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superDivya posted on Sep 20, 2013 at 06:17PM
Make a new character and mix it in the story by which it makes sense, your first post shall contain:

Best at:
Favourite teacher:
Worst at:
Worst teacher:

I will write the names and usernames of the people who join:


1) Phillia Longharte - Wotch-ya - Slytherin
2) Thom Longharte - Wotch-ya (double-role) - Gryffindor
3) Nordiac Veronica - Uniqlo - Gryffindor
4) Trinkle Charles - SuperDivya - Gryffindor
5) Comet Moon - oodango - Hufflepuff
6) Autumn Miller - GoodWitchesRAJA - Gryffindor
7) Ilana Miller - athenachild13 - Gryffindor
8) Flora Swift - Uniqlo - Gryffindor
9) Louis Jones - oodango - Slytherin
10) Jazzelin Bruce - Liza12354 - Gryffindor
11) Cambree Woods - selgomez4evr - Gryffindor

You all can invite anyone whom you want to be in the role play, everyone is welcome!
The story starts from Harry's 5th year.
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hace más de un año superDivya said…

Name: Trinkle Charles
Nickname: Twinks
Age: 15
Year: 5th
Birthday: 30 July
Looks: picture
personality: fun-loving, shy, nice, flattery gets her everywhere, gets angry when doesn't gets her way, eager to learn more, mischievous, gets along with people soon.
Blood: pure
House: Gryffindor
Best at: transfiguration, astronomy
Favourite teacher: McGonagall
Worst at: herbology, potions
Worst teacher: Snape
Likes: funny moments, talking, pranks,Rawenclaws, Hufflepuff, Quidditch
Dislikes: Slyhterin, how hair waves on the face.
Wand: 8 1/2" Pheonix feather, unicorn core, unyielding.
Boggart: Taylor Swift dead.

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 [b] Name: Trinkle Charles Nickname: Twinks Age: 15 Year: 5th Birthday: 30 July Looks: picture
Uniqlo commented…
Wonderful boggart Divya! ;D hace más de un año
superDivya commented…
xD hace más de un año
hace más de un año Wotch-ya said…
Name: Phillia Longharte
Age: 15
Year: 5th
Blood Status: Muggleborn
House: Slytherin
Looks: She's the height of a first year, she has oak coloured, wavy hair and crystal grey eyes. She has sharp facial features, her nose points upwards and has a thick monobrow. She loves to wear red, even though she's a Slytherin. Finally, she likes to dress formally and always has her hair in a bun.
Personality: She's secretive; not many people in Hogwarts know she's a Muggleborn. Mischievous; loves being the one who misbehaves in class, yet she still gets top grades. She's a pacifist, kind and caring.
Wand: 10", Sycamore, Dragon heartstring.
Boggart: Spiders.
Likes: people, Gryffindors, Potions, pranks and spell casting.
Dislikes: Spiders, Bigotish Slytherins, seeing people suffer, and Herbology.
Best at: Practical jokes, potions class, gaining detentions.
Worst at: Herbology.
Favourite teacher: Remus Lupin.
Worst teacher: Every other teacher, as they are her pranking targets.

Name: Thom Longharte
Age: 15
Year: 5th
Blood Status: Muggle-born.
House: Gryffindor.
Bio: Thom Longharte is the twin brother of Phillia. Phillia and Thom was separated at birth, Phillia was raised by her birth parents, whereas Thom was raised by magical parents. He has a wonderful upbringing; his parents has always told him about Phillia and about his muggle- born status. Unlike Phillia, who had a terrible upbringing and she always considered Hogwarts a home. Thom and Phillia have met each other in 1st year, on Platform 9 3/4, and bonded very quickly. During the summer, christmas and easter holidays they send each other gifts and letters.
Looks: He has long, blond hair, that is always tied into a ponytail. He is a heartthrob, very good looking; his royal blue eyes and glistening white teeth are his best features. He likes to wear fashionable
clothing. He has a slim/muscular complexion and is taller than most people his age.
Personality: Very much like his sister; master practical joker, likes to misbehave in class and a world record for number of detentions. He's protective of his sister, and her secret. He is gentle and kind, loves his twin sister. He can be a bit of a show off.
Wand: 13", Phoenix feather core, willow.
Boggart: His sister's dead body.
Likes: Food, DADA classes, Gryffindors and his twin sister.
Dislikes: Draco Malfoy and other bigotish Slytherins, Quidditch, Death Eaters and spiders.
Best at: Getting detentions, pranking and DADA.
Worst at: Herbology.
Favourite teacher: No-one, except from Lupin.
Worst teacher: Severus Snape, as he made Thom clean out cauldrons during Thom's first year.
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superDivya commented…
Accepted both! hace más de un año
hace más de un año Wotch-ya said…
((Where shall we start?))
hace más de un año superDivya said…
((It is 5th year, so..umm, I think we shall start from the Hogwarst express? Or the great hall? ))
hace más de un año Wotch-ya said…
((The Hogwarts express would be fun.))
hace más de un año superDivya said…
((All righty)) shall I open??))
hace más de un año Wotch-ya said…
((Go ahead!))
hace más de un año superDivya said…
"Bye mum, yeah I'll take care!" Said Trinkle and jumped into a carriage of the Hogwarts Express. "Compartment, compartment.. oh hi Luna! Can I please sit here? Others are full." She asked.
"Ofcourse, come in." Luna said in her usual dreamy voice and started reading the Quibler.
hace más de un año Wotch-ya said…
Thom and Phillia sat together in a small compartment, at the front of the train. Phillia was nervous, which is usual for her, as she is a Slytherin Muggleborn and the uncertainty gets to her every year.
hace más de un año Uniqlo said…
Name: Nordiac Veronica
Nickname: Nica
Age: 17
Year: 6th
Birthday: January 15th
Looks:Blonde Hair and emerald green eyes
personality: Funny, cheeky, very very childish and a wonderful friend.
Blood: Pure
House: Gryffindor
Best at: Herbology, Defence against the dark arts, Charms
Favourite teacher: Proffessor Flitwick
Worst at: Potion, transfiguration
Worst teacher:Snape
Likes: Chatting with her friends
Dislikes: Very arrogant people
Wand: 15 inches, yew, holly
Other: Is an unregistered animagi. Her animagus is an eagle.
Boggart: Dementors

