harry potter The Word Game

7bella3 posted on Apr 18, 2012 at 06:27PM
Hey this game is quite easy
Some one starts of with anything to do with harry potter. (well i guess ill start of)So for exsample if i said Hegwig the next person that replys has to say what they like about her and dislike about her and then underneath they right anything to do with harry potter and then it goes on and on again!
It can be anything like a picture or a video,Spell,Name,Thing,family,Movie or book,proffeser and anything!!But if you dont know that thing dont just comment saying PASS then your question
Okay ill start! :) :


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hace más de un año ariba_c said…
Like: I love her "wickedness"
Dislike: She killed Sirius:(

Fred & George
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hace más de un año keladz said…
Fred and George
Like - There ability to make people laugh
Dislike - Took nothing serious

Severus Snape
hace más de un año 7bella3 said…
Like: His wavey black hair
Dislike:He kept on trying to get ron and harry to get exspelled when they were kids

hace más de un año Sallymagi said…
Like: She can stand up to herself.
Dislike: She was going into relationships very fast.

Cho Chang
hace más de un año Snowyowl1028 said…
cho chang
like:she is harry's first gf
disike: she is not as good as ginny

Draco Malfoy
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hace más de un año Book-Freak said…
Like: his self confidence and pride.
Dislike: his beliefs.

Rubeus Hagrid
hace más de un año GoodWitchesRAJA said…
Like: has a loving heart
Dislikes: sometimes reveals more than should be

Harry Potter
hace más de un año qwertygirl12345 said…
Likes:smart and brave
Dislike:looks geeky with glasses

Bill Weasley
hace más de un año Book-Freak said…
Like: his bravery.
Dislike: his earring.

Aberforth Dumbledore
hace más de un año rosemina said…
Like: he was helping silently the trio
Dislike: he never forgave Albus

hace más de un año LadyAmortentia said…
Like.. He was so cute and wanted to help
Dislike..That he couldn't speak ill of his former family

Hermione Granger
hace más de un año Book-Freak said…
Like: Her bravery and loyalty
Dislike: How she always has to be right.

Ron Weasley
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hace más de un año Pinnipedi said…
Like: he's Harry's friend.
Dislike: he's clumsy and childish

Luna Lovegood