I walked back to dining hall.
If I wasn't on this high I would have wondered how I was healed or even how the wall appeared there.
I didn't spare a thought to these things,
Silly Lizyana,
that'll cost you.

I tried to get into the hall since everyone was socializing, even though everyone turned and stared at me since they thought I was thinking of a crazy plan to end the wizarding world and I was happy because all the things were in place. It was odd how nobody would actually know what happened, or even assume the truth, which I wasn't aware of so someone being suspicious of the truth would aid me in finding out the truth. As I sat down beside the Potters and Rose, they were busy eating, well the potters were with Rpse telling them to stop being pigs. It was quite a sight.
I was shocked at the concerened voice.
"Lizyana, you alright? you sorta ran out without telling anybody"
It was Gavin, the guy Kyle introduced me to.
He was the only one who actully cared about me and didn't put it down to "World-domination-plotting"
Then get this.
He put his hand on my hand.
I felt an immense blush creeping n my face, I was feeling rather emotional after the wall incident. Nt emotional to keep my hand there. I saw Slytherin girl in his arms, it was against girl code to steal each other's man. He frowned slightly when he noticed my uncomfotableness "Yeah, thanks for asking Gavin, I just needed a breather,"
I then noticed the twins of terror Jack and Finn motioning me to come to them, their smiles were huge and didn't show any clear signs of mischief but I still sat still.
They literally started jumping around like a bunch of four year olds.
Then I felt something cold and wet slide down my back, I turned around to face Barbie, she pretended to apologize and hand me tissues, but when she leaned close t my ear I heard "You always looked drenched rat"
That done it.
I heard that word before, many times in the orphanage, it's what we were always called, but I escaped from that, and I promise I would never face any of it again, including someone calling me Rat.
I surprised myself.
I thought I would suck out her soul or let her doubts and fears torture her to screaming agony.
Instead I just punched her straight in the face.
She fell down instantly.

karolinak1999 commented…
tu know my name is Saorla now!!! We talked about this -_-"!!!! hace más de un año
Goldenliz commented…
Slytherin girl is a nick name, plus tu havent officaly introduced yourself hace más de un año
Goldenliz commented…
*clicks fingers in z motion* ;) ;) hace más de un año
hace más de un año karolinak1999 said…
big smile
I could't believe my eyes!!!!......I was uthere talking to Shadow about the upcoming school year and other stuuf while awaiting for the teachers to say more on whatever they called us up for....Suddenly sound of a hard hit passed my ears.........I [like everyone] turned to face the Gryffindor table...I couldn't believe my eyes, that were filling up with tears of laughter...Demi punched Lorraine...very hard apparantely......as she flew to the floor, but was immediately helped up by her boyfriend Kyle[he's a babe, she's lucky to have him =)] I could almost feel the sting on her face........I'm surprised she wasn't knocked unconcious.....You go Demi! I thought to myself...but why did I feel like laughing?! Was it because of the s**t Dementor girl was in now.......or....because it was such a rare situatuation[In front of all students and teachers, seriously was Demi that stupid?!] that I didn't know what else to do....or maybe I dunno...other stuff....anyway I burst out laughing.....all eyes were on me now[I always find a way of bringing the attention to me...hope Demi & Lorraine didn't mind!]...but I was kinda embarassed..I froze...what to do? Think fast !! I slapped shadow[lightly in the chast] and continued on laughing and made an excuse "Ooh Shadow your so funny!!!" better excuse then the spider one? I wondered.. I looked at Shadow, I could see he wanted to laught at me....but unlike me....he had self control...but I didn't have self control issues..[Unlike Demi].it was more of a natural reaction...when things get awkward I tend to laugh.......They bought it!!! yaay!!!!
.........the crest fighty thingy was prosponed until thet've delt with the Dementor........Everyone was excused while Demi was immediately called into the Headmistresses office, while Lorraine got an ice-pack and was being well looked after by hottie Kyle, and other friends...however, the Potter-Weasley kids looked a bit disappointed...Like as if they felt Lorraine deserved it....I didn't really know what exactly happened there.....I knew I'd be hearing a lot of DIFFERENT sides to this.........
