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A few misceláneo Q's concerning polyjuice potion and memory charms!

Number one - Is there a way to make polyjuice potions effects permanent? If so, could tu then perhaps, give o transfer the person in which tu were made to look like's memories into you. Remove all of your current memories. To then make the witch/wizard think that they are that person? (Gosh! I hope I a make sense.)

Two - If the person tu were made to resemble was pregnant. Would you, yourself actually be pregnant? And if tu continuously took polyjuice potion for the duration of the pregnancy. (I know that this is probably impossible to do. Considering that that person wound naturally need to sleep. So, as a work around, I'd say that they'd be fed the potion through a cannula.) Would tu then bare a duplicate of that actual person's child?

Three - If tu were male, and was then transformed into a female under the effects of polyjuice potion. Could tu get pregnant?
 GleekFreak18 posted hace más de un año
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dragonsmemory said:
Number one-The formula of the potion does not allow for a transformation longer than one hour. Be wary of tampering with the formula, as it could have adverse side effects. Also, speak with your local Potions Master.
Two-No. The Polyjuice Potion uses DNA from the person tu want to change into. That is why tu need a bit of that person. Pregnancy hass no effect on the mother's DNA.
Three-The male woulld become female. However, there is nok evidence to suggest that the male could become pregnant. Again, talk to your Potions Master.
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posted hace más de un año 
Okay..... I'm still not completely convinced. Pending on another persons opinion. Thanks for answering!
GleekFreak18 posted hace más de un año
No problem. I would still take your preguntas to a Potions Master and not try messing with it on your own. Remember the cat hair
dragonsmemory posted hace más de un año
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