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Address + Ticket

OK, tu may know about this already because of all the preguntas I asked about it already, but I am sending my friend a Hogwarts acceptance letter for her birthday. I think she would amor it and I really want to make her believe that she is truly being accepted into Hogwarts.
And so tu know how on the envelope it says the address of the person?? Well, I don't want to type that up & print it out because then my friend would notice that it had been printed and wouldn't believe the letter was really from Hogwarts. So what should I do? Another thing about the address- what font do tu think I should use for the address, if i DO have to type it up?
One last thing- tu know in the acceptance letter it gives tu the ticket for Platform 9 and 3/4?? Well, I don't know how the ticket looks so if there is a link o something tu can give me that shows what the ticket looked like (like it had a picture of the ticket o something) can tu give me that link? o if tu can't find a link, please just tell me what tu think the ticket says. apoyar available
 zar_far11 posted hace más de un año
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