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Does anyone else find the amount of teachers at Hogwarts slightly unrealistic?

(Going por the fact that JKR has stated that there are roughly around 1000 students at Hogwarts).

This didn't actually occur to me until a few months hace when I started a much larger school than I had previously attended.
My new school has about 950 - 1000 students and throughout the school, eighteen subjects are taught.
For each subject, we have around five - ten teachers.

Now let's look at Hogwarts.
Defense Against the Dark Arts
Flying (first years only)
History of Magic
Study of Ancient Runes
Muggle Studies
Care of Magical Creatures
Apparition (Sixth year, those of age only)
Alchemy (Sixth and seventh years, only if sufficient demand)
Ancient Studies
Earth Magic
Muggle Art
Muggle Music
Ghoul Studies
Magical Theory
Frog Choir
Hogwarts orchestra
(I got this lista from Harry Potter Wiki).

Twenty six subjects.
Yet, for the subjects that were mentioned, we only saw one teacher per subject.
Considering some of the above listed are required for 1st to 5th years, I really don't see how the teachers manage to teach so many students.

Anyone know a logical explanation for this?
 TheBreeze posted hace más de un año
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bri-marie said:
Not all students take all those classes. Harry, Ron, and Hermione didn't take about half of those. So not all teachers are teaching all 1000 students. tu also have to remember that classes were grouped up. ALL of the fourth año Gryffindors had potions with ALL of the fourth año Slytherins.

Also, Apparition was taught one time every año for a short period of time (I think it was once every two weeks, and they only had three o four meetings), and someone from the ministry came and taught it. It's possible that some of those other classes are taught por outside officials.

Other classes, like flying, didn't go all año round either.

And some classes, like Astronomy, were taught at midnight.

Beyond that, classes were not the same time every day. Potions was not always 3:00 every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. They only had it once o twice a week.

So, Snape would teach 1rst, 2nd, and most likely 3rd years (or at least half of them) Mondays/Wednesdays. And then he'd teach 4rth and 5th (and the last of the 3rd years, if need be) Tuesday/Thursday, and then 6th and 7th years Friday, because those classes were much smaller.
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zar_far11 posted hace más de un año
MrsFinnick said:
It's a story.
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posted hace más de un año 
Andrew_Wiggin13 said:
It's Magic! :P
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Emseeem said:
I'm sure there are many teachers besides the ones mentioned in the books, but since Harry didn't take those subjects (or didn't mention them) tu didn't get to learn their names.

That aside, thank tu for bringing this lista to my attention. :) I'm quite intrigued por what classes are offered at Hogwarts, and what the schedules look like.
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