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
Sora looked up from talking with James to see Lorraine get punched in the face by Lizyana, hard. James and Sora flinched when they saw the fist hit face. "oh that's gotta hurt." Sora laughed, she never liked Lorraine and seeing her get hit in the face made her day better. "we should do something." James said watching Lizyana. Sora smiled and quickly raced over to Lizyana. "Lets go before...'' Sora cut off as the headmistress walked over angry. "Lizyana Explain yourself!?" Sora flinched at her tone.
hace más de un año Goldenliz said…
Well I was really in for it now, I punched Barbie in the face, but I didn't have a reason that I could actually say, I could say she called me rat but then Id have to explain why it bothered me so much, I was listing excuses in my head and out of the corner of my eye I saw Kyle and Barbie's possie following her to the infirmary, she was crying and basically dramatizing to its borders.
That girl really couldn't take a hit.
What hit me was that Kyle's golden orbs were narrowed into a glare, at me. I wasn't going to apologize to Barbie, that was for sure, I even sort of wanted to punch her again.
Then I heard the sharp tone of the headmistress "Lizyana Explain Yourself!?"
I was really in for it now so I mumbled as guiltily but politeley as I could
"Sorry Headmistress but I sort of lost control"
I felt eyes on me and heard "anger issues" and "If someone annoys her she'll probably kill you"
How wonderful.
I looked back at her and she was walking stiffly to her office but she motioned me to follow, I did as requested.
As I left I heard a huge arguement taking place and I heard someone shout
"She deserved that punch!"
I didn't know who it was.
When we reached Headmistresses office, she plonked down into her throne and sighed
"Why did you punch her Lizyana?" She sounded exasperated.
I decided to tell the truth.
Big whoop.
"She first poured her drink on me on purpose and then she ticked me off"
I expected her to deny it, to defend perfect barbie and accuse me of lying.
She just nodded knowlingly "I was suspecting that Lorraine Andersagh is being quite manipulative, and I assure you she will be disciplined!"
"Although that was no reason to behave as you did!"
"You will have to serve three hours with Hagrid each day, where he will show you what to do and what animals to care for"
I perked up but decided to swell it, this wasn't punishment, I loved all animals, even the ones others found creepy and strange.
I nodded and exited the room. I almost skipped on my way back, I didn't get expelled, suspeneded or even detention.
When I arrived back I felt the room grow tense and silent. I sat down and pretended nothing happened
karolinak1999 commented…
Okay first of all!!!! tu got away lightly!!! she should have made tu apologize!!!!!! and the hat thing?! tu forgot!!!!! hope tu didn't mean to annoy me on purpose! hace más de un año
hace más de un año karolinak1999 said…
First class of the year "Defense against theDark arts" ......we made our way there, our teacher since 2nd year was Mr. Funne, he was a bit naive but he was good at teaching, and made them fun! and shurely if we were ever attacked in his presence, he would charm the bad guys away...he's a diplomatic kind of guy.........Some time during the day Alexander Fox[4th year, hufflepuff] came up to me and reminded me of the Winged horse races...please as if I needed reminding I was planning on going over to Hagrid,to check up on Shaks he was a Hippogriff that I loved to ride!!! although usually in races we used Granians[their the fastest kind of horse] We usually had one Granian that each rider stuck to for the time being, but in particular races, new and unfamiliar Granians were assigned to each student, sometimes we switched our Granians to make it more difficult as the Granian has been riding with the same partner for a long time and the sudden change, is
just another obstacle we have to get through!....
........Alexander, is stunning, tall, fit and wavy like the ocean, I had a crush on him ever since 1st year, when Hagrid introduced me to him, and assigned him to guide me in the sky.......He was the nicest, most sympathetic person I have ever met!!!!!!!!.....
Goldenliz commented…
Mr. Funne ! :D :D hace más de un año
hace más de un año Goldenliz said…
I had no idea where to go or what to do at the moment, I met the headmistress on my way to class and she cryptically told me to meet her in her office before class, so I did, but when I stood in her office I was alone.
Being my nosy self, I snooped around and saw the sorting hat on her desk, it was staring at me quite intensively and I said "hello"
"who are you?how did yo get into hogwarts?"
I was shocked, he gave me a speech and know he dosn't know who I am?
"You sorted me into Gryffindor, only yesterday"
"I did no such thing!, Only the brave wizards have the honour of being in Gryffindor, you are even too cunning and evil for Slytherin!"
At this point I lost my cool, since I was still giddy from the emotions i got after running into a wall, so I started argueing with the hat
"If I don't belong in Gryffindor then why did you put me there?"
