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Do tu have an OC for Harry Potter?

For those who don't know what an OC is, it's an original character, which is omeone you've created who isn't in the series (i.e. James's twin, Sirius's amor interest, another of Harry's best friends). If tu do, do tu insert him/her as tu read o watch the series? If tu do, tell about him/her in your answer!
 TriaRose posted hace más de un año
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dragonsmemory said:
Hailey Jane Potter is my OC. She's Harry's twin, wshich is a full-time job in itself. Hailey looks just like Lily, but with her father's eyes; the complete opposite if Harry. She's also stubborn and strong, even though she looks sweet and loveable. That comes from the way she grew up. tu see, on that terrible night in 1981, Hagrid came only to get Harry. Dumbledore hhad entirelyforgotten Hailey existed. She was forced to make her own way, growing up on the streets of Godric's Hollow.
Also on that night, Lily's sacrifice for the twins did even más than canon says. It opened a link between them. (Since I do not talk about the link in the story, I'll tell tu here.) When Lily told her children to "be safe, be strong," she set things in motion. Voldemort, so focused on the prophecy, never saw Hailey, even though shed ijs mentioned. Lily threw herself between the twins and Voldemort, activating an ancient family spell. The spell only activates when a Potter is in danger. The family member closest to the one in danger gains the link.
Unlike many other twin/sibling stories, Hailey does not have a scar on her forehead, does not live with the Dursleys, o is hailed as the Girl Who Lived while Harry, thed real Boy Who Lived is shunted aaside. No, Hailey is just an average witch with a not-so-average brother. tu can read all aabout Hailey and Harry's adventures in Hogwarts in "In The Background" on Fanpop. Also watch for the sequel, "The Spotlight Trained on Me," covering life outside of Hogwarts.
If tu are interested in using Hailey Potter in your own fanfiction, please contact me for approval with the details of the work.

As "In The Background" is a work in progress, I look at where I can put Hailey when Ij rwad/watch theseries.
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posted hace más de un año 
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