((I just wanted to say, if you read my book, 'The Silver Hawk', you'll know her childish and how frightened she is to Dementors.))
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 Name: Nordiac Veronica Nickname: Nica Age: 17 Year: 6th Birthday: January 15th Looks:Blonde Hair
superDivya commented…
Accepted! hace más de un año
hace más de un año superDivya said…
"So Luna, anything new in the Quibler?" Asked Trinkle, trying to start a conversation.
"Yeah, Nargles are at large. They must be the one who ate my socks." Luna said in her dreamy voice.
Not having the smallest clue what a Nargle is, Trinkle turned to face the window.
"Did you read the Daily Phrophet? That Dumbledore and Potter lying? I think he speaks the truth. I mean, how can Diggory drop dead in a maze?" Said Trinkle after a short while, thoughtfully
"Yes, Dad and me believe him. The Phrophet is putting all the blame of these mysterious disappearances on Sirius Black." Said Luna, putting the Quibler down.

((U guys start))
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hace más de un año oodango said…
May I join? :))
hace más de un año superDivya said…
hace más de un año oodango said…
Name : Comet Moon
Nickname : Com, Planet,
Age : 15
Looks : Comet has very light blonde hair that looks like white hair. She has a dreamy expression and has light blue eyes.
Personality : A fan of planets and astrology, Comet is friendly and sometimes a bit vague, she likes to be alone, she's often dreamy and a fan of fantasy.
Blood: Muggle
Best at : Astrology, Divination,
Favourite teacher : The teAcher who teaches Astrology.
Worst at : Potions, Charms, Trsnsgiguration
Worst teacher : None, she content with all of them.
Likes : Astrology, Planets, Science, Knowledge of the universe, fantasy
Dislikes : Logical people, Corn, Time,
Other : None!
Boggart : Time or a clock.
superDivya commented…
Accepted! hace más de un año
superDivya commented…
WHAT IS YOUR HOUSE? tu forgot to write it down~!! hace más de un año
oodango commented…
Comet is Hufflepuff's hace más de un año
superDivya commented…
All righty :) hace más de un año
hace más de un año Wotch-ya said…
Phillia lent against the window, while watching the flowing countryside. Thom rested his head upon Phillia's shoulder and slept, snoring like a giant warthog.
"Anything of the trolley, dears?" Said plump, friendly witch, who stood outside the carriage door with large trolley, full of sweets.
Phillia felt tired and didn't feel like eating. "No, thank you." She said sleepily.
hace más de un año superDivya said…
((Oodango, your entry))
hace más de un año oodango said…
Comet looked out the window, gazing at all the countryside, At her side, she had a book about Astrology, she held it closely to her.
hace más de un año superDivya said…
((can we skip the train ride??))
((and can u guys ask more people to join, please?))
hace más de un año oodango said…
hace más de un año superDivya said…
((thanks)) ((FYI, i changed my house. i am Gryffindor now!))
"Oh my god, i am so happy to get back to school again!
"Oh hi Ron(my crush)! Hi Harry, Hey Hermione (My best friend) !!" said Trinkle happily.
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hace más de un año oodango said…
"Hi,Trinkle." Hermione greeted, reading a book about hogwart's.
"Don't mind her Trinkle, She's too busy to notice her best friend." Ron frowned lightly.
"B-I did say hello, Ron." Hermione retorted.
hace más de un año superDivya said…
"Hey, Hermione. Did you see the new book which came into the library, about using defensive spells? i wonder if we have got a free period to go check that out. (Twinks was a book-freak like hermione)" Said Twinks, going serious red as Ron looked at her and hiding bhind her book. "yeah ROn, she sometimes gets like that" said TWinks, unable to look at him.
hace más de un año oodango said…
"Oh, yes, I think it's quite good." Hermione smiled, looking up from the book she was reading.
hace más de un año superDivya said…
"What is your first period? lemme see..mine is, ah! Potions, no i hate it!" Said Twinkle, grumpily.
hace más de un año oodango said…
"I think we're with you." Hermione repied looking out of the window.
hace más de un año superDivya said…
"Great! we can take seats together." said Twinks, happily.
"What happened Harry, why aren't you speaking anything?" said Trinkle, concerned.