"You probably jinxed me, for that is what liars and decievors do"
"Then if you could, what class would you put me in?"
"None, Id warn the Headmistress of your evil path and destiny and then she would expell you and warn the other wizards"
"You don't belong here Lizyana, or whatever your name is"
It shut up as I felt my blood boil.
I entered its soul and erased my prescence from it, I was not going to be expelled.
The hat closed it eyes an began to sleep, I was glad yet terrified, was I evil?
The door opened and Headmistress and Barbie walked in.
She glared at me quite openly.
Headmistress looked at us both and began in a strict no-nonsense tone
"Lizyana I would like you to aplogoize to Lorraine for your inappropriate behaviour"
"I'm sorry Lorraine" I said purposely mispronouncing her name.
Headmistress nodded in approval and told us "Now I want no bad blood, its the start off the year and I do not want trouble, is that clear"
We nodded in union, probably the first time and will never happen again"
She then turned to Lorraine "I was conversing with the hat today and we have agreed that Hufflepuff is not the correct house for you, that Slytherin would house someone like you"
No way.
Barbie was going to slytherin?
I sputtered trying not to laugh, Barbie just looked so regretful.
"My stuff.." She tried but Headmistress interupted her with "Your items are all in the Slytherin common room, I hope you get settled in"
She scribbled us a note and said "Off to class"
We scurried off.
Slytherin and Gryffindor were in Defense against the Dark Arts together. We walked in complete silence. I sensed she was nervous about being a Slytherin and I decided to compliment and insult her.
"You'll be fine Barbie, they are just as cunning as you"
She smiled "Thanks Weirdo, you just managed to insult me and makeme feel better in the same time"
"You are welcome"
"This does not makes us friends, I still hate you, you ra-creep"
I noticed she didn't say Rat again, she was a quick learner.
"I would hate it any other way"
We walked into the classroom and the teacher questioned us, for once everyone stared at Barbie, her tie was off slytherin colours.
She smiled at her new house and they smiled back.
That easy, was a sly little..
She pranced into the room and sat beside an innocent looking girl, she was called Emily.
The teacher turned to me and read my note and nodded "My name is Mr.Funne (I know who this is Karolinak :)) and you are?"
"Lizyana Golden"
"Ohhh nice name, take a seat beside Saorla, in the back"
As I walked I caught Kyle's glance, his face was shocked from seeing Barbie as a slytherin and angry at me for punching Barbie. He immediatley looked away.
I looked at the person looking at me,
it was Slytherin Girl

karolinak1999 commented…
and tu sure know who Shaks is <3 ooh and Alexander Fox.... hace más de un año
Goldenliz commented…
-.- hace más de un año
hace más de un año karolinak1999 said…
big smile
.......First DADA class, of the year we were going to study Boggarts soon - how exciting! on my right was Trina as always, and beside Trins was Laiden, infront of me sat Gavin, and few other Gryff's, Scorpius used to sit in front of me in 2nd year, but he got moved as we talked to much DADA used to be OUR class...:*( ..... I don't mind staring at Gavins back for the next year, but that would be distracting too. The corner seat is next to me..nobody ever sits there as it is believed to be cursed(some say Voldemort sat there, when he was in Hogwarts!!) those are just rumours though........
.........In the middle of class, Lorraine and Demi walked in, they seemed to have a better attitude towards each other now, since Demi got that out of her system.........must have felt good!!! Then Mr. Funne said "take a seat beside Saorla, in the back", Wait what but I'm Saorla!! please tell me there is another Saorla sitting in the back[maybe he ment Sora?!]!!! My face looked disappointed Why me?! the reason I jinxed the hat was to keep her away from me!!!..Now she's sitting next to me, in the cursed seat.......haha...what a quincidence[with her being evil and all]......she sat down beside me.....awkward silence.....a part of me wanted to start a conversation with her, but I from the very moment I laid eyes on her, I didn't want to be friends with her...but a part of me did, as we both have evil roots.......
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
Sora sat by herself near the back of the class, there were a few people sitting near her but that was about it. She smiled as Lizyana entered with the bi-witch. when the teacher [ who knows his name.] told Lizyana to sit next to Saorla, Sora could see her unhappiness. "professor Lizyana can sit next to me!" Sora called out raising her hand.