((u wanna play harry or me?))((i am inviting GoodWitchesRAJA to RP with us :D))
hace más de un año oodango said…
((I'll do it and Yay!))
"Huh, Oh hi." Harry smiled, speaking up. "Good to see you again."
hace más de un año superDivya said…
((invited her))
"Nice to see you too." Twinks said, taking food in her plate.
hace más de un año oodango said…
Harry smiled before anxiously looking out of the window.
((Am I playing them right?))
hace más de un año superDivya said…
((yeah, perfect :D))
"Oh, that's the bell. We shall get going!" said Twinks.

((Hey oodango, do u want mine and FLora_swift's old RPs started up again? i mean, we can start answering them now and tell Flora tht we still remember it!))
hace más de un año oodango said…
((Coursey! I liked them!))
Hermione nodded getting up, Harry and Ron however didn't look as happy, "We got potion's..." Ron moaned.
hace más de un año GoodWitchesRAJA said…
Name: Autumn Miller
Nickname: Autumn or Miller (when I'm on the field. I play quidditch)
Age: 15
Year: 5
Birthday: July 13
Looks: picture
personality: Nice, kind, caring, loves most people, artistic
Blood: Pure Blood
House: Griffindor
Best at: Drawing and Magic
Favourite teacher: Lupin
Worst at: Eating Right
Worst teacher: Doesn't really have one....
Ext: Crush on Harry Potter and a small one on Draco Malfoy.
Likes Gymnastics and Drawing.

((Can someone fill me in on whats happened?? Thx!!))
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 Name: Autumn Miller Nickname: Autumn o Miller (when I'm on the field. I play quidditch) Age: 15 Y
superDivya commented…
accepted !! but the picture didn't come. hace más de un año
GoodWitchesRAJA commented…
opps hace más de un año
superDivya commented…
np :) hace más de un año
hace más de un año superDivya said…
((oKAy! i like them too, lemme make my reply there))

"I know..I hate Snape and Potions and me is like Trelawney and sense!" Said Trinkle, getting up.
hace más de un año GoodWitchesRAJA said…
hace más de un año superDivya said…
((where is Comet right now?? and where is Autumn right now? i mean, in the great hall? or in lessons?))
hace más de un año GoodWitchesRAJA said…
((where do you want me to come in??))
hace más de un año superDivya said…
((u are 5th and gryffindor, right? Twinks in 5th and gryffindor too, so u can enter the potions lesson!))
hace más de un año GoodWitchesRAJA said…
I walked into the Potions room and looked for somewhere to sit. Only one seat was open. Next to my crush Harry. I slipped into the seat next to him and pulled out my book.
hace más de un año superDivya said…
"Hey Autumn!" Smiled Harry.
hace más de un año superDivya said…
((guys, i am going now. Gotta study!! ))
hace más de un año GoodWitchesRAJA said…
((noooooooooo! :)))
"Hi Harry."
hace más de un año Wotch-ya said…
"Late again." Snape muffled under his breath, striding into the Potions classroom, with Phillia and Thom flanking each side of him. "When are you going to learn?"
Phillia and Thom rolled their eyes, while making mocking mouth movements.
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hace más de un año GoodWitchesRAJA said…
I glanced at Prof. Snape. I opened my Potions Book to the page on the board.
hace más de un año superDivya said…
Twinks tried not to giggle, but couldn't control herself. Hermione giggled too, muffling it under her Handkerchief. Trinkle changed her giggles into coughs as she saw Snape looking at her.
hace más de un año GoodWitchesRAJA said…
I hid my smile under my hand. I pulled out the items needed for the potion.
hace más de un año superDivya said…
"Oh such a confusing Potion...six lemon cuts, three lizard tails..what?" Said Twinks, confused.
hace más de un año Wotch-ya said…
"Now you two sit down, and I will see after class." Snape sneered, gesturing at two seats at the front.
Thom smiled. A detention already? And it was only the beginning of the year.
hace más de un año superDivya said…
"This is horrible! I don't like potions, who made these?" Ron said grumpily.
"Snape and Potions, both horrid. What a coincidence." Laughed Harry.
Everyone at the table tried to control their laughter.
hace más de un año Wotch-ya said…
Phillia non-verbally changed the colour of Snape's robes.
hace más de un año superDivya said…
Snape wrote at the board, and one by one, everyone started noticing Snape's Insert Colour Here robes. Now everyone wasnt even trying to control their laughter, there were roars of laughter from the Dungeons.